Pain SG Offers Multidisciplinary Approach To Pain Management

July 15, 2022
Pain Treatment Specialists

Pain is a common issue many people experience from time to time. From sprains and strains to dislocations to even tears in the muscles, pain can be debilitating, making it hard to enjoy and perform the activities one loves. Pain SG aims to be the one-stop destination for all pain relief solutions in Singapore.

Through a multidisciplinary approach involving doctors, physiotherapists and pain treatment specialists, Pain SG offers a spectrum of rehabilitation services ranging from Chiropractic to Physiotherapy to Traditional Chinese Medicine. The experts at Pain SG will work with patients to determine what type of pain management solution will be most effective for the patients’ individual needs and provide them with a customized pain treatment plan that will help them find relief from their symptoms.

Whether it’s lower back pain, knee pain, or ankle pain, it’s important to treat the body with care after an injury. For instance, what could appear as a trivial ankle sprain may actually be a bone fracture, and one could be downplaying the severity of the injury. Medical investigation of any sports injury and intervention, like ankle pain solutions and management, is therefore important.

One of Pain SG’s key services includes physiotherapy, where a wide variety of techniques including therapeutic exercises, chest therapy, thermotherapy and ultrasonic therapy are employed in lower back pain treatment, knee pain treatment and ankle pain treatment. This is where a lower back pain specialist or knee pain doctor would come in to help patients relieve pain, improve muscle strength and increase exercise tolerance.

Similarly, neck and shoulder pain can be managed by seeking treatment through the multidisciplinary neck pain specialists at Pain SG. Through a holistic approach and treatment, each patient is progressively encouraged to return to sport while reducing the risk for further injuries.

Pain SG strives to provide comprehensive care with an integrative approach, tackling not only the physical aspects of pain management, but also the mental and emotional. With their seasoned and dedicated specialists, Pain SG provides everything from pain-relieving products to specialised treatment options in order to effectively assist patients with pain prevention and management.


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