Best Physics Tuition Centre Takes Learning Online

October 26, 2020
Best Physics Tuition Centre

Best Physics Tuition Centre is in the midst of setting up an IT learning platform for students, with plans of taking learning online using questions, videos, analytics, and AI in the near future. With the assistance of the Enterprise Development Grant (EDG), they will be digitalising their existing services to enhance the learning experience with technology.

The Physics tuition centre was founded by Tony Chee, former JC and MOE trained lecturer and curriculum researcher for the Integrated Programme (IP). Since 2015, he has been a full-time tutor and has had his teaching efforts and contributions recognised by the Outstanding Contribution Award by the Ministry of Education (MOE) twice. Besides tutoring students, he has also given lectures at the National Institute of Education (NIE), guiding and equipping essential skills and tips to the new generation of Physics educators. His track record and achievements are an attestation of his passion and profound knowledge of Physics, which he looks forward to sharing with students through his classes teaching Integrated Programme (IP), GCE A and O Level physics tuition.

With online learning trending more than ever due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Best Physics Tuition Centre is exploring the opportunity to set up an IT learning platform for their students, allowing for an enhanced and smooth learning experience. Providing modified learning tools and online classes will lead to better flexibility and self-pacing – resulting in a boost in academic performance. By digitalising materials and offering the “flipped classroom model”, this can bring forward an enriching learning experience to students. They are also looking into a broader range of learning tools, such as gamification, virtual and augmented reality, virtual whiteboards, large-scale in-class participation systems, and virtual lab exercises.

Existing innovative delivery methods that have already been implemented include smart classes, live demonstrations, exclusive cheatsheets, patient teaching, interactive examples, personalised attention, and small group sizes. They have also put up online live streaming Physics lessons exclusively for Sec 3 & 4, J1 & J2 students at 2 hours each for every class. With Best Physics Tuition Centre’s plans to digitalise learning tools and classes, it will elevate the learning experience even further for their students across all academic levels.


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