5 Best Online Mandarin Courses in SG to Learn Comfortably at Home

July 13, 2020
best online mandarin course Singapore

Why laze around and do unproductive work when you can equip yourself with a new skill instead! Not only will it be useful for you, online courses also allow you to save extra costs and it gives you the flexibility of selecting your schedule. With extra time on your hands, you can start learning this most widely-spoken language in the world!

All you need to do is to access either Zoom or Skype and attend any one of these 5 best online Mandarin courses in Singapore!

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Linda Mandarin

Image Credit: Linda Mandarin

Obtaining the highest credible accreditation in providing top Mandarin lessons, Linda Mandarin is recognised around Singapore. Equipped with Mandarin teachers who are all certified and experienced professionals, they are highly resourceful in offering comprehensive solutions to cater to your learning needs. Using Mandarin communication skills and involvement like instructional language features, experience-based learning and interactive learning activities, you’ll be able to grasp more knowledge of this language.

Don’t worry, even if you’re learning online, you will still feel like you’re in a physical classroom. This school also provides 24-hour access to their effective learning tools so that you’ll receive more than enough practice! With a coursebook, e-copy of the workbook, in-house lessons and audio CD, Linda Mandarin will fully prepare and provide you with sufficient resources for learning!

Customer Reviews

Elisabeth Lee

I took online reading writing class and I thoroughly enjoyed and learned a lot. The online format worked really well and did not take away from the learning. The interaction with teacher and Linda’s staff, managing the course, was very pleasurable and helpful.

Suzanne Young

It was a pleasure studying with Linda Mandarin.  I started with no confidence at all with my Mandarin, especially with speaking; however the teacher was patient and a very good listener and encouraged the class to have full participation during the 10 week journey.

Contact: +65 6264 7343

2. Chinese Edge

Image Credit: Chinese Edge

Since 2005, Chinese Edge provides students with teachers who are professionally trained, bilingual and hold a Master or tertiary degree. Featuring a curriculum that includes Chinese language course materials, these are specially sourced directly from Hanban (a public institution affiliated with China’s Ministry of Education). Striving to spread passion in the Chinese language, you will go through a standardised teaching to ensure you can learn effectively.

Understanding that it can be difficult to communicate when it comes to two people of different language backgrounds, these bilingual teachers are able to further assist you by using their proficient English language skills for explanations in class. Simply choose your date and time, as private classes from Chinese Edge are made flexible and easy for you!

Customer Reviews

Ada Eudmond

I have attended this school and had a very good experience. The reception is very helpful and I had fantastic teachers who are prepared and dynamic. I would recommend this school. Low prices and very good teachers.

Julia Balaz

Very helpful staff to get you started. You can do a free trial lesson before enrolling. The teachers are very patient and want you to succeed. You also get videos of the lessons and additional audio material to keep practicing outside of classroom. Highly recommend Chinese Edge.

Contact: +65 6699 8247
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 10am to 8pm | Sat & Sun 10am to 5pm

3. Elite Linguistic Network

Image Credit: Elite Linguistic Network

Focusing on developing effective learning programs for adults, Elite Linguistic Network provides a course that has a customisable approach. Understanding that each individual has different learning needs, they offer courses that can be tweaked based on your preferences. As a trustworthy and reputable language service provider for most government statutory boards as well as MNCs in Singapore, your lessons will be aligned with international standards. Be rest assured that you will receive top-notch learning services!

Aiming to provide you with the highest quality of Chinese language and cultural education, Elite Linguistic Network adopts a people-centric approach. Equipped with Chinese teachers who have an abundance of teaching experiences, they carry out lessons through their fun, engaging and enthusiastic personalities! 

Customer Reviews

Lisa Jane

Wonderful class 🙂 Very comprehensive and this class offers important lessons that are useful in both daily life and business. The teacher is very nice and her class is very fun to attend to. The class is taught very thoroughly and I appreciate that our teacher always answers and teaches us in detail whenever we have inquiries. 🙂

Kevin Nguyen

I really enjoy learning Chinese at this centre, the group size is just right, the Teachers are really dedicated, and the classmates are really fun and helpful. I had hoped I discover this place earlier:-) Please come and learn with us.

Contact: +65 9799 5377
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 9am-9pm

4. Speaking Ducks

Image Credit: Speaking Ducks

Offering courses that are specially designed for children between the ages of 5 and 12 years, Speaking Duck aids those who learn Chinese as their second language from entry to advanced level. With every class tailored towards learning, interactivity and fun, your child will be able to work efficiently by collecting skill badges throughout the lesson. Providing you with classes that are engaging, effective and of the highest professional standard all in one, this is definitely an awesome way to get your child learning!

Additionally, you can opt for a course package and Speaking Duck will recommend three teachers based on your child’s ability and requirement. Simply enter the online classroom via computer, iPad or mobile phone along with a webcam and a headset for better online class experience and you’re good to go!

Contact: +65 9156 6755

5. LTL Mandarin School

Image Credit: LTL Mandarin School

At LTL Mandarin School, you’ll scratch the traditional way of having to be in the classroom to learn. Here, you can find yourself learning online from home productively as well as excelling in your subject. Get access to one of the best Chinese language tutors with prices that are way more affordable as compared to classroom-based learning. All curriculum will be the exact same except you will be doing it online from home! 

Ranked one of the best Mandarin schools in Mainland China, you will be connected online and taught by some of the best Chinese tutors that China has to offer. Providing you with certified, professional Mandarin teachers along with competitive prices, you will only get the best of both worlds at LTL Mandarin School.

Customer Reviews

Claudia Masueger

Finally, I got time to focus on my Chinese studies. The LTL online school makes it so easy and fun! The teachers are professional and supportive. I am so proud of my progress, and I am looking forward to many more exiting lessons! Thanks to the incredible LTL team!

Daniel Nalesnik

The LTL teachers are friendly but are focused on progress. They remember my difficult points and help me through them, while keeping me on track for progress week after week. Very happy!

Contact: +65 3129 0468
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-6pm | Closed on Weekends



With any one of these 5 best online Mandarin courses, it gives you the opportunity to work around your schedule! As you can plan your study time around your rest days, you’ll be able to find studying very convenient. Not only that, you might also be able to concentrate better without being interrupted by a noisy classroom of students!

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