8 Best Swimming Lessons for Kids That Are Surely Worth It

February 2, 2023

Swimming lessons are a great way to help your child develop since they have several short- and long-term advantages. They can teach your kid some necessary life skills that will enable them to have a more fulfilling life.

As they become older, children tend to get more active, explore more, and go to places like swimming pools or public beaches. As such, it is necessary for them to learn how to swim, so they can always be safe wherever they go. Learning to swim is a joyful sport that promotes the development of a healthier lifestyle. So, if you are interested in teaching your child how to swim, here are the best swimming lessons for kids that you can try in Singapore!

1. Swim2u

Image Credit: Swim2u Website

Swim2u Swim School is a reputable swim school in Singapore that provides quality instruction for swimmers of all ages and skill levels. They have a range of programs to pick from — including toddlers, kids, adults, family, and women swim classes, with both private and group instruction. The ideal place to begin your child’s swimming journey is at Swim2u, as it has many years of industry experience and a roster of committed coaches.

Children learn how to be completely at ease and develop a state of relaxation in the water through Swim2u’s private swimming classes for kids. Since these lessons are delivered based on the child’s emotional and physical capabilities, Swim2u’s swimming lessons for children are guaranteed to be effective and have a personal touch. If you think your child will require extra attention to feel comfortable and confident in the water, Swim2u is the best swim school for them!

Customer Reviews

Dang Chim Hui

Highly recommended Coach Tan from Swim2u. He is a very dedicated coach that with patient and always correct students whenever students swim incorrect style. My son loves to learn Swimming with Coach Tan.

Yen Yee Loo

Coach Alvin and Jenwei have been very professional and inspiring coach. My 9 year olddaugther had previously dreaded swimming lessons, but has learnt to enjoy swimming through Swim2u. She had recently achieved her bronze swim safer and finds pleasure in swimming. Grateful for all both had taught my girl.

Contact: +65 9137 6233
Location: Oxley Bizhub, 62 Ubi Rd 1, #2, Singapore 408734
Opening Hours: Daily 9AM-5PM

2. Swimwerks

Image Credit: Swimwerks Website

With Swimwekrs enjoyable yet effective swimming lessons, your kids will learn how to swim in a fun and interactive environment! By using an international teaching style, the professional swimming coaches from Swimwerks aim to gain the children’s trust through games and allow them to be comfortable in the water at their own pace. The coaches understand that every child learns swimming differently and will guide your kid through a process that fits them. Swimwerk’s fun and happy environment aims to encourage your child towards a positive character and a well-rounded future attitude.

With over 27 years of combined experience, Swimwekrs has served 12,000 satisfied clients and has 98% incident-free cases. Swimwerks has expanded its services across the corporate and government sectors and has a wide range of portfolios to help them achieve their goal to be the preferred one-stop aquatic hub in Singapore and Asia Pacific by the year 2028.

Customer Reviews

Rizah Ritz

Awesome instructor! My kids enjoy the swimming lesson. Every lesson my kids will say Instructor Wei Tat is superb and they enjoy the lesson very much. Thank you Instructor Wei Tat, you make the kids enjoy the lesson every week.

Nurul Ashiqin

My son has increased his water confidence since starting classes with swimwerkz. He is no longer afraid of not using a float. He can jump or dive into the pool without being afraid of submerging into water. Thank you to teach Tee for being patient with my son 🙂 I can see he is comfortable with her! 

Contact: +65  6805 8186
Location: 3 Gambas Cres, #07-11 Nordcom 1, Singapore 757088
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 9.30AM-6.30PM

3. SG Condo Swimming Lessons

Image Credit: SG Condo Swimming Lessons

At SG Condo Swimming Lessons, the focus is on providing top-tier swimming lessons for kids, ensuring that young learners develop a solid foundation in swimming fundamentals and water safety. The certified and enthusiastic coaches at SG Swimming Lessons create a supportive and engaging environment that nurtures a child’s love for the water. The well-structured curriculum is tailored to address the needs of young swimmers, assisting them in acquiring essential swimming techniques, building confidence, and enhancing overall fitness.

The children’s swimming lessons offered by SG Swimming Lessons are designed to balance fun and education, combining interactive activities with expert instruction. As children progress through the program, they gain valuable life skills such as perseverance, teamwork, and goal-setting. SG Swimming Lessons provides a comprehensive swimming education that prepares young learners for lifelong aquatic success and enjoyment. Parents can confidently choose SG Swimming Lessons for an unforgettable learning experience that fosters personal growth, water safety, and a love for swimming.

