7 Best JC Math Tuition Centres in SG to Ace Your Classes

August 19, 2020
best JC Math Tuition Centre classes in Singapore

Struggling to achieve your desired results for Math? Not to worry! We understand that JC can be really stressful and tiring. However, with any of these JC Math tuition classes, the tutors will combine both fun and learning to make your journey towards acing Math, possible! Providing lessons that are less stressful, they will put a dash of fun in Math so that you would never go a day dreading this dull subject.

Head down to any of these 7 best JC Math tuition centres in Singapore to prove to yourself that with effort and determination, you can achieve anything you set your mind to!

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Achevas

Image Credit: Achevas

Singapore’s most trusted Math specialist, Achevas, is committed to your success. With more than 90 per cent of their students having managed to achieve As or an improvement of at least two grades, they can certainly help you reach your desired grade. In order for you to master JC Math, they provide instructional programs designed to be a combination of theory and practice. This will help you get a firm grasp of every concept in the syllabus as well as the ability to perform well even under pressure.

To further reach your goals, the experienced tutors at Achevas offer online live teaching for a more engaging learning experience. Great for those who are always in desperate need of help during the last minute, this tuition centre’s dedicated tutors are just a message away to offer you an in-depth consultation session.

Customer Reviews

Hafsa Sheikh, Google Reviews

Jack is a very devoted teacher who puts in a lot of effort in not only every piece of material he prepares for his class but in the way he delivers the lesson. The lessons are conducted in a way that builds concepts and enables us to think on our own feet when presented with questions. Each and every material from lesson outlines, conquests, and online videos are perfect for learning. Additionally, Jack is very friendly, patient and willing to help his students with any query they have: be it math problems or issues with study techniques. Achevas provides a conducive and positive learning environment which allows students to excel in their work!

lev g, Google Reviews

Jack is a dedicated teacher who puts in the effort to make sure his students thoroughly understand the mathematical concepts behind each topic so that they are flexible, and best prepared to answer all types of questions. One of the most humorous teachers I’ve had the pleasure to come across, his light-hearted jokes keeps lessons enjoyable even amidst stressful periods. The summary sheets prepared are extremely concise yet detailed, ensuring that students are able to run through the key concepts of the entire H2 math syllabus in an insanely short amount of time. A friendly figure, Jack is also easy to approach and always willing to help with any questions his students may have be it during or after class times. Definitely highly recommend.

Contact: +65 6266 0803
116 Middle Road, ICB Enterprise House, #08-03/04, Singapore 188972
3151 Commonwealth Avenue West, Grantral Mall, #03-02/03, Singapore 129581
Opening Hours: Differs for every outlet

2. Learning Voyage

Image Credit: Learning Voyage

Just like the rest of the students, you are all in the same boat of trying to do well in Math. At Learning Voyage, they offer lifebuoys AKA tutors to assist you in navigating the strictness of Singapore’s educational system and steer you to strive for excellence! Guiding you to aim for your best, this educational centre is committed to giving you outstanding educational support.

Run by Mr Andy Woo, he is determined to bring out the best in you by coaching as well as motivating you to be confident in Math and in life. In the classroom of about nine students, you will be taught the unique and customised ‘Plug-the-Gaps’ technique which can lead to a significant improvement in your grade.

Customer Reviews

Cindy Tan, Google Reviews

My son’s results for Amaths were terrible before he joined learning voyage and taught by mr woo. He was consistently failing getting F9 most of the time. However after joining Mr woo classes he understands Amaths and scored distinctions for both his maths. Highly recommended for students with maths difficulty. Mr woo is very patient as well and I would like to thank him. thanks for his efforts

Jacqueline Heng, Google Reviews

Highly recommend!
My son always look forward to his Amath class. Andy is always very patient with him. Thanks for building a good foundation for boy. You are a great teacher..

Contact: +65 9005 6286
Location: 208 Hougang Street 21, #01-209, Singapore 530208

3. MaxEdge Learning Centre

Image Credit: MaxEdge Learning Centre

MaxEdge Learning Centre better prepares students by offering regular Maths revision to amp up their study pace. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect, hence, this tuition centre instils plenty of relevant and regular practices for just two hours every week to perfect your skills! By providing exam-oriented worksheets and materials, it encourages you to develop a built-up of confidence over time to tackle questions in your exams.

Moreover, these classes are not only for practising your math syllabus but also serves as an opportunity to clarify any difficulties that you have encountered in school. At MaxEdge Learning Centre, they act as the connecting bridge that brings you closer to understanding Math. Through breaking down the complexity of this subject in a clearer and simpler manner, it will then be easier for you to get a hang of it!

Customer Reviews

Jay Lee, Google Reviews

rlly rlly rlly good !! mr gary lessons are very easy to understand

Kenji Goh, Google Reviews

Very engaging lessons where the teacher makes sure to keep close attention to the progress of each student and tries to help them to the best of his ability and does so very well

Contact: +65 9793 0150
Location: 828 Tampines Street 81, #01-240, Singapore 520828

4. MaxiMind Eduhub

Image Credit: MaxiMind Eduhub

Focused and having pledged to work with you, MaxiMind Eduhub helps you confidently tackle intriguing questions, expand your critical and creative thinking skills and improve your perception. Through an interactive classroom layout, their classes promote communication and cooperation. Designed and centred around your abilities, the tutors are skilled in developing resources and effective teaching methods to be more knowledgeable of every concept and technique. This will be useful in enabling them to better teach their students.

