6 Best Firms With Fast Approval Business Loans in SG

June 3, 2020
Best Business Loan Fast Approval Singapore

Let’s face it, who likes waiting? When you are amidst a risky phase and in need of a loan, you can’t possibly wait for long. Whether you are about to start a business or want to broaden your existing business to take profits to a greater level, here are some money lending companies to help ease your financial constraints.

With the help of business loans from them, you can heave a sigh of relief and toss that thought aside of utilising money from your personal savings. Consult in any of these 6 best Singapore’s firms for fast approval business loans to save the future of your business!

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. QuickLoan

Image Credit: QuickLoan

As a licensed moneylender and a direct lender, QuickLoan truly understands your need for efficient financing solutions. Be it to increase working capital, reinvent your business or obtain new machinery, this lender can keep your business surviving. They offer customised business plans to suit your needs so that you can access easy financing at any stage of your business growth.

Their swift and easy funding, as well as affordable interest rates, allows you to better control your finances and secure your business in the long run. Moreover, by offering fast approval and flexible repayment options, application for a business loan at QuickLoan is, no doubt, the suitable option for your business short-term and long-term needs!

Customer Reviews

Sheen Sheen

Thank you quick loan for your assistance. Grateful for all the help rendered

Defi Indonesia

Good customer service. The interest rate is low. Highly recommend

Contact: +65 6223 1788
Location: 10 Anson Road, International Plaza, #01-15, Singapore 079903
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 11am-8pm | Sat 12pm-5pm | Closed on Sunday

2. Katong Credit

Image Credit: Katong Credit

Be it to pay taxes or close a deal, Katong Credit definitely has a business loan package that would suit your needs. Whether you have a pressing business emergency or you simply need a loan, Katong Credit understands the need for a quick resolution and affordable financing. With their online loan application, they guarantee that you will receive an immediate reply once your application has been obtained.

Always ready to hear out any financial concerns, their highly trained loan assistants will be patient in helping you achieve a suitable loan for your business. No matter the reason for your business loan, this lender will be delighted to prepare a customisable product that caters to your business excellently!

Customer Reviews

Jessie Koh

Been with them for a while now. Always good to know that there’s ready help for cash flow. At great value and with professional service too.

Siti Hazwani

Very helpful.. Attended to my queries very well. Loved how they explain regards to this loans! Highly recommended!

Contact: +65 6291 2210
Location: 304 Orchard Road, Lucky Plaza, #02-30/31, Singapore 238863
Opening Hours: Mon, Wed & Fri 1pm-5pm | Closed on Tuesday, Thursday & Weekends

3. Credit Hub Capital

Image Credit: Credit Hub Capital

At Credit Hub Capital, they understand the importance of businesses and taking quick action to handle your needs. Being aware that every business has its own set of requirements, they ensure that the loans at Credit Hub Capital are being personalised to your business needs and concerns. Consequently, they have a range of professional loan services to assist with achieving the goals for your business.

Just like a genie, they will make it happen for you instantly! Instead of waiting for donkey years for a loan approval, their Start Up Business Loan service gives you speedy approval for your business goals to be quickly accomplished. So skip the rigorous and lengthy process as this lender will make business loans acceptance easier for you!

Customer Reviews

Mohamed Rizal Mohamed Madon

Just the place you need for financial assistant. Today pay, today also can re-loan with them. Willing to accomodate till salary in w/o extra charges of late payment. Thumbs up guys!! Been their client for quite sometime..Will certainly recommend…!! 👍💪

Faris Alvin Lim

Very friendly consultants, very friendly managers. Not only do they provide loans at affordable interest rates, they do provide financial counselling as well on how to better manage finances. Very well recommended! (:

Contact: +65 6338 5115
Location: 190 Middle Road, Fortune Centre, #10-01A, Singapore 188979
Opening Hours: Tues, Thurs & Sat 1pm-5pm | Closed on Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Sunday

4. 365 Credit Solutions

Image Credit: 365 Credit Solutions

Striving to make loans simpler, 365 Credit Solutions offers a more understandable process for you to get what you need! Knowing that you are simply seeking convenience, their friendly and efficient staff offer a fuss-free experience so that you can skip all the hassle and get what you came for. No matter if it’s for a short-term loan to finance new equipment or to get you up and running in no time with full SME business loans, you will get immediate approval!

As simple as deciding the amount you intend to borrow and consulting them of your needs, 365 Credit Solutions will work out a plan for you. Taking pride in responsible lending and being truthful to their clients, they are upfront about your repayment amount. With a loan that takes less than an hour and cash handed over to you in a swift, this lender is what you need for a direct process!

Customer Reviews

Chuck Norris

Mr Khor explained to me very well for the repayment of my loan. A very realistic person when comes to advising his customers. The services he have rendered was very helpful and no doubt the best. Thank you Mr Khor!.


Nice place to borrow from.  Staff and environment is good. No stress.  Explain everything in detail.

Contact: +65 6222 5500
Location: 14 Scotts Road, Far East Plaza, #03-64, Singapore 228213
Opening Hours: Tues, Thurs & Sat 3pm-7pm | Closed on Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Sunday

5. Swift Credit

Image Credit: Swift Credit

Committed to providing quality services, Swift Credit offers advice and customised loan packages required to expand your business. Simple and straightforward, their loan interest rates and legal loan applications are convenient and hassle-free. Not only are their rates highly competitive, they also customise their packages to suit your needs and requirements. This will ensure that they aid your  firm through challenging times by providing you with the necessary funding to build your business empire.

Striving to deliver a fast approval loan, receiving cash from Swift Credit is an effortless process! Upon submitting your online loan application, all you need to do is wait for the approval and head down to their office to complete the necessary paperwork, and you’ll receive your cash within minutes!

Customer Reviews

 Rachel Chew

Swift process, friendly staff explain clearly on the loan term. And flexible payment scheme. Highly Recommended.

Khairul Ibn Abdul Rashid

Decent place to get a loan. Didnt expect to get a high amount, staff was friendly and explained carefully on the details. Was understanding when come to late payment, more importantly dont evade calls from your borrower.

Contact: +65 6684 4129
Location: 1 Sophia Road, Peace Centre, #01-37, Singapore 228149
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 11am-7pm | Closed on Sunday

6. KST Credit

Image Credit: KST Credit

Regardless if you are an aspiring entrepreneur or veteran business owner, KST Credit readily offers loans to finance your business! Their services are for those who are tight on cash and in need of it to expand their company, purchase new equipment or to get through a rough business patch. With a business-friendly loan, you can borrow up to 6 times your monthly salary to give you the desperately needed capital to keep your business going.

In less than 5 minutes, with all the relevant documents ready, you can speedily complete your loan application. Only at KST Credit can you find a hassle-free process as well as an approval timing of within 24 hours to allow you to secure your company’s future!

Customer Reviews

Jimmy Chua

Excellent, Perfect and Professional. Counter team are responsible and well trained, helpful throughout the whole process. Rating 5 stars ML at town area. 👍👍👍

Vernon Chew

Professional and excellent services. Not pushy and then will try their best to do for you there best to tied through your hard period. Transparent interest rates!

Contact: +65 6255 5225
Location: 220 Orchard Road, Midpoint Orchard, #01-01, Singapore 238852
Opening Hours: Thurs, Fri & Sat 3pm-7pm | Closed on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Sunday



Don’t be stuck at crossroads on whether you should use your own money or wait long for loans. By consulting in any of these 6 best companies offering business loans, you’ll be able to receive fast approval to help relieve your financial constraints. With their quick loan acceptance, you wouldn’t have to touch your personal savings in order to save your business!

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