5 Best SG Chinese Home Tutor Centres To Improve Student Performance

May 11, 2022
Best Chinese Home Tutor Singapore

Junior college students have extremely tight schedules due to the fact that they need to complete the JC curriculum within just two years. On top of that, they are also expected to participate in co-curricular activities, which are considered a big part of the JC years. Some of the most crucial learning activities take place outside the four walls of the classroom, which are proven to develop character and leadership among students. All of these can take a toll on any student’s life.

With less than two years to learn all the syllabus of all their subjects before they take their A-Level examinations, students can be placed under a lot of pressure. This is why it’s essential to hire a Chinese home tutor in Singapore to help those who are struggling and failing their semester exams. With that said, below is a list of the top five Chinese home tutor centres in Singapore.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Premium Tutors

Image Credit: Premium Tutors

Premium Tutors is one of the best Chinese home tutor centres in Singapore. They are quite passionate about what they do and have over 10,000 satisfied monthly clients for one-to-one private home and online tuition. One of the reasons why they have such an amazing track record is that their lessons are tailored to the needs of their clients. Aside from that, their tutors actually care about the students, ensuring that tutees will be able to achieve the best results for their national examinations.

Premium Tutors also has over 10,000 tutors available, including undergraduates and current school teachers. They are also committed to being flexible and transparent with their clients, ensuring there are no hidden fees or minimum lessons required. They also have experienced coordinators who will listen and understand your needs so they can find you the perfect tutor for your child.

Customer Reviews

Wan Hoon Teo

My kids found their Guitar teacher through Premium Tutor. Not only are they (Premium Tutor) fast in responding to my request, they are also able to provide me a few profiles of the Teacher they have for my selection. Good response and services! Thanks to Premium Tutor that my kids enjoy their guitar lessons so much!

Serene Ng

POA tutor Paul was a good tutor. Patience and know how to teach my boy. Help him target questions for exams. My boy passed beyond his expectation within 3 mths, from failed to pass (grade 3). He was happy with the results.
Thank you Premium Home Tutor for your recommendation.

Contact: +65 8125 6253
Location: Hong Lim Complex, 531A Upper Cross Street, #03-108, Singapore 051531
Opening Hours: 24 Hours

2. Tutor City

Image Credit: Tutor City

Tutor City is another leading Chinese home tuition agency that has been serving Singapore since 2010. Through their commitment to providing the most reliable home tuition services, they have gained over 40,000 clients since they started. They understand other parents’ dilemma of not being able to find a suitable tutor for their JC student. With Tutor City, you can be assured of a fast turnaround within 24 hours. Plus, they guarantee a 100% successful match to ensure that your child will have better chances of improving their school performance.

Tutor City is able to guarantee a 100% perfect match to every student because they have a database of more than 20,000 top-notch tutors that meet your needs. Their tutors are comprised of teachers from MOE and IB schools, university students, and full-time or part-time tutors. You can have a phone interview with matching tutors before hiring them to give you more confidence.

Customer Reviews

Jane Low

Happen to google and stumble on the website of Tutor City as I was looking for a tutor for my child. I contacted the centre and spoke to Benson and told him the criteria of the tutor that I am looking for. Shortly after the conversation, Benson send me a list of the tutors’ profiles which match my criteria. Was happy with the tutor after the first lesson today. Thanks Benson for recommending a suitable teacher.

Than Than

Through Benson’s recommendation, my son gets the suitable and professional tutor. He is very happy with tutor. 👍 for the services and keep up with the good quality & professional.

Contact: +65 9067 2547
Location: 50 Gambas Crescent, #10-54, Singapore 757022
Opening Hours: 24 Hours

3. Champion Tutor

Image Credit: Champion Tutor

Champion Tutor’s slogan is “Raising the champion in your child.” It is their commitment to providing the best Chinese home tutor for every child in Singapore. They have a pool of trusted home tutors that can help students’ school performance and ace their examinations. Because of this, Champion Tutor remains one of the most reliable JC Chinese tuition centres in the region.

Aside from JC home tuition services, Champion Tutor offers tuition for students in primary, secondary, IB, GCE N-Level, GCE O-Level, and GCE A-Level. They can also help students who struggle with subjects including Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Music, Economics, Literature, Social Studies, and Biology, as well as English, Chinese, and other languages. They can also guide students in preparing for examinations, such as AEIS, GRE, GMAT, SAT, IELTS, TOEFL, PSLE, and IGCSE. They also offer a 30-minute meetup session between parents and tutors to give parents peace of mind.

Customer Reviews

Cleris Yee Pei Wong

I like how your tutor is sincere about his work. Unlike most other tutors, he doesn’t chase for fees but instead, he appears genuinely concerned about his charge. I like him very much as a tutor and am grateful that we found him at such short notice.

Hedan Mack

I had fantastic experience with ChampionTutor agency. The staff take initiative on reverting back as promised. They provide quality service as claimed on website. I’m happy with their services!

Contact: +65 6850 5040
Location: Midview City, 22 Sin Ming Ln, #06-76, Singapore 573969
Opening Hours: 24 Hours

4. CocoTutors

Image Credit: CocoTutors

CocoTutors is a trusted Chinese home tuition agency in Singapore that aims to be the largest undergraduate tutor base in the region. It is their guarantee to provide parents with only the most qualified and experienced home tutors to match their children’s needs. They also take pride in having a fast response time after parents request a suitable for their children. All you need to do is fill out their request form and get a response within just 24 hours.

CocoTutors’ home tutors are some of the best Chinese home tutors in Singapore who are waiting for the university to start. Their tutors have multiple distinctions in A-Level for Science and Mathematics. They also have full-time tutors who are from MOE schools. All of them are regularly updated and monitored to ensure the highest quality tuition for all students.

Customer Reviews


Jia Jing is very good, Very patience and able to teach him method and concept that my son said easy to understand

Mdm Goh

So far feels alright with her, I can feel that she’s a decent young girl. During lesson she used her laptop for online assessments.

Contact: +65 9177 9055
Location: 88 Dawson Rd, #43-43, Singapore 142088
Opening Hours: 24 Hours

5. Ace Tutors

Image Credit: Ace Tutors

Ace Tutors is one of the most trusted home tuition centres in Singapore. Getting a perfectly matched tutor for your child from them is simple and efficient. In fact, they can provide you with the best match in less than 24 hours. You can also rest assured that you only pay for the lessons and there are no hidden costs. They have a massive database of 20,000 tutors to ensure that they can recommend the best Chinese home tutor for your child.

With Ace Tutors’ help, your child can have personalized attention, ensuring that the tutor will be able to focus entirely on your child. All their tutors have been vetted and are constantly monitored to ensure that they comply with the agency’s teaching standards and follow excellent learning techniques for the growth and development of every student.

Customer Reviews

Ms. Joanne

Jessica is very helpful and patient whenever I have questions to clarify. I appreciate that. Thank you, Jessica!

Mrs. Loh

The service of the staff is excellent and the pool of tutors is of very good quality. The recommended list includes many tutors who meet my specifications.

Contact: +65 6100 2237
Location: 274 MacPherson Rd, Singapore 348599
Opening Hours: 24 Hours


When looking for the best JC Chinese tuition centre, it’s crucial that you look for one that has a reputation for conducting assessments to determine a student’s strengths and weaknesses in certain subjects. This is to ensure that the tutor will personalize a study plan that will help the child tackle the areas that they need to improve on and cover possible knowledge gaps.

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