4 Best Kids Martial Arts Karate Classes for Some Fun Action

April 9, 2020
best kids karate

Kids are a bundle of joy, but also absolute balls of energy! To keep their exuberance in check, have you ever thought of enrolling them into a  karate class? Not only does it instil countless positive character-building traits such as honour, loyalty, respect, confidence, honesty and kindness into them;  but they will also reap the many physical and psychological aspects of this martial art form! With increased concentration and valuable self-defence skills developed, all these could help them get out of a potentially sticky situation!

If your children are all raring and ready to perform those flying kicks, stall no more and sign them up for any of these 4 best kids karate classes in Singapore!

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. XpertMartialArts

Image Credit: XpertMartialArts

Karate helps to relax the body and keep it in good shape. The mental and physical state of children will impact their overall makeup as they grow older. As such, encouraging your little ones to learn martial arts at XpertMartialArts can enable them to grow up healthy. Bonus, it also increases their self-esteem!

This will no doubt boost their confidence level when they take on new or difficult tasks as they transition into an adult. To help them develop as holistic individuals, do not hesitate to register them for XpertMartialArts’ kids’ classes!


2. Lionheart Academy

Image Credit: Lionheart Academy

Learn phase by phase with Lionheart Academy! From basic to advanced techniques, be rest assured no unrealistic expectations will be set upon your children. Your young ones can fully decide for themselves what they wish to achieve from the class. This learning method allows for a smoother transition as the focus is on building up your children’s basic foundations, so that they can pick-up the advanced syllabuses more easily at the later stages.

And not only that, but this also reduces the chances of your children sustaining serious injuries from reckless practices. When your children learn in an environment like Lionheart Academy, they will become more confident about accomplishing bigger goals thanks to the academy’s mindset of striving for achievements.

Contact: +65 9635 7835 | +65 6778 5163
Jalan Jurong Kechil, JK Building, Singapore 598528
36 Holland Drive, Buona Vista Community Club, Singapore 270036
Opening Hours: Tue 7.30pm-9pm | Sat 3pm-6pm | Closed on Mon, Wed-Fri & Sunday

3. Shitoryu Karate Association

Image Credit: Shitoryu Karate Association

Boasting a dynamic and fun environment, expect only qualified instructors at Shitoryu Karate Association that will ensure your young ones are given the required attention they need. Nurturing your children’s interest in the art of karate, they will introduce the basic skills of this martial art form in an engaging and playful way.

Having said that, they definitely do not overlook the serious aspects of karate. Shitoryu Karate Association prioritises teaching the correct techniques to your kids so that they can progressively develop their love for Karate!

Contact: +65 6299 5740
Location: 60 Tessensohn Road, Civil Service Club Level 2, Singapore 217664
Opening Hours: Tue-Fri 7.30pm-9pm | Sat 10am-4.30pm | Sun 10am-1pm | Closed on Monday

4. The Little Gym

Image Credit: The Little Gym

Self-confidence and self-defence techniques are what your young ones will gain when they attend the lessons at The Little Gym! From karate kicks, punches and blocks to gymnastics techniques; classes take on an innovative approach to this ancient martial arts sport.

Students will manoeuvre through obstacle courses; enjoy the high energy music, skill-based activities and games to help them focus during lessons! After undergoing the lively training sessions, your children will leave The Little Gym with nothing less than increased flexibility, coordination, confidence and memory retention!

Contact: +65 6238 6331 | +65 6336 9734
583 Orchard Road, FORUM The Shopping Mall, #B1-24, Singapore 238884
6 Raffles Boulevard, Marina Square, #03-163/164, Singapore 039594
Opening Hours: Mon-Thur & Sat 9am-7pm | Fri 9am-8pm | Sun 9am-6pm

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