5 Cognitive Brain Training Programmes You Can Count On In SG

January 30, 2023

Cognitive brain training is essential for children not just because it strengthens their cognitive ability, but it also boosts their attention span and efficiency as well. Indeed, there are lots of benefits that come with allowing your child to undergo cognitive brain training. This training usually helps children improve, such as learning, reasoning, and solving problems.

Hence, if you want your child to improve their cognitive skills and perform better at school or elsewhere, you should consider signing them up for cognitive brain training in Singapore. There are plenty of learning centers in the country for this purpose. In this article, we enumerate 5 of the best cognitive brain training you can trust in Singapore.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Brain Academia

Image Credit: Brain Academia

The Brain Academia is one of the most trusted learning enrichment centres in Singapore that empower kids to reach their full potential through their cognitive training. It takes pride in having a complete suite of cognitive training programs that many parents have relied on since 2005. So far, these programs have already helped more than 3,000 children aged 3 to 12 enhance their cognitive abilities and brains.

For The Brain Academia, they believe that every person and every brain is unique and deserves specialised attention. As such, they take extra effort in helping each child build and strengthen their cognitive abilities through their fun and stimulating cognitive training programme. By enrolling your child in their training programme, they can surely develop higher-level skills, such as problem-solving, abstract thinking, and complex idea comprehension, which are essential for their academic excellence and lifelong learning.

Customer Reviews

Mr. and Mrs. Loh

We see great improvement in my child logical processing skills since he enrolled in SBDC training. He is able to absorb things much faster than before.

Celia Ng

Very intensive brain training program. No other such program in the market. Progress is measured every lesson against pre-set criteria. Pre-assessment very accurately pinpoint problem areas. Improvement in speed is very visible. Impossible/difficult brain training test becomes achievable with consistent practise.

Contact Number: +65 6303 0505
Address: Shopping Centre, 189A Thomson Road, Singapore 307631
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 12PM-9PM | Sat & Sun 9AM-6PM

2. Heguru Singapore

Image Credit: Heguru Singapore

Heguru is another trusted name when it comes to cognitive brain training in Singapore. At Heguru Singapore, they believe that every child is born a genius with unlimited potential for growth as long as they are nurtured with the right training. For this reason, the main objective of Heguru is to help unlock every child’s fullest creative potential and develop their ability to make decisions with insight and empathy.

In line with their objective, Heguru Singapore offers a wide range of enrichment classes for children across different age groups. Particularly, they have fun and engaging enrichment classes for infant toddlers, pre-schoolers, and Primary School kids. These enrichment programmes have one goal in common – to allow children to experience the right brain development activities to help them develop and improve their abilities to excel and succeed later on in life.

Customer Reviews

Charlie Yeung

My twins have been attending classes at Heguru for more than half a year. I find the curriculum of the programme mentally stimulating for children and the length of the class is just right.

My children have really benefitted from the interaction in the classes and have also made many friends. My husband always looks forward to bringing the kids to your classes every Saturday. Special commendation to Teacher Kemin for her patience and ability to relate to children.

​Highly recommended!

Constance Song

We find that the teachers are extremely patient and they interact with children wholeheartedly with enthusiasm. This makes the lessons very enjoyable for both the child and parent!

Lessons are well paced and fun-filled with many interesting activities. Not only does this help capture Olethea’s attention, it also enables her to focus for a longer period of time.
Since Olethea’s first Heguru class, we have noticed significant improvements in her ability to:

1. Remember and recall words
2. Interact with people
3. Express herself

Thank you, Heguru!

Contact Number: +65 6466 6580
Address: Harbour Front Centre, 1 Maritime Square, #03-09/10/40, Singapore 099253
Opening Hours: Wed-Sun 9AM-6PM | Closed on Mon&Tue

3. Shenmo Education

Image Credit: Shenmo Education

Shenmo Education is a renowned international centre for holistic child development. Established in 1998 in China, with over 6,000 educational branches in 110 countries at present, Shenmo Education is considered a pioneer for abacus and mental arithmetic and has since established a suite of cognitive programmes that aim to provide children with a full brain and holistic development. Essentially, the programmes at Shenmo Education target and stimulate the innate talent of a child.

