9 Best Taoist Funeral Services In SG For A Proper Send-Off

October 22, 2020
Best Taoist Funeral Services Singapore

It can be difficult to organise a funeral, especially after losing a loved one in your family. However, while you may feel a lot of pressure, stress and grief during these challenging moments, there are ways that you can seek to plan and prepare a proper memorial for your loved one.

With assistance from an experienced funeral parlour, they can aid you in setting up and providing an uncomplicated and dignified send-off for your parted loved one.

Here is our list of the 9 best Taoist funeral services you should seek.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Prime Casket

Image Credit: Prime Casket

Prime Casket’s team is equipped with the necessary knowledge to arrange and perform a variety of funeral services in Singapore for different religions: be it Christianity, Buddhism or Freethinker. The funeral directors are also well-versed in several funeral customs, practices and rites, so you can have peace of mind as you allow them to provide a dignified send-off for your departed loved one.

Their packages start from $4,8800 and VIP packages are also available if you want a more elaborate and personalised procession. This company is full of dedicated teams who want to achieve their mission: to plan a meaningful and affordable last journey Prime Casket understands that funeral planning is no easy task, so you can count on them for all your funeral needs.

Customer Reviews

Mr Donald

Hi Alan. Thanks for everything that you and your staff had done for our family over the last few days to ensure that we had a smooth process. It’s a pleasure to work with you and your company.


Very professional service by the entire team. Friendly and nice people. The entire wake was smooth and well prepared. Recommended.

Contact: +65 9640 4740
Location: No. 12 Jalan Pinang S199144
Opening Hours: 24 Hours Daily

2. Casket Fairprice Pte Ltd

Image Credit: Casket Fairprice Pte Ltd

Casket Fairprice is one of Singapore’s trusted funeral services, and since their inception in 1993, have served over thousands of families. As a one-stop funeral service that also offers in-house funeral parlours, hearses, embalming facilities and more, Casket Fairprice prides themselves as a caring service provider that ensures your departed loved one will receive a dignified tribute and send-off.

They offer two types of Taoist funeral packages, a package for funeral parlour and a funeral package for HDB void deck. They can help you get started with all of the essentials, such as make-up, dressing and embalming with a professional service team ready for transport of the deceased on the funeral day. Should you seek pre-arrangement for funerals, you can call Casket Fairprice in advance. In addition, their Taoist funeral service memorial ceremony also includes a paper house, ash collection service, a Taoist priest chanting, and more, to ensure that your departed loved one receives the farewell they deserve.

Customer Reviews

Nelly Lim

On behalf of my family, I would like to thank Roger and his team. Roger has been very helpful and attentive to our needs and requests during our recent bereavement. Thank you Roger for the excellent service.

Andrew Simmer

Thank you Yong Bin from Casket Fairprice for being so caring and patient when explaining the details to us and also making the process smooth. We really can feel your genuine care and sincerity. Excellent service, Appreciate it. Thank you So much!

Contact: +65 6455 9909
Location: Blk 37, Sin Ming Drive, #01-571, Singapore 575711
Opening Hours: Open 24 Hours

3. 1Stop Buddhist Funeral Services

Image Credit: 1Stop Buddhist Funeral Services

1Stop Buddhist Funeral Services is an established funeral service brand that is trusted by many families in Singapore. Providing products and funeral services at an affordable price, 1Stop Buddhist Funeral Services promise that you will not have to deal with any hidden costs or overtime charges on public holidays and on weekends; instead only offering transparent pricing across all of their funeral packages.

1Stop Buddhist Funeral Services offers Taoist package funeral services for up to 5 days, for both void deck and funeral parlours. Their funeral package for funeral parlour includes a half-glass casket of model S30, paper house of gold and silver mountains, ash collection service, air-conditioned bus and more. Their funeral package for void deck also includes the essentials that are available in the funeral parlour package, and many others. 1Stop Buddhist Funeral Services ensures that their aim is to provide their customers with a peace of mind and ensure a smooth send-off for your loved one.

