6 Best Movers in SG to Assist Your Emigration to Australia

June 16, 2020

When it comes to moving to a new place, engaging in the help of a moving service can keep your life sane and in control. These companies step in and help take care of your belongings no matter how far away your new place is – and in this case, we’re speaking of the land of kangaroos, Australia! With their fast and efficient plan, you’ll never have to worry about anything. For first-timers, fret not as they will make sure to let you in on every step of the moving process.

Under their care, your belongings will be kept in pristine conditions and protected against all forces. Losing sleep over that one family vase you’ve been passed down? Now you don’t have to anymore because it’ll be kept snug and safe throughout the entire moving process. Emigrating to Australia does not have to be a hassle as long as you get in touch with any of these 6 best moving services based in Singapore!

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Moovaz

Image Credit: Moovaz

The go-to place for many in Singapore, Moovaz is here to make your emigrating process easier for you. Compared to traditional moving companies, Moovaz understands that many people lead busy lives. That is why they fully conduct their transactions online. Meaning, you’ll be able to apply for their moving services at every given time of the day. With them, you can have peace of mind during this hectic procedure and leave everything in their hands.

Their team of dedicated professionals are here to listen to every enquiry you may have. Moovaz believes in complete transparency and works hard to have active communication with all their clients. Committed to giving you the best service possible, go to Moovaz when you need to emigrate to Australia!

Contact: +65 6252 3362
Location: 71, Ayer Rajah Crescent, #01-09, Singapore 139951
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9.30am-6.30pm | Closed on Weekends

2. Allied Pickfords

Image Credit: Allied Pickfords

Whether you’re moving locally or internationally, Allied Pickfords wants to be your top choice for your moving needs. Experienced in handling all kind of moving services, they have pledged to bring every customer ultimate satisfaction. Using a variety of packaging methods, they tailor their services to meet your individual needs.

Their impeccable services also extend to their workplace culture. Aimed at giving everyone an opportunity to thrive and excel, Allied Pickford’s inclusive workforce is one of the ways they run on a moral compass. Furthermore, their continuous community services are one of the many reasons why you should support them. Whether it’s their professional image or their charitable works, Allied Pickfords is no doubt a force in this industry!

Contact: +65 6690 2484
Location: 10 Hoe Chiang Road, Keppel Towers 2, #06-01, Singapore 089315
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 8.30am-5.30pm | Closed on Weekends

3. Asian Tigers Group

Image Credit: Asian Tigers Group

Moving to a new place? We know how scary it must be to suddenly drift off to a new land? Just like every first, Asian Tigers Group wants to assure you that you are not alone. Over the years, this reputable moving company has touched the lives of many individuals. They understand that every belonging holds a piece of history in your lives. Which is why they do their best to ensure that your belongings are packed safely.

Unlike other companies, Asian Tigers Group offers a full extensive service aimed at helping you at every step of the way. Their Move Management service aims to coordinate your every move whilst keeping you informed of every decision you make. Here to give solid advice, their service scope even covers insurance and storage services, all in one!

Contact: +65 6261 8116
Location: 6 Lok Yang Way, Singapore 628625
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 8.30am-5.30pm | Sat 8.30am-12.30pm | Closed on Sunday

4. Crown Relocation

Image Credit: Crown Relocations

Emigrating from Singapore to Australia? Don’t worry as with Crown Relocation, they’ll ensure that you’ll get the best of the best. They place emphasis on their customer service and strive to make your life easier with their expert help. With over 50 years of experience, you’ll never have to worry about them as they have seen many cases. Allowing you to customise your services, feel free to express your concerns to them.

Perfect for first-time movers, Crown Relocation will not only get the job done but educate you on the ins and outs of moving. Their website informs people about all things related to every state in Australia. From the environment to history and even entertainment spots. A literal moving guide, go to Crown Relocation the next time!

Contact: +65 6861 6818
Location: 36 Pioneer Road, Singapore 628504
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 8.30am-5.30pm | Closed on Weekends

5. Santa Fe Relocation

Image Credit: Santa Fe Relocation

Relocate safely with Santa Fe Relocation! With years of experience helping people move across the globe, you’ll be in good hands with them the next time you emigrate to Australia. As one of the best moving companies in Singapore, go to them and experience the difference today! Putting your needs before anyone else, you can rest assured that your life will be easier under their plan.

In addition to helping you transfer your belongings; Santa Fe Relocation goes the extra mile to provide you with an array of services. Guaranteed to make your money’s worth, from boxing to unboxing in your new home, count on Santa Fe Relocation to come through every time!

Contact: +65 6398 8588
Location: 2 Bukit Merah Central, #04-07, Singapore 159835
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 8am-8pm

6. Vimbox Movers

Image Credit: Vimbox Movers

As one of the most efficient moving service providers in Singapore, Vimbox Movers is definitely a great choice the next time you emigrate to Australia. Whilst many companies tend to overcharge people for this crucial service, Vimbox Movers does not. Their services are kept relatively affordable in order to serve you better.

Wearing their heart upon their sleeve, they know that it is not easy to move to another country. Therefore, they hope to ease your burden by helping you move with peace. Not just another service, Vimbox Movers hopes to foster long term bonds so that you see them as the go-to option for all your international moving needs!

Contact: +65 6339 4439
Location: 24 Sin Ming Lane, Midview City, #03-91, Singapore 573970
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 9am-6pm | Closed on Sunday

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