Excel at the 8 Best Physics Tuition Centres in SG

January 10, 2020
Best Physics Tuition Centre Singapore

The national examinations are one of the most daunting periods of a students’ (and parents!) life, and it does not help that the competition bars are raised every year. All we hope for are good grades so that the next stages of life can come easy. So we do what we do best. Be kiasu and go for tuition classes after school and on weekends.

As Singaporeans are the epitome of kiasu, children are sent for tuition as soon as primary school which was also part of the reason we now have an influx of tuition centres even in shopping malls. With so many choices at hand, how do we know what’s best in the current market?

This article will take a look at the 8 best physics tuition centres in all of Singapore. With these 8 centres, you can bid goodbye to all your previous physics misconceptions that do nothing but pull your grades down!

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Best Physics Tuition

Image Credit: Best Physics Tuition

Just like its name suggests, Best Physics Tuition is indeed the top Physics tuition centre in all of Singapore. This centre offers extra coaching in Physics for all A-level, O-level and IP students. Mr Tony Chee was previously a MOE teacher with highly established credentials in the matter of Physics. With his plethora of qualifications, awards and accolades, Mr Tony then kick-started Best Physics Tuition in 2015.

A large multitude of students was able to regain their confidence in Physics by scoring distinctions for the national examinations. All the classes held here are taught personally by Mr Tony to ensure that the delivery of lessons and materials are at its finest too.

Stop hoping for a miracle and give Best Physics Tuition the honours of soaring your grades up high now!

Contact Number: +65 8700 9189
170 Upper Bukit Timah Road, Bukit Timah Shopping Centre, #B1-32, Singapore 588179
261 Waterloo Street, Waterloo Centre, #02-20, Singapore 180261
Opening Hours: Differs for every outlet

2. Glenn Lee Learning Centre

Image Credit: Glenn Lee Learning Centre

Being one of the best physics tuition in Singapore, Glenn Lee Learning Centre is experienced, passionate, and dedicated to helping students excel in school. Owned by Mr Glenn Lee, who developed his own teaching methodology (ACE) for elementary and additional mathematics, physics, and chemistry in 2014, it is a learning centre that’s committed to ensuring students who are academically weaker are able to keep up with their peers and to be able to sustain in a stressful environment. He has had more than eight years of experience in full-time tutoring.

Glenn Lee Learning Centre ensures that they are able to match every student with the most suitable tutor and mentor. It offers free consultations to help parents assess the needs of their children, determine their academic goals, and map out a path towards their careers in the future.

Contact: +65 9001-2298
Location: 222 Lorong 8 Toa Payoh, Singapore 310222
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 3PM-9PM | Sun 8AM-4PM

3. TLS Tutorials

Image Credit: TLS Tutorials

TLS Tutorials offers primary and secondary-level science tuition in Singapore. Catering to students from P3 to P6, lower secondary and O-level science tuition, this tuition center has a 1:3 tutor-to-student ratio learning setting. Unlike other tuitions that teach a big class, TLS Tutorials believe that dividing students into small groups allow them to learn faster since their tutors can accommodate their different learning styles and pace.

At TLS Tutorials, the individualized learning approach is practical as students learn differently and at different paces. The center’s science tutors are highly experienced in their respected fields, are specifically selected and hand-picked for their passion for helping students, and are dedicated to assisting students to achieve excellence and reach their fullest potential.

Contact: +65 66836 0061
Location: 10 Winstedt Road Block A, #02-04, Singgapore 227977
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-6.30PM | Sat 9AM-4PM | Closed on Sun & PH

4. Learning for Keeps

Image Credit: Learning for Keeps

For a decade now, Mr Kenneth Low has been giving his undivided attention to Physics only. He ensures that all classes are capped at 7 students maximum to promise sufficient attention. Mr Low takes on all the classes held and makes sure to approach students individually to ensure they are clear about the concepts and materials taught.

