6 Best Forklift Courses in SG to Learn About Safety & Operations

July 27, 2020
Best Forklift Course Singapore

Increase the value you can bring for your desired company by having a forklift licence or certification. Possessing the necessary skills, knowledge and ability to operate a forklift will be quintessential as most companies would require transportation and movement of large inventory and cargo. 

Not only that, by going through a forklift course, you will also be able to operate the machine safely in any workplace environment. Be of value to any company by equipping yourself with the expertise from these 6 best forklift courses in Singapore!

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Wong Fong Academy (WFA)

Image Credit: Wong Fong Academy

Aiming to provide those who are already working or wish to enter the manufacturing industry with the skills and knowledge to operate a forklift, this one’s for you! The WSQ-Operate Forklift (Without Class 3 License) Course at Wong Fong Academy (WFA) is suitable for individuals who do not hold a valid driving license from Singapore or Malaysia. In addition, the total duration of the course is 34 hours, including 2 hours of assessment in both MCQ and Practical.

Going more in-depth into the course structure, this course consists of a 1-day theory lesson and 3-days practical session. This would include both theory and practical assessment that will be conducted at the end of the entire lesson/session respectively. Not to mention, you can offset the payment for this course using your SkillsFuture Funding!

Customer Reviews

Wan Noor

Conducive and the intructors are very well versed and skillfull.

Kheyrul Anuar

Good safety course

Contact: +65 6863 3686 | +65 6863 3885
Location: 79 Joo Koon Circle, Singapore 629107

2. Crown

Image Credit: Crown

Providing a network of fully qualified trainers and accredited assessors at Crown, these highly trained instructors will lead the Forklift Operator Training sessions with clear, understandable and highly visual presentations. Also supported by their highly skilled Supervisors, they are able to reinforce and oversee the safe operating skills and habits taught during operator training sessions. At Crown, you will be able to identify proper and improper operation, recognise potential hazards, give feedback to operators, and keep on the lookout for pedestrian and WHS requirements.

With hands-on time implemented in the course, be rest assured that your operators are trained to lift truck operation, carry out task performance and adopt safe operating habits and practices! Besides these crucial aspects that will be effective in the operator training, you can also opt to conduct the training at your worksite or their training facilities.

Customer Review

BEST Build

We use Crown for our companies Fork Lift trucks and Stackers. I have found company to be reliable, customer service, advise and expertise to be always on hand to help.

I would recommend speaking to Shawn from sales and Wei Hao from maintenance for any of your customer enquiries as my experience dealing with these two gentlemen has been superb. Their after service care is invaluable. I have been going through an painful insurance claim process that required me to actually provide proof that I owned my Forklift and Stacker; which should be required as all parties had documented and confirmed that they agreed that these machines belong to me. Nevertheless they still wanted proof, Shawn went that one step further and arranged for me a deed of ownership to be endorsed and signed off by Crown to ensure that the insurance companies loss adjuster couldn’t use it as a reason not to pay.

Contact: +65 6690 1888
Location: 15 Tuas Avenue 8, Singapore 639230
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 8.30am-5.30pm | Closed on Weekends

3. THT Academy

Image Credit: THT Academy

Offering WSQ Operate Forklift courses for those with and without a class 3 license, THT Academy welcomes learners who are required to attend a 4 days course. It consists of a 1-day theory and 3 days practical lesson. Striving to raise professionalism in the manufacturing industry, this course will equip operators with essential generic and portable skills to adapt and be resilient to challenges whilst working!

Equipping your workers with cross-cutting generic manufacturing skills, it would effectively help improve workflow within your company as well as promote mobility. Through theory and practical lessons, your workers will be able to operate forklifts in various environmental conditions. By the end of this course, your workers will be equipped with the necessary knowledge and application skills in carrying out forklift operations to meet WSH legislative requirements!

Customer Reviews

Suresh Kumar

Nice staff 👍😁 good response

LK Wee

Very good

Contact: +65 6269 5269
Location: 19 Sungei Kadut Avenue, Singapore 729654
Opening Hours: Differs for every schedule

4. Jungheinrich

Image Credit: Jungheinrich Singapore

At Jungheinrich’s Operator Safety Training, you will be given an understanding of what causes instability, best practice driving techniques, battery maintenance or other relevant training applicable to the forklifts. Offering forklift operator training for beginner learners, experienced operators, as well as a refresher course for workers, be rest assured that your operators’ safety knowledge would be refreshed and up-to-date!

Believing that ‘prevention is far more cheaper than the cure’, Jungheinrich’s skilled trainers highly recommend forklift drivers to attend safety training every year. This will ensure that your workers reduce mistakes and improve productivity in the workplace. With this training company, you can be sure that your warehouse will be a safe and productive environment for your employees!

Customer Review

Bumbu Masakan

Nice place, they can provide your logistic needs (racking system, material handling equipments, and spareparts)…

Contact: +65 6558 7600
Location: 7 Joo Koon Way, Singapore 628945
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 8.30am-5.30pm | Closed on Weekends

5. PSA Institute

Image Credit: PSA Institute

PSA Institute allows you to choose between their 5 or 3-day WSQ Operate Forklift Course. However, this option will depend on each individual. For participants who possess a Singapore Class 3 or Malaysia Class D driving licence and have the confidence to drive forklifts, they may opt for a shorter 3-day course. With a 1-day theory lesson and the rest of the days for practical, practising hands-on will help improve your skills and allow you to understand how to operate better.

Through this course, you will be equipped with the skills and knowledge to become safe and competent supervisors, operators and drivers. In addition, as this course is approved for course fee funding, you are able to use your SkillsFuture funding to offset the payment of the course!

Customer Review



Contact: +65 6279 4458 | +65 6279 4460
Location: 1 Harbour Drive, Levels 5 & 6, Singapore 117352
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 8.30am-4pm | Closed on Weekends

6. AAT Training Hub

Image Credit: AAT Training Hub

Choose between a 3-day (for those with a class 3 license) or 4-day (for those without) WSQ Operate Forklift Training Course at AAT Training Hub. Here, you will be introduced to the operationalisation and upkeep of material handling and equipment, apply the proper procedures for the equipment and implement the procedures for effective and accurate operations. Besides learning the operation techniques and procedure, you will also be taught the important knowledge of observing Risk Management practices.

Additionally, you will be trained by their widely recognised and accredited training providers who have experience in the WSQ Operate Forklift training industry. With this experience, they are equipped with the knowledge to conduct theory and practical sessions of the highest quality for their customers.

Customer Review

Anand Wild

Very nice person and very helpful

Contact: +65 6266 1772 | +65 6904 4010
61 Woodlands Industrial Park E9, #03-29, Singapore 757881
15 Kaki Bukit Road 4, #01-49, Singapore 417808
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-5pm | Closed on Weekends



Improve your skills by joining any of these 6 best forklift courses in Singapore for future forklift operators! Now, you can use this opportunity to update your knowledge by learning a new skill that might be helpful. Not only that, this will give you the advantage of getting a job at any company in need of forklift operators!

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