To better pace yourself, MaxiMind Eduhub has programs made purely to motivate you to succeed. Don’t worry about being overwhelmed during lessons as you will learn to be independent! This tuition centre will not have ridiculous expectations or goals that will drive you mad! Instead, with these tutors, you are in control of your learning progress that can be carried out at your own pace. 

Customer Reviews

John Loh, Google Reviews

My children enjoy the clean and pleasant environment. Teachers are great too. I’ve seen improvement in their grades.

Elaine Ong, Google Reviews

Came across Maximind Eduhub when I was sourcing for additional help for my girl to address her challenges towards her Science and Math subjects. When I went in, I was welcomed by an extremely knowledgeable, nice and friendly front desk staff, Jennie, who chatted with me patiently to get a good sensing of my girl’s needs. She was able to recommend some available classes and was not pushy as I told her that I was looking around and walking down the tuition centres to make enquiries. I decided to let my girl try Science first. Thanks a lot Teacher Beena for allaying my girl’s resistance and disinterest towards the subject. She looks forward to her Friday classes. On another day, I went down to check for availability of Math classes and met her present Math tutor, Teacher Flora. Her helpfulness and proactiveness in checking with me my girl’s level of competency in Math put my heart at great ease . This is one concerned teacher who tries to match the class competency with the approaches used. Thank you, Teacher Flora for helping my girl to overcome her misconceptions and build up her confidence. Maximind Eduhub at Tampines Mart is filled with dedicated staff and teachers. Most importantly, my girl enjoys the lessons. Thank you.

Contact: +65 6909 2728
Location: 5 Tampines Street 32, Tampines Mart, #02-12, Singapore 529284
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 3pm-9pm | Sat 9am-6pm | Sun 9am-5pm

5. Sophia Tuition

Image Credit: Sophia Tuition

Believing that parents, teachers and students play a crucial role in the formation of well-learned individuals, these roles are co-dependent on one another to ensure that your goals can be met. At Sophia Tuition, they involve you, your parents and their tutors in your journey to help you ace your Math subject. Fulfilling a conducive environment to study in every class, the lessons at this tuition centre are done in small groups.

Commencing the start of every lesson with an update of your learning progress in school and study needs, the tutors will be able to customise each class to cater to every student. Based on your daily difficulties, tutors at Sophia Tuition will customise notes, worksheets and summarise the day’s teaching so that you will never need to snowball your struggles!

Contact: +65 9810 6666
Location: 190 Clemenceau Avenue, Singapore Shopping Center, #04-20, Singapore 239924

6. Jaycee Tuition Centre

Image Credit: Jaycee Tuition Centre

Since 2007, Jaycee Tuition Centre has connected well with their students. Through the years, they have understood that it is easier for students to absorb concepts through enjoyable teaching methods. Hence, with these tutors who hold classes that are fun and immersive, they will help you learn in a comfortable environment that is less stressful. Furthermore, content from the Math syllabus will be broken down through tips and shortcuts for you to take in any complex parts easily.

Set in a small class of seven to eight students, it allows for better interaction and comfort when students hope to seek clarifications from their teacher. What’s more, they offer free trial lessons and you can sit in their class and observe the tutor’s method of teaching before fully committing to their entire course of lessons.

Customer Reviews

Reuben See, Google Reviews

Teachers were very professional in identifying the problem to help me, i felt very eased during tuition as tutors were cool and very relatable. My grades have been immensely improved as i completely understood the subjects that i was taught. Head down to JAYCEE TUITION CENTRE to get free trials and you would definitely love it!!

Chloe Bolt, Google Reviews

I enjoyed tuition classes here very much 🙂 I took Math & POA class, and managed to score B3 and A2 respectively for O Levels. The teachers are both very nice and helpful. Classes were fun and engaging and it was a great experience overall. 🙂

Contact: +65 9725 0507
Location: 545 Orchard Road, Far East Shopping Centre, #04-22, Singapore 238882

7. Simply Mathematics Tuition Centre

Image Credit: Simply Mathematics Tuition Centre

Aiming to break down the fundamentals of Math in a fun and creative way, Simply Mathematics Tuition Centre uses examples and interactive activities with students during lessons. With every meticulously designed lesson, it will further assist you in strengthening your understanding of topics learnt in school. Helping you overcome questions of an assorted level of difficulty, it seeks to improve your understanding of the math concept while building confidence and developing your analytical skills!

Exposing you to questions related to math concepts that can be applied to real-life situations, this will prep you with the necessary skills to be ready for your exams. However, if these lessons are not enough, this centre offers an open consultation that caters to your various learning needs!

Contact: +65 6784 0790 
18 Jalan Membina, #04-05, Singapore 164018
201D, Tampines Street 21, #03-1153, Singapore 524201
806 Hougang Central, #03-154, Singapore 530806



Enrol in any of these 7 best JC Math tuition centres to ace your classes! Here, you’ll meet tutors who know how to change your perspective on this subject by making it fun and entertaining for you. Through this method of learning, you’ll be able to study better and improve your grades!

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