5 Best IGCSE Tutors In Singapore To Help Students Excel

April 19, 2022
Best IGCSE Tutor Singapore

In Singapore, students studying in international schools have the opportunity to enrol in the Cambridge IGCSE or International General Certificate of Secondary Education programme. IGCSE is an international examination curriculum adopted by most international schools in the region and other countries. It is equivalent to the GCE ‘0’ levels and British GCSE and is taken in Year 4 or Grade 10. After attaining the IGCSE qualification, students are allowed to proceed with GCE ‘A’ levels, IB (International Baccalaureate) programmes, SAT, and other certifications.

One of the most compelling reasons to send your child to an IGCSE school is for them to learn through real-life connections and exploration. The curriculum gives students a chance to investigate different issues, ask questions, and analyse their findings to further understand the world they are living in.

To help students ace their examinations, it helps to hire a seasoned IGCSE tutor in Singapore. Listed below are some of the tuition companies you can hire a tutor from.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Quintessential Education

Image Credit: Quintessential Education

Quintessential Education’s number one goal is to help students aim higher and score higher, especially when it comes to IGCSE. As a leading provider of university admissions and tutorial programmes for IGCSE and IB students in Singapore, they are committed to being good role models to students in an immersive culture of personalized teaching and smart learning. This is why they continuously develop quality teaching materials. Aside from that, they are dedicated to setting industry standards when it comes to IGCSE tutors in the country.

With Quintessential Education, you can expect the best IGCSE tutors in Singapore. Their curriculum includes curated subjects and student-specific resources. Aside from that, their curriculum was developed by IB and IGCSE examiners and Oxford graduates. They also have an internal assessment and extended essays, as well as internal and extended assessment, tuition, crash courses, and workshops. Plus, they offer personalized university admissions, portfolio building, interview training, and personal statement.

Customer Reviews

Brian Kim

Mr Lim, my teacher, is a very committed and experienced teacher. He puts in a lot of effort to get us to understand and do better and his notes are concise and comprehensive. The teachings are very clear, in depth, and easy to understand and I have improved tremendously under his guidance.

Thanakhom Hoontrakul

Before lang tuition with QE, not only was my understanding of lang concepts shaky, but also I was always doubtful of my written answers. After having tuition, I was much more confident in my answering ability and was able to appreciate and enjoy the subject much more than before.

Contact: +65 6100 9338
Location: 545 Orchard Road, #14-06/09, Singapore 238882
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 10AM-7PM

2. Mindlab International

Image Credit: Mindlab International

Mindlab International was established in 2009, giving them over 10 years of experience in IB and IGCSE tuition in Singapore. They are a results-driven and effective tuition centre with a team of IBO-certified tutors who have been carefully handpicked to ensure that every student gets the highest level of service at all times. Aside from that, Mindlab International offers a world-class standard of service, ensuring that they will be able to cater to clients from different international schools in the region.

If you’re looking for the best IGCSE tutors in Singapore, you will find Mindlab’s tutors capable of helping young students excel in their school performance, especially during exams. This is because they offer robust study structures that are specifically designed to consistently improve students’ grades. As a leading tuition centre specializing in the IBDP tuition programme, you can be guaranteed customized classes and resources to ensure excellent results.

Customer Reviews

Mrs. Khoo

Excellent. They were both very patient and they were very familiar with the IB curriculum of their respective subjects.


Ms Jenn is an amazing tuition teacher. My Physics grades were only Level 3s and 4s before I started tuition lessons. Though I struggled a lot initially, Ms Jenn has always been very helpful and patient with me. She uses different teaching methods to explain difficult concepts to me until I understand. With her continuous support and guidance, my enjoyment of Physics and motivation to study the subject only grew, and I leaped to a Level 6 in my Prelims. After that, she continued to push me hard and increased the intensity of the lessons so I can do even better. Eventually, I managed to score a Level 7 for the Final IB exam. Thank you Ms Jenn!

Contact: +65 6341 9618 | +65 9711 6839
Location: 545 Orchard Road, Far East Shopping Centre, #15-01, Singapore 238882
Opening Hours: Mon 12PM-9PM | Tue-Thurs 1PM-10PM | Fri 1PM-9.30PM | Sat-Sun 8.30AM-6PM

3. IB Super Education Centre

Image Credit: IB Super Education Centre

IB Super Education Centre is the one you should call if you want to supercharge your learning through effective methodologies, personalized learning, and their 4P’s learning system. They also offer the best IGCSE tutors in Singapore to help young students learn faster and more efficiently. Using an evidence-based solution supported by cognitive theory, their students see a one to three grades improvement within just three months.

