5 Best Moneylenders For Foreigner Loans In Singapore

July 4, 2020
Best Foreigner Loan Singapore

A crisis can strike at any time, especially when you are in a foreign country. Whether it is an accident that puts you out of commission or a downturn in the economy, there are times when you may need a financial boost to get you through a rough patch.

But foreigners may have a hard time getting cash loans from traditional financial institutions. Some banks do not offer loans to foreigners in the first place, and those that do typically have stricter prerequisites for foreigner loans. Even after the loan has been approved, it can take some time for the cash to come in.

Licensed moneylenders, on the other hand, are usually less stringent with their requirements for foreigner loans. With straightforward and speedy loan approval processes, they can serve as a viable alternative to get the emergency cash you need. For quick cash on short notice, here are the 5 best moneylenders for foreigner loans in Singapore.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Orange Credit Pte Ltd

Image Credit: Orange Credit Pte Ltd

Orange Credit Pte Ltd understands that in a customer’s time of financial need, speed is of the essence. That is why they offer streamlined loan processes that shorten the time taken for borrowers to get the cash they so urgently need. As a highly reputable licensed moneylender, they are committed to bringing clients a suite of loan solutions that can address their individual monetary needs.

While it may be tough for foreigners to get loans through traditional channels like banks, Orange Credit Pte Ltd offers quick and practical foreigner loans to give borrowers better peace of mind amidst their financial troubles. With looser requirements compared to most banks, they are able to accommodate an extensive range of applicants. Their transactions are done safely and legally, with privacy and confidentiality of client data being a significant priority.

Their conveniently-located office is a mere 5-minute walk from Paya Lebar MRT station, so feel free to stop by for a no-obligation consultation with their professional and friendly loan officers.

Contact: +65 6748 2320
Location: City Plaza, 810 Geylang Road, #01-91, Singapore 409286
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 11AM-8PM | Sat 11AM-3PM | Closed on Sun

 2. CreditMaster Pte Ltd

Image Credit: CreditMaster Pte Ltd

Through exemplary customer service and innovative loan products, CreditMaster Pte Ltd has stood out as a reputed player in the moneylending industry. Making its start as a provisioner of loans for household owners, the company strives to provide accessible loans for their diverse clients. To that end, all of their products are informed by intensive research, allowing them to meet the needs of clients today in a legal and efficient manner.

As one of the most recommended moneylenders among foreigners in Singapore, CreditMaster Pte Ltd offers customised loan packages that are catered to each client’s specific situation. From medical bills to home upgrades, their short-term loans are suitable for a variety of purposes. Their foreigner or expat loans are also unsecured loans, so there is no need to worry about collateral.

Borrowers can easily apply for a loan online and receive instant feedback after their details are verified. After signing the loan agreement at their office, the cash will be immediately disbursed on the spot.

Contact: +65 6748 1338
Location: People’s Park Complex, 1 Park Road, #01-50, Singapore 059108
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 11AM-8PM | Sun 10AM-7PM | Closed on PH

3. 1AP Capital Pte Ltd

Image Credit: 1AP Capital Pte Ltd

As a professional licensed moneylender, 1AP Capital Pte Ltd aims to provide competitive credit services to its customers. With years of combined experience across their financial advisory team, they are highly qualified to provide customers with quality and customisable plans. Among their wide assortment of financial solutions is their short-term and long-term foreigner loans. After a simple online application, customers will be assigned a dedicated loan assistant who will contact the applicant within the hour to schedule a physical meeting at their office. This loan assistant serves as a convenient single point of contact throughout the application and repayment process.

They operate under a strict ethical code and are fully committed to bringing their customers plans that are best suited for their unique needs. Flexible repayment plans and competitive rates are to be expected with their foreigner loan plans. In fact, they encourage customers to compare their interest rates against other moneylenders, a testament to their confidence.

Contact: +65 6533 5335
Location: International Plaza,10 Anson Road, #10-38A, Singapore 079903
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 11AM-8PM | Sun 10AM-7PM

 4. Credit Matters Pte Ltd

Image Credit: Credit Matters Pte Ltd

If you are looking to save yourself the agonising months of waiting for your loan to be approved, Credit Matters Pte Ltd has you covered. All applicants have to do is fill up a simple online application form, then sit back and relax. Applications are processed as quickly as possible, after which loan officers will contact customers directly to arrange a physical meeting within the day.

Recognising the customers’ concerns about confidentiality, Credit Matters Pte Ltd makes a strong commitment to protecting the privacy of their clients’ data. They make sure that the information remains safe, and is not given out under any circumstances. Another strong suit of theirs is flexibility. With their vast assortment of loan plans, customers will likely find a plan that can address their needs. Otherwise, the company is open to making adjustments on a case-by-case basis, ensuring that borrowers can get a loan that suits them.

Contact: +65 6636 3233
Location: 801 Geylang Road, #02-01, Singapore 389681
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 11AM-8PM | Sun 10AM-7PM

5. JD Credit Pte Ltd

Image Credit: JD Credit Pte Ltd

JD Credit Pte Ltd seeks to satisfy the needs and desires of every one of their customers through quick and reliable loans, including foreigner loans. Their team comprises knowledgeable loan assistants with years of experience in the industry, who are more than capable of helping customers with their financial matters. Their excellent customer service, coupled with their competitive interest rates, has earned them a reputation of honesty and trustworthiness.

Above all, the company seeks to put customers first. To their employees, the needs of the customer are always the first consideration when advising them on their financial options. To that end, they are able to offer flexible repayment schemes, which can help borrowers make payments without finding themselves in a pinch. All of these payment and repayment plans are laid out to customers in a completely transparent manner, with no hidden costs.

Contact: +65 6292 7717
Location: Hong Lim Complex, 531 Upper Cross Street, #01-38, Singapore 050531

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