5 Best Agencies To Get Home Piano Lessons in Singapore

May 11, 2022
Best Home Piano Lessons Singapore

Over the years, the physical and mental benefits of playing musical instruments have long been recognised. Playing the piano, in particular, has been an outlet for those who are looking for fun, for people who want to unlock their creative expressions, and for people who are seeking escape from the real world. However, not everyone has the talent to learn this instrument alone, luckily, there are various tutors out there that can help you turn this dream into reality.

Whether you want to learn how to play the piano for yourself or you want your child to practise it, there’s someone out there to help. To give you an idea, we’ve compiled this list of the best home piano lessons in Singapore that you might want to check out.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Premium Tutors

Image Credit: PremiumTutors

Premium Tutors is Singapore’s #1 leading home tuition agency that provides home tutors – from undergraduates to MOE-Trained Tutors. They cater to primary, secondary, JC, and IB/IP levels; whether you’re seeking help for academics, music, sports, arts, or entertainment, this agency is here to help. With their team of over 500 qualified tutors, you are guaranteed to have the best private piano lessons with the most suitable piano teacher in Singapore from the comfort of your own home.

Premium Tutors understand that to be musically inclined and have the ability to play the piano is a wonderful skill to have, and that being able to confidently play your favourite pieces is a feeling like no other. So, this agency is dedicated to ensuring that your home lessons are as efficient and enjoyable as possible. With prices ranging from $30-$75 per hour, you are guaranteed to have a fun and effective piano session with the experts.

Customer Reviews

Leona Fionica

I engaged Premium House Tutor to look for a piano teacher. The tuition centre is understanding, negotiable and reasonable. Definitely will look for a Premium House Tutor again if my son needs a private tutor.

Brandon Lee

My daughter is 8 years old and she wanted to learn piano. She does not want to go to group classes so I went to premium tutors to hire a 1-to-1 teacher. They are so quick in helping me find a teacher. I would definitely recommend their efficient service.

Contact: +65 8125 6253
Location: 531A Upper Cross Street, #03-108, Hong Lim Complex, Singapore 051531
Opening Hours: 24 Hours

2. Melodious Piano Studio

Image Credit: Melodious Piano Studio

With Melodious Piano Studio, learning is easier than ever. This agency has been proven to help students in learning advanced pieces by understanding the fundamental concepts of music. Their systematic approach help students to think effectively, and move through their beginner books than ‘average’ time and eventually achieve independence. This agency is one of the leading piano learning studios that delivers high-quality piano lessons from kids to adults. With their aim to help students be equipped with the most important piano technique to prepare them to play all types of music, you are guaranteed to experience an efficient and fun learning session.

If you are unsure whether you or your kid is interested to play the piano, Melodious Piano Studio makes everyone feel that piano learning is so easy by seeing the results. This agency believes that playing the piano shouldn’t limit to a room or just facing a wall, so they give students a chance to perform casually and formally as a sense of achievement and a way to recognize their effort.

Customer Reviews

Joanne Ru

Made the best decision to transfer my son to Melodious Piano Studio. he has since increased lots of interest in piano and is looking forward to every week’s lesson. He has made tremendous progress within weeks after joining. Many thanks to Teacher Nowell and Ms Liew for providing the best support and nurturing in his piano journey.

Jess Lee

Thanks, Ms Liew and Ms Nowell for your guidance. My daughter has developed into a confident and capable child. Thank you for being such an important part of my child’s development. Thank you for instilling this love of learning into a child. It has been such a pleasure watching her grow this year.

Contact: +65 9699 3214
Location: 106 Yishun Ring Rd, #02-199, Singapore 760106
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 3PM-9PM | Sat-Sun 9AM-6PM

3. The Happy Pianist

Image Credit: The Happy Pianist

The Happy Pianist is not your typical piano agency in Singapore. They consist of music teachers who truly understand the needs of music students and work with a vast pool of piano teachers in Singapore with their services, it’s no wonder why many parents and students choose to work with them. Their services are free for students and parents to engage them to recommend great private piano teachers with no hidden extra costs. All you have to do is send in your request and this agency will get you a teacher within the next 24 hours.

