7 Date Ideas Without Burning Your Wallet in Singapore

January 6, 2020
Date Ideas Singapore

Is the saying – “No money, no love” true? If you are broke and looking for a budget-friendly date idea in Singapore, we are here to save your day!

There are different ways to get to a girl’s heart, and it does not necessarily mean that money is the only route to reach there. As such, we have come up with a list of low-cost date ideas to show you how to impress a girl, without going to the extent of burning a hole in your pocket.

Note: The list is strictly not in order.

1. If she is a local foodie… Old Airport Road Food Centre

Image Credit: National Environmental Agency

If you wish to savour the most of local food at a low price, Old Airport Road Food Centre may just be the choice for you! In the early 1970s, it was built to resettle the many street hawkers from the nearby Kallang estate.

Fun fact: It sits on the runway of the old Kallang Airport that closed down in 1955!

Other than garnering plenty of positive online food reviews, the wide array of stalls it has to offer is also another plus point. It has a total of (drum roll) …168 food stalls! Yes, you’ve heard me loud and clear. A household name in Singapore’s hawker centre directory that is sure to fill up not just her stomach, but also her heart.

But of course, that also depends whether you know how to choose the right food that suits her taste buds!

Contact: +65 6756 0266
Location: 51 Old Airport Road, Singapore 390051
Opening hours: Mon – Sun 6.00am-11.00pm

2. If she appreciates the calm and serenity… Upper Seletar Reservoir

Image Credit: Vincent Choong

Built in 1920 and officially opened by Her Royal Highness, Princess Alexandra, The Honourable Lady Ogilvy on 10 August 1969, it was renamed as Upper Seletar Reservoir in 1992, and became an official historic site in 1999.

Fun fact: Upper Seletar Reservoir is one of the four reservoirs that bound the nature reserves in Singapore.

You can take her for a stroll along the reservoir, or guide her up the iconic rocket-shaped tower to admire the panoramic views of the clear blue waters and greenery. And if the mood is right, you could even grab the chance to hold her hand like what happens in those lovey-dovey Korean dramas (just remember, there is no need to add any unnecessary cheesy lines!).

Location: Mandai Road, Track 7
Opening hours: 24 hours

3. If she is a history buff… National Museum of Singapore

Image Credit: National Museum of Singapore

National Museum of Singapore is the nation’s oldest museum, with its history dating back to 1887. Other than its regular collection of changing exhibitions, they also have programmes lined up periodically. Admission is free for all Singaporeans and Permanent Residents, which means that you need not fork out a single cent. Yay!

Fun fact: They have a collection of close to 15,000 publications related to cultural studies, design and Singapore’s history.

If you are eloquent and knowledgeable in your historical insights, she may end up gushing over your intellect. But if you know little about what you are viewing in the museum in comparison to her, it may backfire on you. So make sure to do a bit of reading prior to the meet up,  for you to successfully sweep her off her feet with your charm and wit!

Contact: +65 6332 3659
Location: 93 Stamford Road, Singapore 178897
Opening hours: Mon – Sun 10.00am-7.00pm

4. If she loves to sing in the shower… Teo Heng Karaoke

Image Credit: Teo Heng Karaoke

Teo Heng Karaoke has many branches islandwide, and are well-known for their affordable room rates. You have the option to choose between their small, medium and large rooms (all at different rates) and there are no hidden charges. You can even bring in your own food! Do book a week early though – as the rooms may be fully booked, especially during the weekends.

Fun fact: You can get 1 additional hour free to sing – if you have booked the room for 5 straight hours.

You may try using your voice to tug at her heartstrings, but only if you have the talent! If not, you can have as much fun singing and laughing with each other while vying for the crown of the worst singer.

Contact: +65 6844 9336 | +65 6884 6266 | +65 6734 6300 | +65 6219 1110
1 Tampines Walk, #05-32, Singapore 528523
#03-380, 3 Temasek Boulevard, Suntec City, Singapore 038983
JCube, 2 Jurong East Central 1, #03-14/15/16, Singapore 609731
Ang Mo Kio Hub, 53, #04-05, Ang Mo Kio Ave 3, Singapore 569933
Opening hours: Differ for every outlet

5. If she loves the outdoors… Bukit Timah Hill

Image Credit: NParks

The title of Singapore’s highest hill is given to none other than – Bukit Timah Hill (which stands at 163 metres)! It remains one of the few areas of primary rainforest in the country. The forest on the hill has been a botanical collection ground for more than 100 years, and the early specimens of many Malayan plants’ species have been found here.

Fun fact: No pets are allowed in the Nature Reserve so you can just leave them at home!

While the situation can get sweaty and tiring – the random opportunity to catch her like a hero when she slips and falls may potentially arise. Just like the climax of rom-com movies, you will both lock eyes before sparks are ignited. P.S. It might only have a 1% chance of occurrence in real life.

Location: End of Hindhede Drive
Opening hours: Mon – Sun 7.00am-7.00pm

6. If she lives for the sand and sun… Palawan Beach

Image Credit: Sentosa Website

Previously a prisoner-of-war camp during the Japanese Occupation, Sentosa is now a resort island with theme parks, hotels and a casino. Here, you can also find the Palawan Beach! Soak in the sun, run into the water or take the chance to show off those six-packs you have been working hard on (ooh la la!).

Fun fact: There may be marine creatures like jellyfishes and stonefishes which stings. Hence, do take note of your surroundings to protect yourself and to inform any nearby Beach Patrol Officers if you spot any.

She might very well melt to the ground when you take off your shirt to reveal your chocolate abs, but only if they are as hard as a rock. If you do not have any though – fret not as you can buy her chocolates instead to make up for what you lack in the physique department.

Contact: +65 6736 8672
Location: Sentosa Island, Palawan Beach, Singapore 099981
Opening hours: 24 hours

7. If she likes to get away from Singapore without using a passport… Changi Airport

Image Credit: Jewel Changi Airport

With 4 terminals and 1 shopping mall to choose from – there are a diversity of gardens, viewing malls to spot aeroplanes flying off, art and cultural installations alongside a variety of shopping and dining options! You may even need more than 1 day to explore the whole area so never underestimate the size of Singapore’s airports.

Fun fact: The building of Terminal 5 – Changi East is currently underway.

At Changi Airport, you can use it as a pit stop for an air-conditioned adventure date! Do some research, take her on a tour around the scenic or engaging attractions and you may eventually find yourself walking into her heart.

Contact: +65 6595 6868
Location: Airport Boulevard
Opening hours: 24 hours

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