10 Best Social Media Marketing Agencies In SG To Boost Reach

June 3, 2020
Best Social Media Marketing Agency Singapore

Now that we have fully immersed ourselves in the digital space in one way or another, businesses have taken the big decision to move their offline activities online as well. Going beyond than mere websites, they’ve jumped onto social media platforms for better business-to-client engagement. However, contrary to popular belief, managing an online persona is hardly simple. In fact, it’s tricky, complex and frankly, challenging. How do you go about utilising these platforms whilst simultaneously tapping onto their exhaustive potential?

Lucky you, we’ve gathered 10 best social media marketing agencies in Singapore! Let them help you build an online presence that stands out from the crowd.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Impossible Marketing

Image Credit: Impossible Marketing

Having been established since 2012, Impossible Marketing has managed to solidify its position as one of the leading digital and social media marketing agencies in Singapore. Furthermore, they became a Google Partner Company 2 years into the industry, a testament to their quality digital marketing services. Apart from their affordable services, they also offer training programs to companies and individuals who wish to thrive in the digital space.

At Impossible Marketing, they strive to help you improve your online brand presence and broaden your network, thus value-adding to your company’s growth. They offer an extensive range of services, one of which is social media marketing and social media management. Gain more traffic to your business by utilising popular social media platforms to reach your current and potential clients! Let Impossible Marketing be the one to bring your quality leads.

Contact: +65 9374 0111
Location: 14A Yan Kit Road (Level 2 & 3), Singapore 088266
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9.30AM-6.30PM | Closed on Sat & Sun

2. IH Digital

Image Credit: IH Digital

With more than a decade’s worth of experience under their belt, IH Digital has managed to provide simple yet effective solutions to cater to their clients’ marketing needs. In fact, they have amassed significant success that gave them the opportunity to build offices in 8 countries in Asia. With such a diverse and highly complicated market, they are dedicated to understanding your business’s challenges and tailor their strategic approaches according to your needs and goals.

At IH Digital, they understand the need for an online presence in this digital age where borders are no longer a hindrance to business. Thus, social media marketing has become highly necessary with all the potential benefits, which includes an increase in engagement, traffic and brand presence. Tell them your social media goals and IH Digital will help you realise them and more!

Location: CT Hub, 2 Kallang Avenue, #06-25, Singapore 339407
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 8.30AM–6PM | Closed on Sat & Sun

3. Amber Creative

Image Credit: Amber Creative

Who do you turn to for your digital needs if not for individuals who are not just expert in manoeuvring in the digital space, but are also driven by passion? With Amber Creative, you’d meet a team that fits the bill. As one of the leading digital marketing companies based in Singapore, they offer full-service digital solutions to help you achieve your business and marketing objectives.

At its core, the company offers a wide range of services including Facebook marketing, social media management, Google Adwords and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), amongst other things. If you need to effectively utilise your social media platforms, for example, they can help! By leveraging the various online platforms, they will ensure that you will be able to connect to your audience and convert them to customers, all whilst generating leads! So, look for Amber Creative for all your digital endeavours!

Contact: +65 6904 8865
Location: Trivex, 8 Burn Road, #07-11, Singapore 369977
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9.30AM-6.30PM | Closed on Sat & Sun

4. Mediatropy Digital Agency

Image Credit: Mediatropy Digital Agency

Founded in 2011, Mediatropy is an award-winning digital agency that believes in high-quality work that’s entrenched in integrity and transparency. Their work has been recognised by many, giving them the opportunity to branch out and establish offices in Hong Kong, Bali and Shanghai. They strive to value add to your business with their meticulous planning, tailored to meet your specific business objectives.

At Mediatropy, you’d be spoilt with the multitude of services they offer. Under their media planning and buying, you can engage in their social media advertising and marketing services. They understand the importance of utilising these platforms, especially when businesses have integrated and are entrenched in the digital space. The team will formulate a plan that will allow you to reach your audience through these platforms, converting them to loyal clients. With Mediatrophy, your business needs will be answered.

Contact: +65 3152 0634
Location: 9 Purvis Street, #02-03, Singapore 188588
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-6PM | Closed on Sat & Sun

5. OC Digital

Image Credit: OC Digital

With a strong belief that success lies in communication that is both transparent and straightforward, OC Digital strives to provide clients with digital marketing services that revolve around its ethos. Having been established in 2010, the agency has successfully become one of the fastest-growing integrated digital marketing agencies in the country. Apart from being a Google-accredited digital marketing agency, OC Digital has also been handpicked to be part of Google Partners Elevator Program.

With a team of experienced and passionate professionals, they have managed to create excellent online experiences, forging promising partnerships with many of their clients. If you’re looking for a company that allows you to build dialogue and engagement with your clients while simultaneously discovering their needs and views, OC Digital is the one for you. With services such as social media optimisation, they’d come up with a strategic plan to ensure your online presence is secure and compelling.

