8 Best Handmade Soy Candles for Fragrant Rooms in Singapore

February 5, 2020
Best Handmade Soy Candle

Soy candles are far more superior to wax candles and here’s why.

Made from soy wax, they generally burn longer than paraffin candles and are 100% biodegradable while the latter isn’t. Soy candles also release fragrance easier due to its all-natural base. Earth-friendly, non-toxic and doesn’t skimp out on the fragrances? It’s no wonder why so many people have hopped on the soy candle train already!

Make your room like freesia, peonies, cedarwood and all of those sorts with the handmade soy candles from any of these 8 local brands. It’s time to get your wick on!

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Nicole’s Flower

Image Credit: Nicole’s Flower

The talented team at Nicole’s Flower are dedicated to sharing the joy that comes with fragrant candles with their customers, all while not hurting the environment. Each and every soy candle here are handmade and intricately designed to follow a gorgeous and elaborate floral theme. Safe to be enjoyed by everyone, these candles also show your passion and love for nature.

Tip: Nicole’s Flower recommends trimming the candle wicks to about 1cm before lighting for a more enhanced candle experience.  Additionally, do keep the burning to 4 hours maximum to avoid soy wax spillage.

Make your room smell scent-sational with:

  • Peony Soy Flower Candle
  • Cupcake Assorted Flower Candle

Contact: +65 8338 8511
Location: 224 Telok Kurau Road, #01-01, UNI Building, Singapore 423836
Opening Hours: Tue-Sun 10am-7pm | Closed on Monday

2. Candescent Box

Image Credit: Candescent Box

This independent start-up belongs to no other than a mother-daughter duo, Zainab and Amira, who shares the same amount of love and passion for candles. With the burning desire of creating candles which are eco-friendly, safe and pleasant, they decided to start Candescent Box together. With premium soy wax imported from the United States and Australia, their candles are then personally brewed and hand-poured in small batches to ensure the highest quality. If you have a scent in mind but can’t find it anywhere, do drop them a message and they’ll be more than happy to explore!

Fun-fact: When made with natural soy, candles have been proven to last 50% longer and has no detrimental effects as compared to the standard paraffin candles.

Make your room smell scent-sational with:

  • Persian Delight
  • Bundle of Joy
  • Lychee Peony
  • Mistletoe Magic


3. Artisan of Sense

Image Credit: Artisan of Sense

To Artisan of Sense, simplicity is key to elegance. With handcrafted candles made of an eco-friendly soy wax base from US-grown soybeans, sophisticated candles are born. Due to its all-natural ingredients, a beautiful, clean and steady flame is produced with every light up. Owner, Vivian Chung, makes sure to only select from 100% pure and therapeutic-grade essential oils that are fresh and unique to each of their own. The artisanal candles at Artisan of Sense also contain natural lead-free cotton wicks, no toxic or artificial nonsense – just pure love.

Make your room smell scent-sational with:

  • Summer Rose
  • Peppermint & Eucalyptus
  • Vanilla Sky
  • Winter Wonderland

Contact: +65 8218 1378
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 8.30am-6pm

4. To Be Calm

Image Credit: To Be Calm

With a headquarter in Singapore, To Be Calm remains to stay true to its promise of being sensory, luxurious, fragrant and beautifully packaged. The candles here all come with a quote and story of their own. As different scents trigger a variety of emotions, To Be Calm hopes to be able to bring about only positive and good emotions and memories with their soy candles. Atop of the pure soy wax body sits an alcohol-free diffuser that lets out a waft of constant fragrance till you blow out the flame. here, the usage and gifting of candles are unique and very personal

Tip: Utilise fragrances no matter the situation to put the mind in an optimal state while working or when under stressful situations!

Make your room smell scent-sational with:

  • Celebrate
  • Peace
  • Journey
  • Divine

Location: Available at 9 stockists islandwide

5. Hush Candle

Image Credit: Hush Candle

If we had a mother-daughter duo previously, here we have two friends who shared the exact same passion for home fragrances and candles which led to the beginning of Hush Candle. To keep the cost-savings factor, the products here are kept minimal and fuss-free. To do that, the duo had spent almost half a year sourcing and experimenting with materials and different brands of soy wax and essential oil. With their hard work and dedication, Hush Candle is now one of the main providers of quality and affordable candles without the artificial factor.

P.S. They also conduct regular workshops for candle making and essential oil blending – perfect for get-togethers or team-bonding!

Make your room smell scent-sational with:

  • Cedarwood Rose
  • Orange Clove
  • Lemongrass
  • Sandalwood Nutmeg

Contact: +65 9829 8889 | +65 9297 4611

6. Artisan’s Garden

Image Credit: Artisan’s Garden

Made for the right reasons with the right stuff, all the wax melts and candles from Artisan’s Garden are made of 100% soy wax that is biodegradable and non-toxic. Lead a sustainable lifestyle with their aromatherapeutic handmade melts and be brought back to when life was simpler, and when the air smelled fresher. Instead of the typical candle with a wick on top, how you put their melts into use is by burning it atop a warmer. As soy wax runs cooler, cleaning is made easier too!

Not in possession of a tealight or electric warmer? Good news, Artisan’s Garden has a variety up for grabs on their website too! Each box is worth at least 30 hours of scenting which is oh so worth it!

Make your room smell scent-sational with:

  • White Tea & Ginger
  • Baby Powder
  • Clean Cotton
  • Vanilla Mint

Contact: +65 8518 0372 | +65 8774 2050 | +65 8766 5074
6 Jalan Kuras, Sembawang Hills Estate, UNPACKT@UPPER THOMSON, Singapore 577724
6A Shenton Way, Downtown Gallery, UNPACKT@SHENTON WAY, #03-05, Singapore 068815
170 Upper Bukit Timah Road, Bukit Timah Shopping Centre, Eco.Le, #03-56, Singapore 588179
Opening Hours: Differs for every outlet

7. Sally’s Room

Image Credit: Sally’s Room

Not just a home fragrance niched shop, Sally’s Room offers handmade natural candles which come with aesthetically pleasing rose gold lids and clean white holders. Using only high-quality fragrance oil hailed from Switzerland and all-natural soy wax, rest assured that each product purchase is worth every dollar. Have your home smelling like luxurious hotels with the fragrances from Sally’s Room today!

Make your room smell scent-sational with:

  • Scandinavian Woodlands
  • Bed of Roses
  • Madera
  • White Tropics

Contact: +65 6221 7883
Location: 4 Everton Park, #01-44, Singapore 080004

8. Diadem Candles

Image Credit: Diadem Candles

Diadem Candles was born out of the two owners’ very own wedding! How cute is that?

What was meant as wedding favours became a huge hit amongst their family and friends, which then resulted in a big production of handmade soy wax candles for the masses. All the candles are hand-poured with wooden or cotton lead-free wicks, and of course 100% natural soy wax. The reduction of soot in the burning flames contributes to purer and healthier air quality at home. They have a vision of educating the public on how affordable and natural candle alternatives like theirs exists while paraffin contributes to toxins in the air.

Make your room smell scent-sational with:

  • Singapore Orchid
  • Lime Basil & Mandarin
  • Coconut & Lime
  • Lemongrass

119/121 Upper East Coast Road, #02-01, Singapore 455245
200 South Bridge Rd, Grids & Circles, Singapore 058749
Havelock II, KAMS (Singapore), #B1-06, Singapore 059763
Opening Hours: Differs for every outlet

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