10 Best Water Purifiers And Dispenser Companies In Singapore

You never know what could be lurking in your tap water. From harmful toxins to disease-causing bacteria, you may be drinking several dangerous substances and not even know it. Fortunately, a simple solution is rocking the market: water purifiers. These gadgets use various methods to make sure that the water is pristine before it reaches your cup. If you are looking for a simple fuss-free solution to your water worries, a water purifier from one of these 10 fantastic water purifiers and dispensers companies in Singapore will be able to help you out. Note: This list is strictly not in order. In this article: hide 1. Purikool 2. 3M™ 3. Novita 4. Pereocean 5. ELO Living 6. Cosmo 7. Tomal Global 8. Cuckoo 9. Swisspro 10. Hydroflux 1. Purikool Purikool is a well-established water purifier company that imports its high-quality products from Korea. Looking to provide convenience and value to consumers, they have become the leading source of direct piping water dispensers in Singapore. Among their suite of products is the luxurious Puri Jiksoo OHC 700D. This dispenser has been designed to ensure that no contaminants get into your water, not even from your kitchen. Its nozzle is hidden and … Continue reading 10 Best Water Purifiers And Dispenser Companies In Singapore