6 Best TCM Slimming Treatments for a Leaner Figure in SG

February 3, 2020
best tcm slimming

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been used in China for centuries to manage obesity and other chronic diseases. Not to be seen as a quick fix to your weight issues, it encourages patients to adopt a healthier lifestyle in tandem with acupuncture treatments and herbal prescriptions.

Following TCM principles, the presence of excess weight is due to imbalances in the body from the following factors such as an unhealthy lifestyle, lack of adequate sleep, poor diet or ageing. This interrupts the qi (vital energy of the body) which leads to toxins built-up in the body. As such, what TCM aims to do is to restore the internal balance of the body, improve circulation and rev up metabolism, which in turns reduces excess weight.

If you do not want to be weighed down by your weight issues any longer, here are the 6 best TCM slimming treatments to help you achieve a leaner figure in Singapore!

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Slim Couture

Image Credit: Slim Couture

Slim Couture is committed to using the principles of TCM to help people lose weight safely since 2010. Its signature weight loss programme, Divine SlimTM, provides effective slimming solutions to both genders alike. Unlike unhealthy methods such as taking slimming pills or crash diets, Slim Couture only uses healthy slimming techniques with zero harmful side effects – and sustainable results are guaranteed!

Their two specialised techniques used are skin scraping therapy – where a special apparatus is applied to the body to stimulate blood flow and increase blood circulation – and in-house specialised suction tools placed on the body to allow for a better circulation of qi. The latter will remove body toxins, eliminate water tension, and stimulate the digestive system for overall increased metabolism. Post-treatment, Slim Couture will also follow-up with you to advise you on a dietary plan. If you are still unsure of whether to take up their treatment offer, they actually do offer a money-back guarantee on your weight loss results!

With Slim Couture’s assistance, you can finally bid goodbye to unhealthy dieting and welcome a healthy lifestyle plan.

Contact: +65 6534 0747
Location: 20 Cecil Street, GSH Plaza, #02-05, Singapore 049705
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 10am-9pm | Sat 9am-6pm

2. Kin Teck Tong

Image Credit: Kin Teck Tong

Their values? Benevolence, Trustworthiness, Innovation.

Kin Teck Tong is a local TCM brand opened in 2005. What is unique about them is that they are a one-stop TCM clinic that implements a diversity of treatments such as sports injury, pain management, internal medicine and acupuncture. At Kin Teck Tong, they adopt an integrative and holistic approach towards patient care and even have an International Oriental Healthcare Academy. The latter aims to offer courses for individuals and industry professionals alike who wish to better manage their health.

One of Kin Teck Tong’s treatment is their TCM Massage/TCM Tuina where specialised techniques are applied to specific parts of the body to stimulate acupoints. This helps the muscles to relax and improves blood circulation. It is no surprise that Kin Teck Tong’s vision is to be the top TCM brand for family healthcare management and that their mission is to provide quality TCM healthcare services for the whole family.

Contact: +65 6538 9798 | +65 6702 1380 | +65 6260 1470
133 New Bridge Road, ChinatownPoint, #B2-30/31, Singapore 059413
1 Stadium Place, Kallang Wave Mall, #02-06, Singapore 397628
2 Tampines Central, Century Square, #03-06, Singapore 529509
Opening Hours: Differs for every outlet

3. Love de Beauteous

Image Credit: Love de Beauteous

Are you aware of a spa situated at the heart of Toa Payoh central called Love de Beauteous? If you have not heard it before, now you know!

Having opened its doors in 2007, they aspire to serve you with sincerity while offering you an affordable service. Also priding itself for offering holistic pampering services from pain relief treatment, to postnatal/surgery massage, body relaxing massage and facial treatment; this very same brand has previously won the Top Business Brand Award (2016/2017).

Love de Beauteous’ speciality is in none other than body contouring and slimming treatment. Their signature Medislim programme is a non-invasive slimming treatment which involves no form of surgery or injection. It encompasses a TCM fire cupping technique of treatment to help regulate your digestive system. This aids in reducing body fat and also prevents blockage of lymph nodes to reduce one’s appetite. One can expect to see visible weight reduction after every treatment and experience weight loss in 20 sessions.

