Wallhub Brings Design Visions To Life With Custom Wallpapers

June 28, 2022
Wallpaper Singapore

Established in 2015, Wallhub is a wallpaper store that has helped countless of clients achieve their design visions for their dream homes and offices. With an extensive range of over 10,000 wallpaper designs from international design houses in Europe, Japan, Korea, and USA, Wallhub is one of the leading companies for wallpaper in Singapore. It is also the only local distributor of KASTONE® Stone/Brick veneers and STRATO® Textured Paint that is accredited with Singapore Green Label, which is the region’s foremost environmental standard and certification mark.

With the belief that beauty lies in the flexibility of customisation, Wallhub is one of the few wallpaper shops in Singapore that offer full customisation services. For those who are unsure or still looking for design inspirations, Wallhub has showroom galleries that can allow its clients to browse through its wide array of wallpapers, including Korean wallpaper designs for minimalistic vibes and Japanese wallpaper designs with colourful and vibrant patterns for living or bedroom wallpaper. Professional consultants and a team of in-house designers who can give detailed analysis and recommendations based on floor plans and mockup designs are also available to assist customer enquiries at their showroom galleries, ensuring that the design visions for their dream homes and office spaces come to life.

Aside from its core specialisation in wallpaper, Wallhub provides a comprehensive range of products and services, which includes special effects paint and flooring services such as luxury vinyl flooring and carpet flooring for both residential and commercial spaces. On top of that, Wallhub also offers wall coating services like their fluted panels and interior film stickers, as well as custom blinds that can add some style to the interior design of any space.

All of Wallhub’s products come with professional and efficient installation services that guarantee top-notched craftsmanship and longevity. Properly installed wallpapers can last up to 7 to 10 years, and is very easy to maintain. However, for peace of mind, Wallhub provides a 2-year warranty period for its wallpapers, should any issues arise after the installation. As a result, clients can expect to get products of the highest quality to transform their space without worrying about maintenance and longevity.

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