8 Best O Level Physics Tuition Centres to Make Headway in SG

February 20, 2020
best o level physics tuition

If you will be taking on the O Level papers this year but are barely scraping by in Physics, not all hope is lost yet! The odds may currently be stacked against you but there is still sufficient time for you to cover more ground and buck up in this particular subject. Other than one’s natural aptitude, there is one equation you’ll need to get through this tough period of time. A good tuition centre + Hard work + Concentration = Pass with flying colours!

The clock is already ticking and if you desperately wish to excel in your major examinations, lose no more time and attend classes at any of these 8 best Physics tuition centres in Singapore to see visible improvement in your results slip!

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Best Physics Tuition

Image Credit: Best Physics Tuition

Mr Tony Chee, the founder of Best Physics Tuition, is both a curriculum researcher for the Integrated Programme and an ex-JC lecturer.  It is safe to say that his knowledge for the Physics syllabus in Singapore is all at his fingertips! Fun fact, he has transferred his wealth of knowledge to various Physics guidebooks,  including the well-known GCE A Level Physics Ten Year Series Answers. As a two-time receiver of the Ministry of Education’s Outstanding Contribution Award, Mr Tony is more than qualified to bring you back on the right track.

With Mr Tony’s unwavering passion for Physics, he will do his utmost best to ensure that you can grasp the concepts with ease, and be confident in tackling all the difficult questions head-on. His creative and customised tuition centre entails a small group size, exclusive cheat sheets, live demonstrations and a smart classroom. The opportunity to cross paths with a good teacher like Mr Tony at Best Physics Tuition can surely make all the difference!

Contact: +65 8700 9189
170 Upper Bukit Timah Road, Bukit Timah Shopping Centre, #B1-32, Singapore 588179
261 Waterloo Street, Waterloo Centre, #2-20, Singapore 180261
Block 503, Bishan Street 11, #1-450, Singapore 570503
Opening Hours: Differs for every outlet

2. Glenn Lee Learning Centre

Image Credit: Glenn Lee Learning Centre

Glenn Lee Learning Centre is a premium tuition centre established in 2012. It has private tutor experienced in O Level physics tuition and who will teach students about the Kaizen mindset. Its private tutors will also teach children self-checking techniques to help them avoid mistakes that will cost them precious marks. Through its O Level physics tuition, students will be able to recognize, analyze, and understand the lessons. Students will also be able to apply appropriate formulas in their answers.

Glenn Lee Learning Centre also provides specialized small group tuitions for PSLE, GCE, O and N Level, and IP exams for primary, secondary, and IP levels. It is a passionate, dedicated, and experienced private home tuition facility founded by Glenn Lee who has developed his own methodology (ACE) for elementary and additional mathematics, chemistry, and physics. This tuition centre is also committed to guiding students help sustain them in a stressful environment.

Contact: +65 9001-2298
Location: 222 Lorong 8 Toa Payoh, Singapore 310222
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 3PM-9PM | Sun 8AM-4PM

3. Miracle Learning Centre

Image Credit: Miracle Learning Centre

Miracle Learning Centre was founded in 2008 by Dr Lew and Mrs Lew. Never one to be fazed by challenges, both tutors with years of experience under their belts are known for their resilient attitude in helping students improve with every session.

What Miracle Learning Centre brings to the table is dedication to the students, strong expertise, abundant study resources and a small class group setting. Regardless if you are an academically strong or weak student, Miracle hopes to help students have a better grasp towards concepts and learn at a faster pace. Each and every child is special and the dedicated couple will go out of their ways to create miracles in the lives of their students.

Contact: +65 6463 8756
Location: 144 Upper Bukit Timah Road, Beauty World Centre, #03-01, Singapore 588977
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 3pm-10pm | Sat-Sun 9.30am-7pm

4. APM Tuition Centre

Image Credit: APM Tuition Centre

Established by Mr Lewis Ng, APM Tuition Centre has now grown into a tuition centre that seeks to consistently improve the grades of students. Their final outlook? To polish each and every student regardless of their capabilities. With the extra patience and care, their academic capabilities will slowly but surely shine through. Each of Mr Lewis Ng’s classes holds a maximum of 6 students for him to keep the class stimulating and interesting.

Rather than covering too much and dumping many equations in one go, Mr Lewis Ng would rather his students have a clear grasp of the topic. With that, students will then be able to adopt a logical approach to answering all questions. Be let in on his wealth of knowledge and secrets in solving those tough and rough Physics questions at APM Tuition Centre.