Customer Reviews

Joanne Ng

Our girl has been learning with Coach Alvin, followed by Coach Clarissa for a while now. They are really patient, passionate and professional when it comes to teaching the kids. Coach Alvin is firm with the kids yet also knows how to make the lessons enjoyable for them. Coach Clarissa also gives regular updates regarding my girl’s progress and in what way she can further improve. I am very glad to have enrolled my girl with a reliable and trustable swim school. Thanks!

Leona Cheong

The location is super convenient! Admin staff and the coach is polite and friendly. Very structured and fun teaching structure from what I observed every lesson. This is also reflected on my girl’s attitude towards the lessons as she is so excited and happy for the classes! No regrets for choosing this swim school. 5 stars.

Contact: +65 8501 1096
Location: 2 Gambas Crescent #09-01, Nordcom 2 S750744
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 9AM-6PM

4. The Swim Starter

Image Credit: The Swim Starter Facebook Page

The safety and education of your kid are the main priority at The Swim Starter. Every learner in this swim school is given the fundamental knowledge and abilities they need for water safety. From the name itself, this school provides a well-designed lesson plan for children still learning how to swim while setting up achievable yet competent milestones at each level.

The lesson plan for kids at The Swim Starter comprises two stages: basic and intermediate. On the basic level, kids are assigned to a shallow pool to learn the fundamentals of swimming. On the intermediate level, children will master swimming 25 meters without assistance and complete the SwimSafer Test recognized by the Ministry of Education. With such a comprehensive lesson, your child will surely learn everything they need to know to be able to swim safely and competitively!

Customer Reviews

May Wei Lai

My kids both at different level are coach under same class which save my time alot.. Under same class my younger son are motivated by higher level to swim better.. I have tried other swim classes and my son never improve as the coach in other swim classes teach one kid by one kid… While teaching a kid, rest of the kids wait. But for coach Ben, every kid although at different level, are swimming and learning at any one time during the lesson. My son improve tremendously. Thus I heart felt thank to Coach Ben!

Phylynn Yip

My son loves to play with water from young, therefore, at his age of 4, I enrolled him to the swim starter. Coach Ben & coach Daven are very patience, my son loves learning swimming from them. Now my son going to 6 year old, is able to swim without the swimming board. I have also recommended 2 of his classmates to join the swim starter. Thank you coach Ben & coach Daven for teaching my son.

Contact: +65 8222 1357
Location: Toa Payoh Swimming Complex, Singapore 319392
Opening Hours: Tue-Fri 4PM-9PM | Sat&Sun 8AM-9PM | Closed on Mon

5. Fun Splash Swim School

Image Credit: Fun Splash Swim School Facebook Page

Fun Splash Swim School is spearheaded by reputable swim instructor Coach Adrian, aNational Registry of Coaches-certified master with a degree in Sports Science. This school has been given the privilege of serving as the primary pool operator at the Senja Cashew CC pool from 2013 to 2018 to deliver the SwimSafer program — which is approved by the Ministry of Education and offered to all children and adults in Singapore.

The swimming lessons for kids at Fun Splash Swim School are specifically tailored according to their development needs and abilities. The school operate with the most recent SwimSafer 2.0 curriculum, which focuses on teaching kids how to increase their proficiency in water safety and survival abilities. Goggles are not permitted for survival evaluations in the subsequent stages, so your child will be well-prepared to handle challenges outside the pool. As such, your child will certainly learn how to be a safe swimmer here.

Customer Reviews

Euan Seah

Fun splash swim school provided my child with the skills to pursue competitive swimming and provided him with strong swimming fundamentals. The coaches care about their students strongly and simply wonderful.

Rachel Kou

My children started swimming lessons in Fun Splash at the age of 5 years old. Coaches are very friendly and patient with kids. Highly recommended if you are considering a swim school for your little ones.

Contact: +65 9766 0090
Location: 101 Bukit Panjang Rd, Singapore 679910
Opening Hours: Tue-Fri 4PM-9PM | Sat 8:30AM-12PM | Sun 9AM-9PM | Closed on Mon

6. Little Swim School

Image Credit: Little Swim School Facebook Page

Little Swim School is a great swim school that specializes in teaching swimming to people of all ages, including newborns, toddlers, children, and adults. Here, they teach children how to swim in a safe, enjoyable, and fun atmosphere as kids learn best when they are having a good time. Little Swim School’s goal is to teach all newborns, infants, and toddlers how to be water-safe.

