10 Best Digital Marketing Courses In SG To Upskill Yourself

July 2, 2020
Best Digital Marketing Course Singapore

The demand for qualified digital marketing candidates is exceeding supply significantly, and it is important to stay relevant with the right skillset. At the same time, business owners and entrepreneurs looking to boost their digital presence and maximise their revenue will also need to take on this challenge of learning the latest digital marketing strategies for their business.

That’s where digital marketing courses come in to help working professionals train themselves, access resources and boost their digital acumen. With the guidance of experienced trainers and industry experts, you can look forward to sharpening the skills you need to succeed in today’s evolving landscape. Enrol yourself in one of the 10 best digital marketing courses in Singapore and expand the depth of your digital marketing expertise.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Impossible Marketing

Image Credit: Impossible Marketing

Impossible Marketing certainly knows more than a thing or two on digital marketing. They are a leading digital marketing agency in Singapore that’s been on the first page in Google search results for numerous keywords like ‘SEO Singapore’ and ‘SEO Services Singapore’. They also had the honour of conducting Singtel’s Shoptiq training program, to share their expertise as an exclusive partner. While Impossible Marketing focuses on offering a variety of lead generation services, they also provide hands-on digital marketing courses for individuals and companies.

You can find a number of digital marketing courses that will equip you with practical strategies while expanding your basic knowledge on topics such as SEO Marketing and Google Analytics. With hands-on training and a structured curriculum formulated by industry experts, you can expect to have confidence in executing what you’ve learned for your own digital marketing efforts.

Contact: +65 9374 0111
Location: 14A Yan Kit Road (Level 2 & 3), Singapore 088266
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9.30AM-6.30PM | Closed on Sat & Sun 

2. Next Level

Image Credit: Next Level

At Next Level, they strive to help business owners grow their companies and shape the career paths for executive professionals – through an extensive range of courses in Digital Marketing, Business Management and E-commerce. All of their courses are designed to promote business thinking, and empower entrepreneurs with the tools and knowledge to challenge conventional wisdom in an aggressive market. As a team of self-proclaimed social media ninjas, they have been serving an impressive portfolio of clients, ranging from million dollar real estate agents to companies that are raking in millions in revenue.

Accredited by SkillsFuture Singapore, their digital marketing course is conducted by industry experts and trainers who are equipped to teach SMEs and entrepreneurs  the latest online marketing strategies. Consisting of 10% theory and 90% hands-on training, you can know more about generating more leads, attracting more customers, and growing an online presence for your business.

Contact: +65 8376 5715
Location: The Plaza, 7500A Beach Road, #05-320, Singapore 199590

 3. Marketing Institute of Singapore

Image Credit: Marketing Institute of Singapore

A not-for-profit organisation, the Marketing Institute of Singapore (MIS) was founded in 1973 to nurture thousands of sales and marketing practitioners through its professional learning and development programmes. At the same time, they also provide plenty of networking opportunities for numerous of their members via a diverse range of events. Through the Executive Development Programmes, MIS is able to cater to the needs of executives and managers to upgrade their skills and professional development. Organisations can also identify gaps in their workforce competencies and optimise training for their employees through the custom-designed training programmes in MIS.

With their Integrated Digital Marketing Strategies, you can expect to achieve a fast track understanding of various online marketing strategies including search engine optimisation, social media marketing, and online reputation management. Presented from a marketing practitioner’s perspective, you will learn in-depth and gain increased confidence to carry out your own strategic and creative digital communication campaigns after the course.

Contact: +65 6327 7580
Location: Anson Centre, 51 Anson Road, #03-53, Singapore 079904
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-6PM | Closed on Sat & Sun

 4. Avanta Global

Image Credit: Avanta Global

Since its conception, Avanta Global has grown to become one of the most successful service provider in areas of Safety and Health, Environment and Quality in Singapore. With humble beginnings, they have provided solutions to customers in more than 14 countries worldwide. They credited their success in their determination to offer trustworthy service while keeping up-to-date with the latest standards of the field. Avanta Global provides services in several areas, namely consulting and auditing, project management, and training and development.

Tapping on the power of E-learning, their Digital Marketing course offers deeper understanding on marketing products/services through the effective use of digital mediums. In addition, you will also be educated on the digital processes such as engaging and optimising various digital marketing campaigns. At the end of the course, you will receive a certificate and have better fundamental knowledge on various marketing concepts to improve business growth.

Contact: +65 9119 6999
Location: Luzerne, 72 Bendemeer Road, #03-29, Singapore 339941
Opening Hours: 9AM-7PM Daily

 5. Aventis Learning Group

Image Credit: Aventis Learning Group

As the corporate training arm of Aventis School of Management, Aventis Learning Group was established in 2007 to help in the skills upgrading of working professionals. This educational institution has provided assistance to more than 3,000 professionals across 38 countries and various industries. Aventis Learning was recognised as the Best Corporate Training Provider for several courses in 2018, which highlights their quality in providing training. As a multi-award winning corporate training provider, they strive to provide Professionals, Managers, and Executives with training courses that are practical, enriching and up-to-date.

