6 Best Air Ambulance Services in Singapore to Get Help Fast

May 29, 2020
Best Air Ambulance Singapore

No matter the place, it’s important that you keep yourself and your loved ones safe. In case any emergency situation arises, you’ll need comprehensive medical attention as soon as possible. This is where air ambulances come into play. Air ambulances are specifically designed to transport you to the nearest hospital!

At any critical event, panic is sure to arise. Not to worry as once you get hold of any of these companies on our list, help is sure to come. Committed to bringing you top-notch services at your fingertips, they are just one phone call away. Get equipped with the necessary help through any of these 6 best air ambulance services in Singapore!

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. EMA Global

Image Credit: EMA Global

Here to be the helping hand for all your emergency medical needs, EMA Global is the trusted choice for many Singaporeans. Understanding your significant needs, EMA Global aims to push the limits of their hospitality whilst you embark on your journey to safety. Striving to offer a listening ear at all times, you’ll be treated to the warmest service wholeheartedly!

EMA Global prides itself on using the best transportation services to ensure that quality is never compromised. Their team of medical professionals are handpicked and have gone through rounds of scrutiny so that only the most qualified individuals are tasked to the job. So, if any medical problems arise, get help with EMA Global!

Contact: +65 6570 2552
Location: 3 Mount Elizabeth, Medical Centre, #15-05, Singapore 225810

2. Air Ambulance SG

Image Credit: Air Ambulance SG

For comprehensive medical attention, Air Ambulance SG is here to get the job done. During critical conditions, it’s best to know that your loved ones are safe and sound. Having dealt with this for many years, Air Ambulance SG understands everything you need in this period. Whilst many air ambulance charges are sure to make a hole in your pocket, Air Ambulance SG keeps their prices relatively low in order for you to get the best deals!

Whilst there may be an array of companies that provide you with the same service, Air Ambulance SG makes a promise to any patient that they will go the extra mile in order to make your experiences comfortable. You can surely count on Air Ambulance SG in any possible medical situation!

Contact: +65 6100 3259
Location: 1 Yishun Industrial Street 1, A’Posh Bizhub, #07-23, Singapore 768160

3. Air Charter Service

Image Credit: Air Charter Service

A true rag to riches story, Air Charter service is here to push boundaries in this ever-competitive industry. What started out as a simple idea by the founder, Chris Leach, Air Charter Service has since grown to be one of the most reputable aviation companies in the world. Air Charter Service has headquarters in North America, South America, Europe, Africa, CIS, the Middle East and Asia.

They provide a range of specialised services that cater to a wide variety of people. Whether it’s cargo shipping or, in this case, air ambulance services; head to them for the ultimate complete package! Don’t waste time and seek help from Air Charter Service today!

Contact: +65 6230 7455
Location: 38 Beach Road, South Beach Tower, #30-11, Singapore 189673

4. Hope Emergency Ambulance Group

Image Credit: Hope Emergency Ambulance Group

When there’s a will, there’s a way. Hope Emergency Ambulance Group is passionate about taking care of the lives of people. As one of the leading ambulance companies in Singapore, they have pledged their utmost commitment to bring you the help you need. Like all ambulance services, you will be matched with an experienced partner who knows the ins and outs of this industry. Expect a fuss-free experience with them always!

Here on standby 24/7, you’ll have no problems relying on their services. After all, they have had experiences dealing with both land and air medical situations. Here to help you at any time of the day, Hope Emergency Ambulance Group is your answer to emergency medical needs!

Contact: +65 6100 2922
Location: 2 Loyang Lane, #03-01/02, Singapore 508913

5. Islandwide Ambulance

Image Credit: Islandwide Ambulance

Wherever you may be, emergency situations call for fast medical attention. Islandwide Ambulance promises to deliver up-to-date medical treatments in a blink of an eye! They will arrange the air ambulance to come and get you no matter where you are. Having been in service for years, they have overcome many challenges and understand that your needs may differ from the rest.

In order to make you feel safe, Islandwide Ambulance pulls out all stops until you are ultimately satisfied with their service. Guaranteed to put a smile on your face, you will never have any issues under their care. No problem is too tough for them to handle, so trust in the care of Islandwide Ambulance and experience the difference today!

Contact: +65 6366 6909
Location: 1 Yishun Industrial Street 1, A’Posh Bizhub, #07-23, Singapore 768160

6. Airborne Charters

Image Credit: Airborne Charters

When a medical situation poses an inconvenience to you, you’ll need the help of Airborne Charters to overcome any emergency in a time of crisis. This homegrown brand has been the industry standard for aviation. Holding a comprehensive selection of service, you can go to their one-stop-shop for all your transportation needs. Whether it’s dealing with shipping or private jet services, they’ll be able to handle it all!

Their air ambulance has been one of the most reliable services to the public. The company understands that with every emergency, every second count. That’s why they waste no time delivering their services to you in the fastest way possible. Here to put your needs before anyone else, Airborne Charters is the best choice for any medical dilemma!

Contact: +65 6379 9322
Location: 16 Raffles Quay, Hong Leong Building, #33-02, Singapore 048581

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