Capture Moments: 8 Best Wedding Photography Packages in SG

April 6, 2020
Best Wedding Photography Package

After the endless amount of preparations ranging from catering, decorations and your clothing, your wedding day will always be that one happy occasion you would like to relive over and over again. You shouldn’t be stressing yourself out over photos on this happy occasion, so the key is to hire a good photographer who can capture all your memories. By doing so, you will give yourself a peace of mind!

Photography is no easy skill to pick up and considering the different equipment used alongside transport costs, it isn’t a surprise to see big numbers for a package. This is especially difficult for those who have to stick to a tight budget. We heard you so here’s our take on the best photography packages in Singapore. These 8 photographers will ensure that you have creative control whilst having no extra hidden cost! How great is that?

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Blissful Brides

Image Credit: Blissful Brides

Blissful Brides understands the importance of your wedding day. Through the help of their vendors, they are committed to fulfil every couple’s dreams. With a huge array of companies to browse and select your ideal wedding photographer from, Blissful Brides has got it all.

Blissful Brides allows you to narrow down your choices by filtering the cost, range of portfolios and the rating by other past clients. Whether it is for a pre-wedding or for the actual day, you can be assured that their vendors are able to ensure impeccable photo quality together with excellent customer service. For more information regarding wedding photography packages in Singapore, you can either approach the studios directly or read the guides on their website. Through Blissful Brides’ resources, you can surely find the best photography packages in Singapore!

Contact: +65 6345 8748
Location: 87 East Coast Rd, Singapore 428789
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-6pm | Closed on Weekends

2. Firefly Photography

Image Credit: Firefly Photography

Firefly Photography is an all-rounded Singapore photography company that caters to any kind of shoot or event you may have. They have partnered up with big brands such as Nestle, Cordlife Group and Young Parents Fiesta. Holding onto a strong belief in celebrating every milestone accomplished, they are here to capture those memories. 

Their company ranges from photographers, videographers and even photo booths with instant printing for your wedding guests to bring home. Firefly Photography’s wedding photography packages are of the best value and can offer major savings. The whole team sincerely appreciates the faith and confidence that every individual client has for the company and will continuously work hard to deliver their best.

Contact: +65 6694 6123
Location: A’Posh BizHub, 1 Yishun Industrial Street 1, #07-19, Singapore 768160
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 10.30am-6pm | Sat-Sun 10.30am-8.30pm

3. The Louvre Bridal

Image Credit: The Louvre Bridal

For those who would like to opt for a pre-wedding photoshoot, The Louvre Bridal can take you to many hidden areas located around Singapore. Their team of wedding photographers are one of the best in Singapore and have extensive experience working in the photography industry. You can be assured about a short waiting time after too!

As the photographers understand that every couple is unique, they are able to conceptualise each shoot down to the couple’s preferences. The team at The Louvre Bridal on set are always ready to offer suggestions on how to improve on the poses and provide you with the necessary props to highlight your theme. Furthermore, brides can choose from a wide range of bridal gowns to wear during the shoot.


Contact: +65 6337 7808

Location: Waterloo Centre, 261 Waterloo Street, Singapore 180261

Opening Hours: Mon to Fri 11am-8pm | Sat 10am-7pm | Closed on Sundays

4. A Little Moment

Image Credit: A Little Moment

With over a decade of experience in photography, founder Teo Sze Lee, of A Little Moment is committed to capturing the most vivid – but definitely not those staged with a cookie-cutter template. They want your wedding photos to tell your beautiful story in the rawest, honest and personal form. Be it pre-wedding or actual wedding shoots, this studio is honest with their package rates, allowing you to decide on the type of service you desire most easily.

He hopes for his clients to think of him as a friend – someone you can trust to execute your vision and immortalise your wedding moments. He has the capability to fully capture and deliver your vision through his years of expertise. His packages also include a hair and makeup artist who happens to be his wife, Jovie. With a couple so invested in making others happy, A Little Moment is a heartwarming business you could depend on for your wedding day. 

Contact: +65 9112 1692
Location: 19 Lim Liak Street, Singapore 161019
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-9pm | Closed on Weekends

5. Grizzy Pix Photography

Image Credit: GrizzyPix Photography

Grismond Tien is a Singaporean photographer who first started his photography journey at his friends’ weddings. With a huge and positive response, he opened GrizzyPix Photography in 2012. Now, he’s known for his ability to capture candid expressions and preserving the emotions of his subjects. Online, his exquisite portfolio features a wide array of photos taken at weddings, ranging from religious processions to solemnisation ceremonies. He is known to offer a huge range of styles such as Contemporary, Journalism, Candid,  Artistic, Natural, Classic, Vintage, Black and White and Conceptual shoots all down to your preferences. He advises clients to book 6 months in advance once they have a confirmed date and his services are extendable to overseas shoots which include additional top-ups.

Location: 2 Akyab Road, Singapore 309973
Opening Hours: Differs according to schedule

6. Chris Ling International Photographers

Image Credit: Chris Ling

Chris Ling International Photographers is one of the top wedding photography studios in Singapore with over 20 years of experience in the industry. Started in 1993, Chris Ling’s ‘street photography’ meets candid has garnered him a mass following over the years. His knowledge for the fine technical aspect of photography and his soft skills in directing photography subjects is a go-to for many couples looking to say I do.

His team of photographers range from your choice of photographers, senior photographers or Chris Ling himself! They offer both studio or outdoor packages for pre-wedding shoots, 8-hour wedding photoshoots and actual day videography.

Contact: +65 6327 8880 | +65 6327 8880
33 Tras Street, Singapore 078973
Midview City, 22 Sin Ming Lane, #07-82, Singapore 573969
Opening Hours: Mon-Tues & Thurs-Sun 12pm-9pm | Closed on Wednesdays

7. Glen Sin’s Photography

Image Credit: Glen Sin’s Photography

Glen Sin’s Photography is raved by many past clients, who note that their photographer’s friendly nature makes him a joy to work with. His eye for photography allows him to appreciate the surroundings in which beauty can be found in everything and everyone. As if that isn’t enough, he breaks away from traditional rules for photography and loves to explore the endless possibilities when it comes to the informality of wedding photoshoots too!

He believes in capturing important moments in a natural and unscripted manner so that your individuality shines through your photos. This Singapore-based wedding company promises to incorporate your emotions vividly across pictures and exceed your expectations. Whether it’s in those teary-eyed moments or those over the top parties, Glen Sin’s Photography can deliver it all.

Contact: +65 9658 4558
Location: 316 Tanglin Road, Phoenix Park, #02-01, 247978
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 9am-11pm

8. Natalie Wong Photography

Image Credit: Natalie Wong Photography

Singaporean photographer Natalie Wong seeks to document the love and warmth exhibited by couples on their special day. She believes that heartfelt imagery can be felt a lot more in au natural photos as compared to those where each pose is calculated. She is passionate about infusing your vision together with her years of expertise so that you will be able to get refined shots that make your wedding feel like it is out of a movie.

As a photographer based in Singapore and available worldwide, just about anyone can experience her impeccable service. She is known for her ever-changing promotions so lookout and maybe you’ll just get lucky by choosing her for your big day! She hopes to capture your precious moments, unique personalities and love stories and translate them into timeless memories which will be cherished over the years. For your special day, she hopes to make your experience as seamless and enjoyable as possible.

Contact: +65 9248 7766
Opening Hours: Differs according to schedule

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