8 Best Online Stores in SG for Personalised Jewellery

July 31, 2020
best personalised jewellery online singapore

Being granted a personalised piece of jewellery means that you have the upper hand and will be part of the entire crafting process. As you will be in control of your piece, you can make your money’s worth by selecting gems or styles that suit you the most! Great for picky individuals or recipients, pay for what your heart desires most by customising your own jewellery.

Allow the personalised jewellery from any of these 8 best online personalised jewellery stores in Singapore reconnect with your individual personality.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Star Carat Shop

Image Credit: Star Carat Shop

Offering unbeatable quality and prices, Star Carat Shop’s lab-grown diamonds are priced 50 per cent lower than mined diamonds. You can safely bid goodbye to spending a lump sum of your salary! When the carat weight increases, you can enjoy greater savings as well. Other than choosing what is within your comfortable price range, they have a ring size guide conveniently placed on their website for easy reference.

From necklaces, rings to earrings, you can choose whichever jewellery you prefer and place your very own selected Star Carat Shop’s lab-grown diamond to complete the entire look. Guiding you through their 4Cs of diamonds – Cut, Colour, Clarity, Carat, you are just a step away from getting your personalised jewellery topped with a dazzling diamond!

Customer Reviews

Mei Shee Foong

Lynn has been great to liaise with. She has been exceptionally patient to my requests and I appreciate how mindful she is of my requirements. One of the best customer experience I have!

Zaccheus Lee

Amazing bespoke experience

Contact: +65 9875 8733

2. Love & Co.

Image Credit: Love & Co.

Going through quality checks to perfect your ring, Love & Co. assures that your tailor-made ring will be assessed right to each detail and adhere to rigorous standards. Providing you with a selection of options to craft your very own ring, the LVC Bespoke service gives you a customisation experience unlike any other. From ring head, material type to ring band of your choice, you can easily design your own ring to your liking.

Offering a choice of selected diamonds from Mother Nature as well as sustainable lab-grown diamonds, Love & Co. presents you the opportunity to choose these high-quality beauties for your ring. All in just seven steps, you will be on the way to getting your personally designed ring! 

Customer Reviews

Jingwen Lim
Viola is very patient and well-versed with jewellery. Her explanation was clear and she remembers what we like. Her service is excellent and we are very thankful to have her to serve us.

Benny Teng

Trini had been of great help showing us all the many different designs of wedding bands and helping me and my fiance pick out the best one suited for our hands. Greatly appreciate the efforts and explanations she given us to help us get our own personal preference.

Contact: +65 6509 8633  | +65 6835 7533  | +65 6734 8033 | +65 9220 8633

3. SK Jewellery

Image Credit: SK Jewellery

Dedicated to creativity and design, SK Jewellery crafts jewellery that is thoughtfully created and set to transform the way you regard the blend of contemporary jewellery with art and tradition. Showcasing an extensive collection of jewellery, get your hands on these conceptualised and stunningly crafted pieces at reasonable prices. From necklaces to rings, you are bound to find a perfect piece for any occasion!

Offering engraving services, you can further personalise your selected beautiful and complex jewellery of your choice with your very own description. Ideal for gifting, leave a personalised message for your recipient to convey your appreciation or love to him. With SK Jewellery’s My Personalised Engraving Necklace, you can express your perfect moments and customise them into these aesthetically pleasing pieces.

Customer Reviews

N Owy

Came to bought a bracelet at Causeway Point and was served by Michael. he is very polite, and give all his attention and exceed to my request. Give me options and suggestions and very helpful. commendable service. keep up the good work.

Pauleen Tay

Jo U, A super good salesman who knows his products well, able to share in-depth info about different kind of jewellery pieces.  Most importantly, he cares to listen to customer’s needs.  Good job Jo U, and keep up your good work.


4. ZtyleCo

Image Credit: ZtyleCo

Known for their personalised handmade jewellery and leather goods, ZtyleCo customises these products intricately to coincide with your individualised meaning. Providing collections that are self-designed and manufactured, they also use hand stamping or hot stamping techniques to design your selected product. Uniquely crafted, what makes their designs and goods even more exclusive is that there will not be any identical items.

