Premium Tutors Offer Hybrid Tuition Services Amidst COVID-19

July 26, 2022

Premium Tutors provides flexible hybrid tuition services — allowing both existing or new students to choose between either online and in-person lessons, or a hybrid of both with their tutor of choice.

Premium Tutors is a local home tuition agency that offers private home tuition for primary, secondary, JC and even tertiary students. The company provides a range of services, including English home tuition, Math home tuition, Chinese home tuition in Singapore and more. Recently, the company expanded its offerings to include video conferencing-based online classes. Because lesson plans may be changed at any moment, students have more freedom to improve their learning while balancing other responsibilities.

For both their online and in-person classes, Premium Tutors provides the same high-quality, personalised education. With their comprehensive pool of qualified tutors, students can enjoy personalised lessons catered specifically to their needs and learning pace when they engage a private tutor from the company, regardless of the subject. No matter if a student engages a Science or Chinese home tutor, all of the company’s tutors have a wealth of experience, knowledge and dedication to teaching.

Besides academic subjects, Premium Tutors offers lessons in sports, art, coding, conversational languages and music — including home piano lessons – with the goal of helping students grow holistically. Additionally, thanks to the company’s rapid response time of 12 hours, students may quickly be matched with an experienced tutor. If their teaching methods are not suitable for the student, the company also provides the student the option of replacing the tutor at no additional fee.

Premium Tutors is an established local home tuition agency that was founded by a committed team of educators. The company, which was founded in 2016, currently has a sizable pool of more than 10,000 certified and qualified private tutors who can offer tutoring services for various subjects and levels. With over 300 satisfied clients, the company strives to provide students a well-rounded educational experience with their flexible hybrid tuition services.

For more information, please visit https://www.premiumtutors.sg/.

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