Their list of social media and digital marketing courses are taught by industry experts – each of them has years of expertise in the digital marketing field with relevant insights in various sectors. You will be able to gain key takeaways from the course you signed up from, and learn powerful techniques used by professionals in multinational companies to help fuel your business growth.

Contact: +65 6720 3333
Location: Concorde Hotel, 100 Orchard Road, #04-100, Singapore 238840
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-10PM | Sat & Sun 9AM-5PM

6. Inspizone

Image Credit: Inspizone

As a professional training provider, Inspizone specialises in Training and Human Capital Development for technical and management skills. Working professionals can attend their wide variety of courses in topics such as project management, IT, office productivity, finance and Creative Suite. They provide training with hands-on exercises so participants can gain confidence tackling complicated tasks to solve problems and automate daily tasks in their everyday work life. Training is specifically aimed towards increasing performance, productivity, and profitability across various industries and sectors.

As digital marketing has drawn more attention in the recent years, it’s time for you to learn the basics of digital media and enable your brand to make its mark online. You will be taught on how to use various digital marketing channels like search engine optimisation, how to search for keywords, and how to build highly targeted traffic to the website. With better understanding on Internet marketing, you can look forward to generating leads and sales better.

Contact: +65 8586 4485
Location: International Plaza, 10 Anson Road, #26-08A, Singapore 079903
Opening Hours: 9AM-10PM Daily

7. FMA Academy

Image Credit: FMA Academy

Established in 2013, First Media Academy (FMA) serves as a centre for continuous improvement in skill enhancement and employability programmes for individuals seeking self-improvement and career advancement. With a focus on encouraging lifelong learning and enhancing employability, FMA partnered with SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) in 2016 to become the sole provider design programmes within the WSQ Design Skills Framework. They aim to provide a holistic approach in all of their courses, with a design curriculum that prepares students to be highly-creative, highly-competent designers for the workplace.

With their digital marketing course, you will learn the fundamental of developing your own marketing campaigns and strategies. It will be best to bring in live projects that can be used for assessment, so you can conceptualise and implement a functioning marketing campaign through various digital marketing channels. You can help to extend your brand’s reach and grow its digital presence for better conversions!

Contact: +65 6337 8663
Location: No. 3 & 5 Teck Lim Road, Singapore 088383

8. Smartcademy

Image Credit: Smartcademy

As the leading smart educator and digital career transformer in Singapore, Smartcademy is heavily focused on helping you sharpen in-demand and industry relevant skills. You can rely on them to take on a range of skillsets that can boost your career opportunities. Their core teaching team has a collective knowledge and experience of over 30 years that helped produce numerous student graduates from all backgrounds. As the global economy is making the shift towards technology-driven industries, Smartcademy allows you to stay relevant with the right skillset.

Kickstart your digital marketing journey with their intro course and learn industry secrets for marketing campaigns! Their industry-vetted curriculum is constantly reviewed and enhanced to meet shifting demands. As the demand for digital marketers is booming currently, it is time for you to hone your competitive skills and maximise your potential in this ever-growing industry.

Contact: +65 8891 4988
Location: Singapore Management University, 81 Victoria Street, Singapore 188065

9. Emarsity

Image Credit: Emarsity

Emarsity knows the struggle when it comes to digital marketing. That’s why at this digital marketing academy, they adopt a quick and easy approach to learning this topic. They are focused on coaching Internet marketing through video courses, classrooms and consultations. With Emarsity, you can scale and speed up your digital marketing skills efficiently, so you will be ready to apply your knowledge into the real business world with ease and confidence. With a dedicated team of digital marketing practitioners and trainers, they strive to impart their invaluable learning – from networking, industry trends and experience – to help advance your lifelong learning.

Be prepared to future-proof yourself with a wealth of digital marketing knowledge – through their selection of courses which covers topics like Google Analytics, WeChat Marketing, and WordPress Website Development. Suitable for entreprenuers, business owners and client side marketers, you will be fully in-the-know to take on what lies ahead in the digital world.

Contact: +65 6795 0985
Location: Singapore Shopping Centre, 190 Clemenceau Avenue,  #02-09, Singapore 239924
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-6PM | Closed on Sat & Sun

10. Simplilearn

Image Credit: Simplilearn

Simplilearn has established themselves as one of the leading certification training providers in the world. They partner with companies and individuals to provide training and coaching, helping working professionals achieve their career goals. From Cloud Computing to Cyber Security, they provide online training in various disciplines in industries where technologies and best practices are changing rapidly. Simplilearn has helped over a million professionals and companies across 150 countries to receive training, acquire certifications and upskill.

Their training courses are designed and reviewed by more than 2,000 renowned industry experts. They utilise a blended learning approach which combines instructor-led live virtual classrooms, online classes, and 24/7 teaching assistance. Enhance your digital marketing skills with their course, where you will be exposed to strategies that are relevant in the top eight digital marketing domains including pay-per-click, digital analytics and email marketing. You can receive insightful advice and tips with practical training you can apply on the job.

Contact: 800-492-2295
Location: The Plaza, 7500A Beach Road, #14-302, Singapore 199591

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