The Happy Pianist consists of teachers that are qualified and certified by the international music examination board, graduates of prestigious music colleges and universities, and current school teachers with extensive years of experience teaching students of all ages and levels. If you wish, you can start with just one lesson with no lock-in or minimum commitment period so you can experience and see if their teaching is effective for you.

Customer Reviews

Cheng Wei Lee

The Happy Pianist is the best Piano Agency I have ever used so far and since signing up, I don’t use other agencies much. Mark is a great communicator bridge between student and teacher – helpful to hear out and address concerns on both sides, flexible to different needs, patient and understanding. Also, love the initiative to set up the online Happy Music Festival!

Serene Leong

I highly recommend The Happy Pianist. Mark was friendly, helpful and detailed. If you’re looking for a piano tutor – I can’t recommend Wee Siang enough – he is an encouraging, nurturing and patient piano tutor who is extremely good at what he does.

Contact: +65 9112 7056
Location: 475 Pasir Ris Drive 6, Singapore 510475
Opening Hours: 8AM-12AM Daily

4. Music LifeStyle Academy

Image Credit: Music LifeStyle Academy

Music LifeStyle Academy started with the aim of sharing music as a way of life, and not merely an art form or entertainment. This agency aims to instil a genuine love and appreciation for music that extends beyond examinations, but as a part of our all-rounded education, students in this agency are exposed to performing opportunities beyond the classroom such as public recitals and charity concerts.

Built from a selected team of passionate and highly qualified teaching professionals led by Principal Kelly Quek and Dr Ayke Agus, the team at Music LifeStyle Academy is ready to embark you on an inspiring music learning journey regardless of your music background. This agency aims to groom students to be future music educators or performers, be your consultant in sourcing musical instruments, be your partner in planning your musical education program, and be your one-stop event organizer – from program planning to engagement of live performers in all genre.

Customer Reviews

Doris Cheow

Music Lifestyle Academy is a school that not only teaches but also tailored the music to all age groups of music lovers. Teacher Kellyn is a very professional and patient teacher. She never gives up on her students and nurtures them slowly and patiently.

Cindy Lim

I learnt music under teacher Kellyn’s guidance. My teacher is very creative in her teaching, making music and class very interesting. She motivated her students and provided a lot of encouragement.

Contact: +65 9383 9233
Location: 616 Serangoon Rd, Singapore 218219
Opening Hours: Tue-Fri 11AM-9PM | Sat&Sun 9AM-6.30PM | Closed on Mon

5. D-Flat Studios

Image Credit: D-Flat Studios

D-Flat Studios has been redefining music education for 10 years and is consistently voted as one of the Best Music Schools in Singapore. This agency organises the world of music lessons and makes them accessible to students aged 4 and above. As the leading music school in Singapore, this agency aims to have students achieve their musical dreams, understand their soundscape and appreciate the musical things in life.

All instructors of D-Flat Studios possess a bachelor’s or master’s of Music from Performing Arts Universities or more than 20 years of teaching experience. These professionals aim to help students learn the piano, vocals, singing, and musical theatre at Singapore’s leading music school. The students in this agency constantly seek to do better at each examination, recital, audition and performance.

Customer Reviews

Suhani Jain

I have been learning piano at D-Flat Studios for over 6 months now and have loved my experience. Cindy is such a patient and kind teacher – she has that fine balance between pushing me to try new things whilst giving me confidence in my abilities as I am a total beginner.

Peh Xiujuan

It has been 2 years since my son started his piano lessons at D-Flat. We are very pleased with his progress. Teacher Gillian has been very patient and encouraging and at the same time, gives him the challenges that he needs to progress. It’s a great place to learn and make music.

Contact: +65 6871 4010
Location: 356 Tanglin Rd, Block A, Level 3, Singapore 247674
Opening Hours: Tue-Fri 10AM-9PM | Sat&Sun 9AM-6PM | Closed on Mon


Children and adults are turning to the keys for various reasons. Whether it’s about starting a hobby, honing your skills, or doing something new and enjoyable, learning the piano certainly brings a lot of benefits. If you can’t wait to sit down, read some charts and press those beautiful keys, be sure to check out the list of home piano lessons in Singapore listed above, and who knows, you might just be the next Mozart or Beethoven!

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