He also works hard at refining his lesson delivery and exercises, as well as explanations for the benefit of every student enrolled. Mr Low finds it rewarding when his students start loving Physics as much as he does! This was also one of the reasons why he started Learning for Keeps.

P.S. Students who require a tailored topic sequence or more focused attention can opt for the one-to-one home physics tuition instead!

Contact Number: +65 8201 5955
1187 Upper Serangoon Road, The Midtown, #02-30, Singapore 533971
Block 201A, Tampines Street 23, #01-1061, Singapore 521201
Opening Hours: Differs for every outlet


Image Credit: believes that despite the difficulty of this course, having the appropriate knowledge gained by studying physics allows students to have a deep understanding of the different aspects of nature and its fundamental role in science must be studied and understood by all students. This tuition is led by Mr Phang and has received countless awards and commendations from the press, which makes him gain the title of one of the best physics tutors in Singapore.

Mr Phang Yu Hon has helped many students achieve outstanding grades in class or maintain their excellent results in Physics. Compared to another physics tutor in Singapore, he focuses on encouraging his students in secondary schools, JC and even IB levels to do their best and achieve the best results and not just slight improvements in their grades.

Contact: +65 6275 6800
Location: Block 507, Bishan Street 11, #01-398, Singapore 570507
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 7PM-9PM | Sat&Sun 2PM-9PM

6. Physics & Chemistry Studio

Image Credit: Physics & Chemistry Studio

90% of students from Physics & Chemistry Studio have had a 2-5 jump in terms of grades since they enrolled for tuition here. With the in-house concise notes, hands-on practical lessons, online reviews and live demonstrations, it is no wonder that students are able to grasp a concept better!

Mr Daniel Tong, is the sole Physics tutor at Physics & Chemistry Studio. The ex-engineer makes lessons fun and easy to digest by including a “How Stuff Works” segment to tie in with the concept of the day. Parents and students will be happy to know that difficult exam questions are deconstructed here too! As breaking down impossibly difficult questions are part of the practice routine, students will find it easy to overcome such questions in a real exam setting.

Contact Number: +65 9644 7920
Location: 587 Bukit Timah Road, Coronation Plaza, #02-36, Singapore 269707
Opening Hours: Fri 4.30pm-9pm | Sat 10am-6.15am | Sun 11.15am-6pm

7. SmartLab

Image Credit: SmartLab

If what you need is a comprehensive yet unique education program, SmartLab might be the answer to all your searches. The full-time teachers here have years of refined experience under their belts and are willing to go above and beyond to support a student’s needs.

The team behind SmartLab believes that education is more than just textbooks. With that, students are encouraged to explore the real world of science to better understand the subject and eventually spark a lifelong interest in learning! At SmartLab’s cutting-edge classes, the sky is the limit.

Fun fact: The Results Guaranteed programme promises you’ll get your money back if the final results or grades are not deserving of the student’s efforts.

Contact Number: +65 6459 2351 | +65 6487 7327 | +65 6440 3593 | +65 6363 2383
Block 228, Bishan Street 23, #B1-71, Singapore 570228
Block 204, Hougang Street 21, #02-113, Singapore 530204 
Block 81, Marine Parade Central, #01-628, Singapore 440081
Block 818, Woodlands Street 82, #01-419, Singapore 730818
Opening Hours: Differs for every outlet

8. Exoplanet Observatory

Image Credit: Exoplanet Observatory

True to its name, Exoplanet Observatory holds astronomy classes and is where astronomy projects take place with their telescope – which is also the largest in Singapore! It does not just stop there for this amazing place at Maxwell Road. They also conduct physics classes where the said telescope is utilised to motivate students during classes!

The classroom here is made more conducive for learning so that students can concentrate better and focus more compared to at home. The team also believes that studying in a group has more pros such as facing questions from multiple angles which can deepen the understanding of a concept.

Contact Number: +65 9115 7278
Location: 20 Maxwell Road, Maxwell House, #09-17, Singapore 069113
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 10am-10pm

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