Slay The Day With 5 Best Streetwear Brands In Singapore

December 6, 2021
Best Streetwear Brands in Singapore

Fashion has been a very influential aspect of everyone’s life as it is what reflects each person’s unique style, taste and most importantly, character. And just as people’s fashion preferences change, fashion itself is constantly evolving, adjusting to fit the needs, and therefore fashion trends are born. Today, one of the most globally popular fashion styles is streetwear. Why? Because it is comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, and gender friendly.

World-renowned brands such as Vans and Supreme have taken over the streetwear industry. However, there are still plenty of local vendors that offer quality streetwear apparel and clothing. Rean on as we share five local streetwear brands in Singapore worth checking out!

Note: This list is strictly not in order


Image Credit: FAISONS

FAISONS originated as a women’s streetwear fashion company featuring t-shirts and dresses. The brand expanded into creating unisex collections after designing garments such as oversized shirts. Their clothing items are designed seamlessly for both men and women; you would not know which is which! They have perfected the art of designing unisex clothing, showcasing the actual effect of streetwear fashion, where anyone can wear what they want!

Embrace relatable yet straightforward streetwear clothing with FAISONS. Believing that life is never one colour and that dark colours make us grow, FAISONS loves to play with different hues and shades, mainly contrasting brights with blacks. A constant reminder that there is colour even in the darkness. Therefore, if you want to add some pops of colour into your streetwear closet, FAISONS is the right brand for you. Grab yours now! What are you waiting for?

Customer Reviews

Chloe Tan

Nice OOTD outing with FAISONS from SG to brighten up my day 🌻


Whether it is the beauty of the design, the quality of the clothes, even the small stickers, cards, listings, and packaging, everything is so careful and in place. I am really moved by the heart. 

Contact: +65 8333 6257
Location: Design Orchard – 250 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238905
Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday, 11AM – 8PM


Image Credit: MASH-UP

MASH-UP is a fashion collective that makes colourful and exciting wearable items with witty references to pop culture, revolutions, and everything in between. Their whimsical style has gained a devoted following of fans and supporters, including French electro-pop artist Yelle as well as DJs, performers, and musicians from all around Southeast Asia. MASH-UP has partnered with lifestyle companies such as UNIQLO, TOPSHOP, Lomography, Pioneer, GAP, and Onitsuka Tiger since 2012, with collections displayed at Digital Fashion Week, Bangkok Fashion Week, and Parco Shibuya.

If you are a lover of colour and loud, exciting prints, MASH-UP will not disappoint! Their streetwear designs bring out the cooler version of yourself, which is not a surprise, considering how they hosted the notoriously exciting BASH-UP club nights. From fun handbags to exciting prints, be the coolest with MASH-UP streetwear apparel!

Customer Reviews

Super Freak Boutique

New year new bag! This yummy delicious hand sequinned bag from MASH-UP is one of our favourites!


RBF and love of colourful, comfy clothes run in the family! Finally, cool enough here in Miami to wear this noodle and mango sweatshirt from my Singaporean young designer friends at MASH-UP.

Location: 998 Toa Payoh North #02-15 Singapore 318993
Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday, 11AM – 8PM


Image Credit: GRAPHIX

GRAPHIXS  is a locally designed streetwear apparel brand and your one-stop shop for all your fashion necessities — each piece is created in-house and is made in Singapore. Committed to providing you with the highest quality clothes and accessories, focusing on minimalism and fun styles, their goal is to create globally wearable streetwear that is fashionable, stylish, and contemporary. 

As a promoter of minimalism, GRAPHIXS creates black and white focused and carefully designed apparel. From tote bags to cool tees, GRAPHIXS has got your back! Wear less is more items from GRAPHIXS as the brand reimagines streetwear fashion in a minimalistic twist. If you want a different approach to streetwear, grab your GRAPHIXS apparel now, and join the reinvention!

Customer Reviews

Shi En

Thinking about getting some simple, monochrome and affordable shirt designs? ⚫️⚪️ Check out Graphixs, as they are selling super comfy shirts and amazing tote bags! 👕🎒

Lionel Fong

Thank you, Graphixs, for these wonderful clothes! They are really comfortable, and the designs are so relatable! Check them out, man!

Contact: +65 8488 0429
Location: 2 Jurong East 21, IMM Building #02-157 Singapore 609601

4. The Toxic Friends Co.

Image Credit: The Toxic Friends Co.

The Toxic Friends Co., a local company founded in 2017, sets itself apart from other streetwear companies by incorporating Singaporean pop culture into its clothing collection. The brand seeks to push the boundaries by combining eastern influences and making social commentary on some of the most popular western hype brands in the market.

The clothes are one-of-a-kind and artistically beautiful, but most importantly, they are affordable! Their designs are greatly influenced by Singapore’s oriental culture and local setting. Even their company name, The Toxic Friends Co., was inspired by the popular slang term “toxic” among teenagers.

Customer Reviews


Lovin the style from The Toxic Friends Co.


All ma toxic friends whr u at!!! Head over to The Toxic Friends Co. to get your hands on some unique and sick shirts!



Image Credit: GEMSY

GEMSY is a modern streetwear brand that was founded in 2017 by a group of friends who all have a love and enthusiasm for street style. Inspired by the blurred and distorted camera lens, their clothing apparel symbolises the uncertainty in all of us, just like the undefinedness of the camera effect. Nothing is as it seems, and it is amid this ambiguity that we discover our true selves.

As such, you can always anticipate the unexpected with our designs, just as you may expect the unexpected from yourself in this fast-paced world. We want you to feel proud and deserving of being yourself, regardless of what others say. So, make yourself feel at home and comfortable by wearing GEMSY apparel. Grab yours now!

Customer Reviews


Soft material and great design! Suitable for people who love streetwear. The material is very comfortable. Definitely worth purchasing! 👍🏻


Excellent piece of t-shirt that is worth every penny. Material and workmanship are great. Customer support is friendly, and delivery was quick.

Opening Hours: Open 24 hours


No doubt that streetwear fashion is dominating the fashion industry (and we are not mad about it!) Streetwear’s popularity already speaks for itself; despite it promoting comfort and gender friendliness above everything else, it is a good fashion style just the way it is. If you are a streetwear enthusiast who wishes to wear quality apparel and clothing but does not want to break the bank, check out the aforementioned local streetwear brands! Wear GEMSY’s minimalistic and fun pieces.

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