Contact: +65 6452 9588
Location: Blk 37, Sin Ming Drive, #01-573, Singapore 575711
Opening Hours: Open 24 Hours

4. Ang Brothers Funeral Services

Image Credit: Ang Brothers Funeral Services

It can be difficult to find a funeral home in Singapore that also provides Taoist funeral services. You don’t have to be concerned with Ang Brothers Funeral Services, not only do they provide Taoist funeral services, but their dedicated and professional crew is also well-versed in funeral procedures and Taoist traditions.

With over 40 years of experience in the field, you can count on Ang Brothers Funeral Services to provide high-quality services with compassion and respect. Let them help you with yours. They take delight in offering quality and meaningful funeral services to many grieving families. But that’s not all. Once the burial process is completed, their Taoist funeral service director will assist in the planning of the funeral feast. They sure know what they’re doing.

Customer Reviews

Lim Na

You were very patient right from our initial contact at the hospital and your professionalism and efficient was very evident throughout i.e. from wake to funeral


The funeral was well handled with dignity. I respect the funeral director, he doesn’t boss anyone around. He is a good leader and I trust that he will bring his peers to greater heights. Keep up the immaculate work attitude and transparent pricing Casper!

Contact: +65 8265 0301
Location: Blk 4028 Ang Mo Kio Ind Park 1 #01-219 Singapore 569639
Opening Hours: 24 Hours Daily

5. Holyland Casket Singapore Pte Ltd

Image Credit: Holyland Casket Singapore Pte Ltd

Led by Ms Angie Soh, formerly the managing director of Promisedland Casket, Holyland Casket was founded in 2009 and has continued to aid and support families from many different religions. As one of Singapore’s best and leading funeral services providers, Holyland Casket has continued to provide families in Singapore with consultation on non-obligatory funeral advice. With affordable funeral package prices, Holyland Casket ensures that your loved one will be able to receive a dignified send-off that fits your needs.

Providing Taoist funeral services in Singapore for all dialects, Holyland Casket ensures that you will be able to receive a professional service team to support and aid the funeral service process. Holyland Casket’s team will always be readily available to offer immediate funeral assistance, always ensuring affordability throughout as there are no GST fees or hidden charges; only nett pricing. Contact Holyland Casket for more information and consultation on their Taoist funeral packages so that you can receive the best funeral services that you require.

Customer Reviews

Samuel Wong

Excellent service and reasonable pricing. Thank you for walking through the journey with us

Jason Cho

Angie from Holyland was fast, responsive, professional and very detailed. Pricing was also very reasonable and excellent value. We have worked with Holyland twice for our bereavement and will not hesitate to recommend Angie/Holyland for their services. Thank you for your excellent care and support.

Contact: +65 8127 5655
Location: Midview City, No. 24 Sin Ming Lane, #07-104, Singapore 573970
Opening Hours: Open 24 Hours

6. Direct Funeral Services

Image Credit: Direct Funeral Services

Founded by industry veteran Roland Tay in the 1980s, Direct Funeral Services has continued to aid many Singaporeans that are in need, such as delivering high-quality funeral services and excellent products to ensure that the deceased receives a dignified farewell. Besides, Direct Funeral Services also strives to  increase awareness about pre-death planning by instilling the importance of filial piety to younger generations.

Direct Funeral Services provides up to three different Taoist basic packages for Singaporean families, depending on your financial capacity. Their basic Taoist package, lasting up to 3 days, provides the essentials of embalming handling and encoffin service, memorial ceremony, funeral procession service, aftercare service and many others. For their Taoist value package and deluxe package, they offer essential catering for drinks and snacks, mourning garments, and many more services. If you are seeking an experienced and professional funeral services provider, you should speak to Direct Funeral Services.

Customer Reviews

Joon Li

My family & I will like to express our gratitude to Ms Jammie & Direct funeral services. As a small family and with the current situation, Jammie and her team had given us great support. Their professionalism and expertise took care of everything for us. Jammie also guided us through every step with great patience. It gave us great comfort to know that we were giving our beloved dad the best on his last journey.

Henry Joseph Wu

Thank you Mr Sim and his team at Direct Funeral Services. Mr Sim planned the whole event in great detail, and was always patient to answer our questions as we were unfamiliar with the process. I highly recommend Direct Funeral Services for their professionalism.