Contact: +65 6343 0068
Location: Genting Building, 83 Genting Lane, #05-02, Singapore 349568
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9.30AM-6PM | Closed on Sat & Sun

6. Weave Asia

Image Credit: Weave Asia

Do you need to manoeuvre and weave through Asia’s complex market? Weave Asia has got you covered! As a one-stop company for all your digital marketing needs, the team of experts will help you develop a strategic plan that will improve your brand presence! With their cutting edge online marketing technology, they strive to assist in your business’s growth.

Amongst the extensive services that they offer is social media management. Forget about stressing over your accounts on the various social media accounts because the team at Weave Asia will do it for you! They will help you with the setting up, customisation and management of your pages for you. Be ready to witness a spike in content creation and engagement with your consumers! Delve into the opportunity to build a strong online brand presence with Weave Asia now!

Contact: +65 6908 5642
Location: 2 Orchard Link, #4-01, Singapore 237978
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-6PM | Closed on Sat & Sun

7. 2Stallions

Image Credit: 2Stallions

As one of the most dynamic digital marketing agencies in Singapore, 2Stallions strive to come up with effective solutions that are able to cater to your needs and realise your goals. No matter how big or small the project may be, 2Stallions hope to produce high-quality work that will give you the same pride as it does for them.

With 2 Stallions, your digital endeavours will be supported and your marketing objectives will be realised. They offer a multitude of services and one of them being social media marketing. You can now better connect and engage with interested parties – whether it’d locally, regionally and globally. With optimising your social media profiles and the content, engagement and boosting strategies, your brand is guaranteed to reach a bigger audience. So don’t wait! Let the professional team at 2Stallions manage your social media accounts today!

Contact: +65 9129 6248
Location: 39A Neil Road, Singapore 088823
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9.30AM-6.30PM | Closed on Sat & Sun

8. Hashtag Interactive

Image Credit: Hashtag Interactive

Do you have a business need that you desperately need to meet, but unfortunately, you’re stuck trying to figure out ways to reach your audience in the digital space? Not to worry, Hashtag Interactive is here to help! They provide innovative and interactive solutions that will bear results.

As with any operating business, having an online presence in this digital age is necessary and the team at Hashtag Interactive knows this very well. One of the ways to do so is via social media marketing. With this approach, you’d be able to manage your brand’s reputation and build a loyal customer base, amongst other things. The team of digital marketing experts goes far beyond basic social media management, ensuring that your business maximises the benefits of each platform. With Hashtag Interactive, you can finally connect your online persona with your offline activities, which will propel your business to success.

Contact: +65 6908 5950
Location: 374A River Valley Road, Singapore 248281
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-7PM | Closed on Sat & Sun

9. Kokusai Technology

Image Credit: Kokusai Technology

Established in 2004, Kokusai Technology has amassed more than a decade’s worth of valuable experience in the digital marketing space. Offering nothing but excellence, they strive to bring refreshing ideas with fast turn around times that are essential to a business’s growth.

Having been in the industry for that long, Kokusai Technology understands how social media has evolved to be a phenomenal and important marketing tool. They’ve seen it be both a lead generator and engagement strategy that have the potential to significantly increase your brand awareness and customer retention. With those in mind, the digital team strives to meet all of these goals, making sure that the audience’s interest goes beyond the initial point of connection. Where 73% of social media campaigns have failed, Kokusai Technology strives to be your 27%. Head over to Kokusai Technology for your digital marketing needs today!

Contact: +65 6337 3377
Location: Peninsula Plaza, 111 North Bridge Road, #08-15, Singapore 179098
Opening Hours: 24 Hours

10. Clickworkz Solutions

Image Credit: Clickworkz Solutions

Started out with mere 3 staff members back in 2009, Clickworkz Solutions have come a long way. A decade later, they not only became a Google Partner company but has also ventured into the Malaysian market and set up an office in its capital, Kuala Lumpur. In their long journey, their ethos has largely remained the same: to provide creative and effective solutions that not only meet all your needs, but also inspires, satisfies and engages.

At Clickworkz Solutions, you’d be introduced to a wide range of services, including social media advertising and social media management. Widen your reach by improving your brand’s awareness via the various social media platforms. With a strategic plan at hand, the agency will not stop at establishing your online persona, but they will ensure that your audience will convert to believers and advocates for your brand. With Clickworkz Solutions’ support, you can sit back and relax whilst your company reaches new heights.

Contact: +65 9850 9409
Location: Marina Square, 6 Raffles Boulevard, #03-308, Singapore 039594
Opening Hours: Mon 9AM-5PM | Tues-Fri 9AM-6.30PM | Closed on Sat & Sun

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