Introducing ZtyleCo.Wedding Collection, it’s their latest collection that offers personalised jewellery which is suitable for weddings or bachelorette parties! A choice of either a charm, bracelet or earrings, inscribe your loved ones’ names, date or even geographic coordinates. Better yet, they handle packing and delivery, making this company an all in one online store for your personalised jewellery!

Contact: +65 6238 6758


Image Credit: SSFW

Well-known for selling their handmade jewellery at bazaars and weekend markets, SSFW started off as an online shop with handcrafted jewellery before establishing their physical store at Haji Lane. It is a one-stop place for individuals seeking a selected mix of accessories that reflects each and every individual’s style. Committed to bringing you quality products sourced from all over the globe, their online store also features a variety of designed pieces focusing on gemstones and pearls.

Simply measure your wrist and their expert designers will alter your bracelet for the best fit! And lastly, you can customise it by either selecting an initial letter, gemstone, locket or birthstone. Get your hands on this personalised, handmade, dainty and delicately crafted jewellery!

Customer Reviews

JS Koh

Wide collection of fashion jewelry at good price. Very kind to help me with a repair of my own necklace. Will come back!

Melissa Chong

customised a name bracelet for me and my friend today! quaint little boutique in haji lane, great for gifts

Contact: +65 6293 3068

6. La Putri

Image Credit: La Putri

Renowned for its exclusive bespoke creations, La Putri crafts jewellery that is fashionably out-of-the-world. More than just an accessory, it also expresses your personality and individuality. With designers devoted to taking pride in their customised service, your selected jewellery will be in good hands and it’ll showcase a deep sentimental value. These in-house designers will work alongside you throughout the entire customisation design process to turn your vision into a dream piece of jewellery!

You are welcomed to bring in your own gemstones or select high-quality loose gems from their well-curated collection. Their designers are skilled in transforming any antique piece into a jewellery piece with a modern touch. Valuing the stories behind every piece, they aspire to create jewellery that sticks close to your heart.

Customer Reviews


Thank you La Putri for the excellent services and advice on getting my dream bespoke jewellery! =)


Friendly and knowledgable staff, strongly recommended!

Contact: +65 6733 3345

7. Latch Handmade

Image Credit: Latch Handmade

Assembling bracelets that’s customised to fit the wrist sizes for both males and females, Latch Handmade crafts inexpensive unisex handmade accessories that are extraordinary! Different colour combinations, textures and all sorts of forms are used to create their unique products. With dedication and passion for you or your recipient, every single part of the bracelet is freshly made from scratch by their designers. 

Promising to deliver excellent quality products customised to your wrist size, Latch Handmade will also complement it with a touch of care. Using genuine cow leather from Germany as well as designing their own magnetic lock clasp to secure your bracelet, their products are crafted right down to the very last detail!

Customer Reviews

Emma Yong

Extremely thankful for Adrianne’s patience and excellent service in the process of customising a bracelet with my budget in mind 🙂 Wholly enjoyable experience overall with no regrets 🥰

Jessie Huang 

I met Adrianne at Orchard Central pop up store and her passion with design and attentive to her customers attracted my attention. I highly recommend whoever is interested in handmade bracelet with unique design must visit Latch Handmade in person. Cheers!


8. On Cheong Jewellery

Image Credit: On Cheong Jewellery

Don’t put your outdated jewellery to waste; On Cheong Jewellery redesigns your old and dull jewellery and casts their magic to bring it back to life! Not only that, they are also skilled in engraving a personalised message that can be done on most of their rings. Other than their ordinary necklaces and rings, their My Little Love Note is a unique necklace that has an envelope pendant where you can customise a hidden message on the inside!

As the first SQC (Singapore Quality Class with People and Service Excellence) certified jeweller in Singapore, On Cheong Jewellery emphasises on providing exceptional quality to you. With their team of talented jewellery designers and craftsmen, they are skilled in crafting masterpieces, especially for those who appreciate a minimalistic look.

Customer Reviews

Jaswant Kaur

Friendly staff. Helpful with suggestions. Staff willing to accomodate special requests.

Jagjeet Singh

Genuine jewellery and prices

Contact: +65 6223 4788



With any of these 8 best online jewellery stores in Singapore, you’ll be able to customise your very own jewellery piece! Be part of the whole crafting process, from selecting gems to picking out the styles that you prefer. The best part, your personalised jewellery will reflect your individuality!

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