6 Best Schools With Guitar Lessons in SG for Beginners

April 14, 2020
Best Guitar Lessons Singapore

Whether you’re a beginner or you’d want to brush up on your strumming skills, here at these guitar schools, there’s always room for improvement! This could be your new hobby and what’s more, you might even win the hearts of many with your skills. Pick up this useful talent by learning guitar lessons from any of these 6 best guitar schools. 

Here, you will be able to impress others and who knows, maybe even be the Ed Sheeran of Singapore!

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. The Music Works

Image Credit: The Music Works

Being in the industry for over a decade with the belief that all students deserve the opportunity to learn and excel, The Music Works offer guitar lessons to both kids and adults from all walks of life. Their caring and certified teachers strive to bring out the best of their student’s music potential – from pop electric guitar lessons to ukelele lessons in Singapore to ensure a smooth learning experience for all.

The Music Works provide workshops that are excellent for general adults or people who are looking for a team bonding activity. Their group lessons cater to up to 6 students and are available for all students who are enriched by socializing with others while seeking relevant knowledge and techniques of guitars while those who prefer to learn alone under an instructor are welcome to join the individual classes.

Customer Reviews

Diana Low

Both teachers Grace Tan and Jane are very friendly and helpful. Our 5 year old started learning 6 months ago and has been looking forward to the weekly class. Will definitely recommend it!

Jane Tang

Our kids shared their experiences with us about how fun it is to be during the lesson. The teachers such as Teacher Grace tan are engaging, lively and energetic. She is patient and encouraging with both kids and parents. Thank you for helping them to develop their skills and confidence. If you are looking for a place to enrich your child in music, I highly recommend you stop in for a tour.

Contact: +65 6909 3618
Location: 750 Chai Chee Road, #01-13A ESR BizPark Chai Chee, Singapore 469000
Opening Hours: 12PM-8PM Daily

2. Studio72

Image Credit: Studio72

At Studio72, it does not matter if you are just exploring the idea of picking up the guitar or you’re a budding musician. They are very encouraging and welcoming to the idea of you enrolling in guitar lessons to hone your talent. In this studio, your journey to mastering the guitar will be done in a happy and delightful manner. Guitar lessons at this studio are transformed into a journey of self-discovery where you will explore the joys of making music. 

They designed guitar lessons to be less restrictive in nature as they understand that a highly structured format of teaching may not always deliver results. With this method, you will be able to ease into more complex lessons that you will be taught eventually. Providing an avenue for adults and kids to explore their musical talents, Studio72 exists to help you improve proficiency on your guitar.

Customer Reviews

Lyon Shun

Music school in the heart of CBD. One of a kind music school with really nice interiors and a!so a great place to have music lessons during lunch hours. Highly recommended!

Bob Gao

Awesome places and awesome teachers to help you learn whatever you want! Strongly recommend Mr Mel who help me get endless fun from music in each weekend!

Contact: +65 9322 7272
Location: 45A Circular Road, Singapore 049400
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 12.30pm-9pm | Sat 10am-7pm | Closed on Sunday

3. Ensemble Music

Image Credit: Ensemble Music

Even with the number of YouTube guitar tutorials, there is still an ongoing demand in learning the basics to build a strong foundation. At Ensemble Music, they provide a cosy environment for you to anchor this foundation through a comprehensive guitar course. This covers basic music theory, guitar chords, notes on each string, note reading, ensemble playing, strumming, picking techniques, various genres and more! 

Why struggle alone in the comfort of your home when you can learn the guitar with the help of a skilled teacher in a comfortable ambience. With opportunities provided at Ensemble Music, look forward to performing at their annual recital where you can play your favourite songs and boost your stage confidence. You definitely wouldn’t want to miss it!

Customer Reviews

Alan Soo Yong Han

Awesome place. Awesome people. Amazing service. Triple A rating!

Lungtung Mutd

Very nice and friendly business. Thanks and will come back.

Contact: +65 6974 6332
Location: 5A Thomson Ridge, Singapore 574635
Opening Hours: Mon, Wed-Fri 12pm-7pm | Sat & Sun 10am-6.30pm | Closed on Tuesday

4. 35 Guitar School

Image Credit: 35 Guitar School

Being the only school in Singapore with instructors who are obsessed with guitars, 35 Guitar School is run by guitar fanatics for guitar fanatics. Taught by instructors who are highly influential, qualified and experienced, this school brings prominent experience, knowledge and passion to the classroom. These instructors have relentless devotion to teaching and are committed to entirely giving you their undivided attention and a chance to be in the spotlight.