Contact: +65 9836 4183
Location: 15A Woodlands, Avenue 6, Singapore 738996
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 8am-10pm

5. SmartLab Education Centre

Image Credit: SmartLab Education Centre

For close to two decades, SmartLab Education Centre has worked tirelessly to come up with a one of a kind educational curriculum that will deliver results. Helmed by full-time teachers who are experts in their fields, they will go far to support students in and out of the classroom. They aspire to help children believe in their own capabilities and efforts and develop the confidence to score high marks in exams.

This tuition centre is built around small class sizes, problem-based and activity-based learning that are sure to uncover vital topics most likely to pop up during examinations. More than that, they also hope to impart communication and problem-solving skills to last you throughout your life. With teachers that go above and beyond for their students, SmartLab Education Centre is the learning hub to be at.

Contact: +65 6459 2351 | +65 6487 7327 | +65 6440 3593 | +65 6363 2383
Block 243, Bishan Street 22, #B1-274, Singapore 570243
Block 204, Hougang Street 21, #02-113, Singapore 530204
Block 81, Marine Parade Central, #01-628 (Level 2), Singapore 440081
Block 818, Woodlands Street 82, #01-419, Singapore 730818
Opening Hours: Differs for every outlet

6. Happy Tutors Learning Centre

Image Credit: Happy Tutors Learning Centre

To slingshot your way to an A for your examinations, Happy Tutors Learning Centre has adopted a comprehensive programme and conducts intensive lessons. Going beyond textbook theories, they strive to aid you in applying the necessary knowledge in selected exam questions to understand the subject on a deeper level. With their Physics tutors having over a decade of experience, your grades have nowhere to go but up.

Readily clear your misconceptions and doubts with these experienced yet patient tutors, and be lost in a wave of fun during sessions held outside the classroom! They carefully plan field trips to incorporate problem-solving, social, and creativity skills-building all in one. Take this chance of learning beyond just the textbooks with Happy Tutors Learning Centre’s holistic approach to learning!

Contact: +65 6565 9126 | +65 6563 0672 | +65 6612 0314 | +65 6904 8716 | +65 9109 7659
519 Jurong West, Street 52, #01-169, Singapore 640519
132 Bukit Batok West, Avenue 6, #01-318, Singapore 650132
523 Bukit Batok, Street 52, #01-732, Singapore 650523
11 Tanjong Katong Road, #03-02, Singapore 437157
Bedok Reservoir Road, #01-646, Singapore 470609
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 3pm-9pm | Sat-Sun 9am-3pm

7. The Learners Council

Image Credit: The Learners Council

The founder of The Learners Council, Ms Jasline Hong, boasts such a long list of credentials that it cannot be fully summarised in this single listing. To name some, it includes her long years of mentoring and coaching, and being the Subject Head of Physics and Assistant Head of Science Department at Raffles Institution. She has formed her own niche in this industry with her reputation of displaying a genuine attitude with zero hints of gimmicks.

The experts under her team are experienced teachers from top MOE schools and have gone through a strict selection process prior. Here, they make students realise how scoring techniques and expert guidance are not enough to reach the top for you’ll need unwavering dedication as well. Having established a solid track record, students like yourselves can experience personalised learning and great teaching at The Learners Council.

Contact: +65 6909 0701
Location: Guthrie House, 1 Fifth Avenue, #03-06, Singapore 268802
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 2pm-7pm | Sat 10am-3pm | Sun 10am-4pm

8.  Victoria Tutorial Centre

Image Credit: Victoria Tutorial Centre

Some students may find Physics to be one of the hardest subject to master due to the lack of interest or difficulty in grasping its concept. Are you one of those students? This is where Victoria Tutorial Centre comes in to save the day! Delivering quality tuition classes since 1998, they hope to foster a love for the subject and make headway in improving their students’ grades. Home to a stimulating environment enhanced by devoted teachers, expect clear and customised teaching while you’re here.

Under their meticulous care, you will definitely be motivated to push yourself up, work harder, and see a positive change in your academic results. The professional qualifications of their 4 tutors include teaching in a secondary school for a good number of years. Always staying true to the spirit of guiding and empowering students to achieve their best, stretch your potential to the limit with Victoria Tutorial Centre.

Contact: +65 6342 2212
Location: 1 Marine Parade Central, Parkway Centre, #10-03, Singapore 449408
Opening Hours: Tue-Thur 1pm-6pm | Fri 1pm-9pm | Sat-Sun 9am-6.30pm

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