Contact: +65 6555 1115
Location: 127 Lavender Street, Singapore 338735
Opening Hours: Open 24 Hours

7. Grace Casket

Image Credit: Grace Casket

Since their establishment in 2004, Grace Casket has continued to provide a one-stop funeral arrangement and services to Singaporean families. Their aim is to ensure that the bereaved families will be assisted during this difficult time and that they are able to have a peace of mind with the help of their professional funeral services. Grace Casket believes that everyone should receive a proper send-off, no matter their financial or social status.

Grace Casket’s funeral services and arrangement, such as their Taoist funeral packages, offer quality funeral services at an affordable price. Their Taoist funeral package also serves all dialects, from Teochew, Hainanese, Hakka, Cantonese and Hokkien, for all families in Singapore. Their Taoist funeral package includes tentage, paper house, dressing and embalming, polished wood half glass casket, funeral lanterns, metal cage, and many others. At Grace Casket, all of their funeral packages, including their Taoist funeral package, are clearly itemised and transparent without any hidden costs.

Customer Reviews

Maggie Hoe Li Min

On Behalf of my family, I like to thank you for assisting, comforting us and taking care of the necessary procedures at our difficult period. Most importantly, my dad is at peace and handsomely dressed for his last journey. Without you, we will be 手忙脚乱. Thumb up for your service ! Keep in touch! God Bless you and your family.

Josephine Oei

Grace, we want to thank you and your hard working staff for all the special assistance rendered to my family during the demise of our beloved mother.

Contact: +65 8339 7409
Location: Blk 37, Sin Ming Drive, #01-565, Singapore 575711
Opening Hours: Open 24 hours

8. An Fu Funeral Services Pte Ltd

Image Credit: An Fu Funeral Services Pte Ltd

An Fu Funeral Services was first opened in 2017 by founder and CEO Keith Mui. By aiming to provide a comprehensive list of funeral packages at affordable prices for all Singaporean families, An Fu Funeral Services is able to ensure that your parted loved one receives a dignified send-off. Through respect, reassurance, care and clarity, An Fu Funeral Services aims to plan and arrange the funeral by ensuring that they can do right by your parted loved one.

With the Taoist funeral package from An Fu Funeral Services, you will be able to receive a premium wood casket, embalming and dressing for the deceased, floral wreaths, tentage setup, ash collection services, and many more. They also provide additional optional services, such as refrigerator, catering, drinks and consumables, mobile toilet, and mourning garments. An Fu Funeral Services provides a transparent Taoist funeral package so that you can understand the overall costs that you are paying.

Contact: +65 8606 7573
Location: Block 469, Tampines Street 44, Singapore 520469
Opening Hours: Open 24 Hours

9. Holy Spirit Bereavement

Image Credit: Holy Spirit Bereavement

With over 20 years of industry experience, the Holy Spirit Bereavement understands just how important this period is when a loved one has departed. By guiding you through the preparation and planning process of the funeral services that you require, they are also able to assist with any consultation or funeral arrangements should you need it. Among their many funeral services they are able to offer, undoubtedly, Holy Spirit Bereavement is able to provide Taoist funeral services for the masses.

Holy Spirit Bereavement’s Taoist funeral package is available to customers at an affordable price and provides all of the essential items including professional service on the funeral day, casket, embalming services, photo wreath, photo enlargement, and more. In addition, they provide customers with options that include table and chairs arrangement and an on-site projector that plays back memorable videos. Speak to Holy Spirit Bereavement and let them help you customise a funeral package that suits your needs.

Customer Reviews

BP Jackson

Excellent, professional, personalised service.

Lisa Wong

Very professional and supportive at the same time. We were comforted by the knowledge that (wake and funeral) were in good hands as you guys were very meticulous and thoughtful in the arrangements. Keep up the good job Joseph and Johnathan.

Contact: +65 8438 8888
Location: Northspring Bizhub, 11 Yishun Industrial Street 1, #04-112, Singapore 768089
Opening Hours: Open 24 Hours


We all want the best for our parted loved ones and wish to give them a meaningful and memorable funeral service. By seeking any of the 9 best Taoist funeral services in Singapore listed above, you can have a peace of mind throughout the funeral process.

You will also be working with experienced industry professionals that understand how to make the funeral process smooth and uncomplicated, while providing a dignified send-off for your loved one.

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