Promising to unlock your full potential, the experts at 35 Guitar School will be at your service from the beginning to the end. With one-on-one classes fully equipped with the option of recording every lesson for progress references, these fun class schedules are flexible and tailored solely to your preferences.

Customer Reviews

Jaimz Gaming

Ever since I was little, I have always dreamt of playing the guitar. Here at 35 guitar school, the teachers help made it possible for me to achieve my dream. What’s better is after 12 months of lesson, I went from a complete beginner to obtaining my grade 8 cert. Now I never felt more alive, confident and inspired whenever I pick up the guitar. You won’t believe it until you have tried with 35 guitar school 😄

Kiran Chari

Mark Santa Maria is a knowledgable instructor and is always keen to talk guitar to any depth you wish. He is also enthusiastic to answer or discuss any questions you may have, which is great if you like to dig deep into your music. The one-on-one lessons are a great way to quickly improve your guitar knowledge and technique whether you’re a beginner or already play some guitar. Highly recommended!👍

Contact: +65 6834 0012
Location: 35 Selegie Road, Parklane Shopping Mall, #01-30, 188307

5. Harmony & Pitch

Image Credit: Harmony & Pitch

A popular music instrument at Harmony & Pitch, the acoustic guitar is well-favoured by many. Whether you are a young or senior student, their teachers are able to work with you and help you kick start your music learning journey. At this school, you will go through personal consultation to ascertain your needs and learning style. This will be beneficial for you and your future lessons with their teachers as they will be able to tailor the lessons to suit you. 

The teachers will teach you various guitar-playing techniques and give you the freedom to choose your favourite genre of music. Offering both individual and group guitar classes, the school’s flexible learning method allows you to learn better at a pace that is most comfortable for you. 

Customer Review

Jeyson Ng 

My kid is attending this school and he enjoys how the lessons are crafted. Teachers and owners of the school are patient and cares for the kids. Highly recommended!

Contact: +65 6251 0730
Location: 9 King Albert Park, KAP Residences, #02-17, Singapore 598332
Opening Hours: Mon 2pm-6pm | Tue, Wed, Sat 10am-6pm | Thurs & Fri 10am-8pm | Closed on Sunday

6. Joy Music Studio

Image Credit: Joy Music Studio

Believing how everyone has different unique talents, preferences, and learning styles, Joy Music Studio personalises their music lessons to suit your pace, skill level, and preferences. With guitar lessons offered to all ages at various competency levels, their fantastic guitar teachers are passionate musicians and performers who are set on teaching you how to read notation, master your technique and be creative. 

These flexible guitar lessons are able to cater to each student’s learning pace and style and encourages you to have fun and enjoy throughout your musical journey! Understanding how learning should be tied in with fun, only at Joy Music Studio will you get to perform at their concerts and special events to help build your confidence as a musician!

Customer Reviews

Poh Huat Lim

Great service, prompt replies from the office management team. Also the instructors great and equipments are well maintained!

Minjung KIM

Joy Music Studio has a friendly and encouraging environment that really helps all kinds of musicians grow musically while having fun. I’ve been learning piano and music theory here, and have been very content with the past year that I’ve been doing so. I’m able to improve both technically and performance-wise, thanks to teacher Alicia’s patient yet firm coaching. I think everyone here will have the chance to explore and learn to love music.

Contact: +65 9230 2778
Location:  1 Marine Parade Central, Parkway Centre, #02-02, Singapore 449408
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 1pm-8.30pm | Sat & Sun 9am-6.30pm

7. Absolutely In-Tuned

Image Credit: Absolutely In-Tuned

As a successful home-grown music agency, Absolutely In-Tuned has been helping parents, teenagers, adults and children save money, time, and effort in finding reliable and qualified music teachers to fulfil their musical dreams in the comfort of their own homes. They have more than 10 years of experience anchored in the industry and are well connected to some of the best music teachers in Singapore. Absolutely In-Tuned understands that learning how to play the guitar is not just about chords and strumming, but that it is also about the learner’s likes and dislikes. 

With experienced music teachers to understand what motivates you and can cultivate your interest and passion for the instrument, they strive to help you master your guitar as quickly as possible and have fun at the same time. 

Contact: +65 8168 8251



With any of these 6 best guitar schools, you can learn from musicians who will help you brush up on your guitar skills. Besides that, learning guitar may eventually be a great pastime hobby for you. Enrol in their guitar lessons and you can pick up this amazing talent that’ll impress many!

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