With IB Super Education Centre’s help, parents can be sure their children will ace their exams. Their IGCSE tutors will provide essential concepts in an easy-to-understand manner to help students have a better grasp of their lessons. Aside from that, their tutors are caring and love what they do. They find it extremely rewarding to see students improve their performance. Because of their excellent track record, they have been featured in The Strait Times, Sassy Mama Singapore, MyPaper, and ExpatLiving.

Customer Reviews

Renee Yadav

IB super gave me a lot more confidence in tackling math problems and I found their resources very useful. My grades improved a lot and Ms Bel helped me rekindle my long lost interest in maths. She was also able to pace each lesson according to my needs and allowed me to form a deeper understanding on each topic. Maths is now one of my highest scoring subjects I would highly recommend IB super to anyone who needs help in Mathematics 🙂

Clayton Worrall

Before I attended IB Super, I was struggling a lot with math and was not enjoying it at all. However, the lessons that Ms Bel conducted made it feel a lot more tolerable and I ended up actually having a lot more fun with it because of the environment that she sets up and how her teaching can feel curated to work on my weaknesses because of how personal the lessons can feel even when I attended in a group. These lessons then managed to push my grades up from failing scores to ones that I felt very satisfied and happy with. They also helped to prepare me for IB and I now feel like I’m at a position where I am able to sustain my own math learning because of the skills and momentum I got from her lessons.

Contact: +65 9819 8928
Location: Singapore Shopping Centre, 190 Clemenceau Avenue, #05-33, Singapore 239924
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 3PM-8.30PM | Sat-Sun 9AM-7PM

4. Tutopiya

Image Credit: Tutopiya

Founded in 2018, Tutopiya’s CEO/founder, Nuha Ghouse, used to teach students from various leading international schools in Singapore, as well as leading private schools in the UK. Nuha’s aim was to provide students with an effective live online tutoring experience, especially those who need to travel long distances by public transport. Because of this, she ventured into developing her own live tuition solution.

Tutopiya is one of the best sources of IGCSE tutors in Singapore. This tuition centre is driven by its founder’s vision to improve education standards through accessible, affordable, customized, and high-quality live education online. Aside from that, it endeavours in making the whole experience personal and exclusive for all the students they teach. They also collect feedback and listen to their clients to ensure that they are able to cater to everyone’s needs.

Customer Reviews

Preetha Sreekumar

I have been subscribing to Tutopiya online tuition for my son, and I am very happy with the quality of the class and the dedicated teacher who has been teaching my son (English). It is easy and convenient and can be used wherever you are. 😊

Aparna Ashwath

Everything about Tutopiya is excellent! Based on the parents request, they are able to link up with  right teachers for the students very efficiently. The teaching standards of the teachers are very good and their teaching approach is very individualised meeting to every need of the student.  The Customer Success Coordinator and Customer Support team  have been nothing but supportive and very professional accommodating all requests with quick follow up too. I am thoroughly satisfied with their service. Best Wishes to Tutopiya Team!

Contact: +65 6978 8459
Location: 22 Changi Business Park Central 2, #02-08, Singapore 486032
Opening Hours: 9AM-9PM

5. ChampionTutor

Image Credit: ChampionTutor

ChampionTutor believes that every child deserves only the best tutor, especially when it comes to IGCSE in Singapore. This is it is the tuition centre’s priority to make sure that all students under their care improve their grades and performances in school. As one of the most trusted tuition agencies in the region, they are dedicated to being the front runners in the market.

ChampionTutor has over 10 years of experience in home tuition services in Singapore. They are fully aware that parents only want the best for their children, especially in preparation for their next academic step and in pursuit of a brighter future. All of their tutors have been fully verified to ensure that ChampionTutor is able to match the students with the most suitable tutors that can help them improve their school performances.

Customer Reviews

Anna Low

My girl enjoys lesson with Caitlyn which is important.  We look forward to Caitlyn continues committment in her teaching and ensure every lesson is fruitful for my girl.  I need her help to ensure my girl do well in her Language Arts and English as they are critical subjects in IB program.   Thanks.

Ellie Bell

I was having a hard time finding a tutor for my son, and Championtutor found the best one in just a day! The tutor is very friendly and professional. My son learned a lot in just a few tuition lessons and is now looking forward to his lessons every week.

Contact: +65 6850 5040
Location: Midview City, 22 Sin Ming Ln, #06-76, Singapore 573969
Opening Hours: 24 Hours


As parents, it is our responsibility to ensure a better future for our children. When it comes to their school performance, it makes a lot of sense to hire an IGCSE tutor in Singapore to help them be more confident in class. With the five best tuition centres listed above, you can always be sure to get the best tuition service at all times.



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