Little Swim School follows the SwimSafer curriculum in conducting its swimming classes. It is a national water safety program developed by the National Water Safety Council in partnership with the Singapore Sports Council to ensure water safety for all swimming learners. The program’s trusted coach, Coach Garett, promises to be able to transmit valuable and up-to-date information to all of the school’s students, specifically the children so that they can get the best value out of their money.

Customer Reviews

Marcus Chow

Rustic environment with great teachers! Thanks Little Swim School!

Contact: +65 6747 5232
Location: 27 West Coast Highway, Singapore 117867
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 10AM-6PM | Closed on Sat & Sun

7. SwimJourney

Image Credit: SwimJourney Facebook Page

SwimJourney is a reliable swim school led by Coach Jing, who believes that swimming is a skill, a lifestyle, and a journey. In one’s journey toward learning how to swim, the most important element is preparation. As such, Coach Jing is very passionate about helping kids start their swimming journey. The other passionate coaches at this swim school come with many years of experience and are fully certified by the Singapore Sports Council and the Swimming Teachers’ Association.

SwimJourney’s Proficient Children Swimming Course aims to teach the kids how to master different swimming strokes and swim independently. At the end of the lesson, they will learn water safety and confidence, improve breath control, strengthen stamina, master the four main strokes, and possess water survival skills. They also offer to hold lessons in condominium pools to provide parents with the opportunity to participate and bond with their kids.

Customer Reviews


My daughter enjoys all her lessons with Coach Ling and she said that Coach’s techniques of teaching her to swim is one she can grasp well. She has definitely gain a lot of water confidence since switching to Coach Ling and always look forward to swim class day!

Andrea Dowling

My 2 nieces 4 years and 14 years of age are taking swimming lessons from SwimJourney. I am very pleased with Jing and Coach Louise. Jing is very professional and very quick to response to my message. I also want to compliment my nieces coach Louise. She is an amazing coach. I like the way she works with them and they have always look forward to their swim lesson. She have helped them with their confidence and form. I highly recommend SwimJourney to be your Journey to being a great swimmer. Thank you Jing and Coach Louise. I am looking forward in 5 months for my daughter to take her first swim lesson with you.

Contact: +65 9171 7537
Opening Hours: Daily 24 hours

8. Oyougu Aquatics

Image Credit: Oyougu Aquatics Facebook Page

Oyougu Aquatics, established in March 2020, is among the most reputable swim schools in Singapore. It offers some of the most effective and reasonably priced swimming lessons in the country. For a secure and enjoyable learning environment, its swimming classes are taught by qualified, certified teachers who are properly trained and possess lifesaving skills. These qualified trainers are well-trained to manage every learner, regardless of experience.

At Oyougu Aquatics, they help kids acquire a skill for life while having a lot of fun, in addition to teaching them how to swim. SwimSafer 2.0 and Learn to Swim are combined into the six-stage programs offered by Oyougu Aquatics to guarantee a holistic swimming learning experience for children. If you are looking for comprehensive and fun swimming lessons for kids in Singapore, Oyougu Aquatics is one of the best swim schools you can count on!

Customer Reviews

Raj Sugumal

I tried the whole December holiday to get my 5-year-old daughter comfortable in the water without the use of a floating device. I even went ahead and signed her up for 9 swimming lessons with other instructors but had no luck. It was very incredible how the instructors at Oyougu had my daughter put her face in the water after spending 15 minutes with her during her first lesson and had her start swimming after the 3rd lesson. I strongly recommend Oyougu to everyone.

Warren Ooi

I had tried different types of swimming instructors for my youngest child without success until I enrolled him in Oyougu. After lessons with Coach John, my son was no longer crying and clinging to the side of the pool. He was fearlessly jumping to the pool at the deep end. It was indeed an amazing transformation. It’s fun for him and always looks forward to every lesson.

Contact: +65 8901 2893
Location: 203A Compassvale Rd, Singapore 541203
Opening Hours: Daily 9AM-9PM


Since children — in one way or another — will always come in contact with water, it is recommended to enroll them in swimming classes. Aside from ensuring their safety in the water, teaching kids how to swim will also provide them with many valuable skills they can use later on in life. Ultimately, there are so many benefits you can enjoy from signing your kid up for some swimming lessons, which will make your decision worth it!

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