Shenmo Education’s Full Brain Training (BFT), particularly, is a well-developed training programme that focuses on training the essential functions of children’s brain processes and on laying solid highways in their brains to hasten neural connections to all cognitive processes. Moreover, Shenmo Education believes that self-enlightening is the best way to unleash a child’s full learning potential. As such, they place great importance on the moral education and joyful learning of children.

Customer Reviews

Wai Leng

Ayden has been attending lessons at Shenmo for more than a year since he started. We have notice that he is now very sensitive and confident at numbers and I am sure this has definitely helped him gained a slight advantage in his school assignments as he is having little to no difficulties since starting primary school.

We are sure the teachers have been putting in a lot of efforts to guide and train the students well in a very conducive environment. Ayden has been enjoying all his lessons and of course making new friends along the way!


My daughter, Minthira, has been with Shenmo for about 2 years plus.  She is enrolled in both Mental Arithmetic and 6F Full Brain Training.

During this time, we can see that apart from her calculation skills she has made great improvement in her confidence, focus and concentration.  Her memory has also improved greatly.  I would never have imagined that she could now memorise 370 Pi numbers and the numbers are increasing with practice as the days goes by.  I believe this has got to do with the 6F Full Brain Training which focuses on developing and stimulating brain potential.

Contact Number: +65 8366 3987
Address: Blk 123, Bukit Merah Lane 1, #03-104, Singapore 15012
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9:30AM-1:30PM | Sun 9AM-4PM | Closed on Sun

4. Singapore Brain Development Centre

Image Credit: Singapore Brain Development Centre

Singapore Brain Development Centre is among the pioneers in providing cognitive development training for children of all ages in the country. In line with its mission statement, “Changing lives, unleashing the fullest potential,” this learning centre believes that every child can fully excel as long as they are given the right tools and skills. As such, their main goal is to help fulfil one of the best gifts parents could give to their kids – intelligence!

At Singapore Brain Development Centre, they also believe that each child is unique. For this reason, their cognitive training programme is customised to suit your child’s needs, so that they can improve their overall cognitive development in the easiest and fastest way. Their ultimate purpose is to give your child hope and provide them with a space where they will be able to maximise their cognitive ability.

Customer Reviews

Evelyn Lee

SBDC has provided effective solution to improve my son focus. Ms Shiva had been very thorough with her analysis, and generous on parenting advice. The recommended therapies, gym and music in 3 months managed to improve my son grade in some subjects. Both therapists Ms Xuemin and Ms Namira are very good in making the sessions interesting to my son, so he is looking forward to do his gym sessions.Ms Xuemin gives us advice on doing some little exercise to improve my son core muscle strength.

Preethra R

This place keenly studies our child ‘s developmental delays and takes time to plan that brings out the best of our child. I loved the trainners here as our kids enjoys each session and loves to come back again. With much patience they will make our child do the activities happily. We are able to see good progressive improvement.

Contact Number: +65 6288 4123
Address: 1 Goldhill Plaza, #01-11, Singapore 308899
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9:30AM-9:30PM | Sat & Sun 9AM-6PM

5. NeuroLAT

Image Credit: NeuroLAT

When it comes to helping children unlock their higher brain potential, NeuroLAT is one of the most reliable experts for many parents. NeuroLAT is the brainchild of well-known educational psychologist and higher learning abilities specialist, Dr. Ng Meng Lek, who has spent over 20 years formulating a set of powerful cognitive training programmes that effectively enhances the learning of children aged 3 and above. This cognitive training has already successfully helped more than 1,200 children from both mainstream and special needs schools.

The cognitive brain training programme at NeuroLAT promises to assist your child in developing or enhancing over 35 learning abilities, including problem-solving, word recognition, visual and auditory sequencing memory, logical thinking, spatial perceptual abilities, and many more. What is better is that NeuroLAT’s cognitive training is home-based to give your child the flexibility that allows them to boost their learning abilities from the comfort of home.

Contact Number: +65 8139 9640
Address: Bishan Street, #B1-170 Block 268, Singapore 570268
Opening Hours: Daily 9AM-9PM


There is no doubt that cognitive brain training is vital to helping children maximise their cognitive abilities and reach their full potential. Hence, if you want your child to develop and improve the cognitive skills that will help them succeed academically or in any aspect of life, you should definitely consider signing them up for a cognitive brain training programme from any of the excellent centres mentioned in this article.

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