Contact: +65 6258 5018
Location: Block 177, Toa Payoh Central, Singapore 310177
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 10.30am-8.30pm | Sat 10am-7pm

4. Spa Infinity

Image Credit: Spa Infinity

Spa Infinity may appear to be a modern spa on the surface but it actually has roots with healing traditions as seen from their TCM inspired therapies. With over 10 years of experience under their wings, they now have 29 treatment rooms for slimming treatments, facials and full-body massages amongst many more. What Spa Infinity seeks to do is to diagnose the individual issue and offer tailored treatments to improve the body’s natural healing mechanism.

Natural ingredients alongside specialised massage techniques are used, combining various approaches of ancient Chinese healing techniques to unblock energy pathways (qi) and achieve best slimming results via detoxification. Feel free to enjoy unlimited usage of facilities at the Club Infinity such as their Infrared Sauna, Micronized Ion Jacuzzi, Crystal Cool Shower and the Relaxation Lounge. If you are thinking of a spa to relax and unwind at with your partner, Spa Infinity can definitely cater to just that with their exclusive private suite for couples.

Contact: +65 6738 0069 | +65 6268 6277 | +65 6970 0098
3 Temasek Boulevard, Suntec City, Suntec City Mall, Tower 2, #02-486, Singapore 038983
3 Temasek Boulevard, Suntec City, Suntec City Mall, Tower 2, #02-496, Singapore 038983
20 Cecil Street, PLUS, #06-07, Singapore 049705
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 11am-9pm | Sat-Sun 10.30am-8pm

5. Sin Kang Traditional Therapy

Sin Kang Traditional Therapy first started operations in 1999, and have now grown to a team of 20 qualified therapist and physicians. At Sin Kang Traditional Therapy’s TCM clinic, you can uncover a wealth of practical and clinical experience with their broad coverage of treatments for health issues such as sports injury, sleeping disorders, obesity, migraine, sprains and many more. They are one of the few certified TCM Therapy in Singapore and have a weight management programme catered to those who hope to shed those excess kilos in their body.

The programme will strategically bring together 3 treatment methods – acupuncture which stimulate one’s meridian points to promote fat metabolism, Tui Na massage to dissipate fat cells and water retention, as well as cupping heat treatment to reduce fat cells. Apart from these, Sin Kang Traditional Therapy also offers a sculpting programme where herbal oil and patches are used that will tighten your skin’s surface level. Not only will patients be brought one step closer to achieving a healthier weight, but their overall health will also be further optimised with its 100% natural and safe treatment.

Come in with your health concerns, and leave with a peace of mind when you seek treatment at Sin Kang Traditional Therapy’s TCM clinic.

Contact: +65 6444 4909  | +65 6262 4998
100 Tras Street, 100AM, #04-08B, Singapore 079027
1 Vista Exchange Green, The Star Vista #B1-18, Singapore 138617
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 10am-9.30pm

6. Chinese Medical Centre

Image Credit: Chinese Medical Centre

Established in 1997, the Chinese Medical Centre is a healthcare centre offering quality healthcare and medical services to the public. As the Chinese Medical Centre sought to enhance the quality of their services even one step further, they had come up with a Comprehensive Management Networking System to record patient’s service information, payment and internet booking matters. The Chinese Medical Centre has also designed a weight managing treatment also known as Slimming Massage aka Tui Na.

It refers to a deep tissue Chinese massage which is effective in slimming when combined with acupuncture and heat cupping. What you can expect from the Tui Na practitioners is a medley of rubbing, pressing, rolling and kneading actions to exert rhythmic compression onto your body. All these aim to prevent toxin build-up and restore blood circulation at your targeted areas, which will tone the body and produce a calming effect.

While untreated weight problems can open up a can of long-term health issues, it is never too late to do something about it. Let Chinese Medical Centre’s weight loss treatment accompany your balanced diet and regular exercise in your slimming journey today.

Contact: +65 6756 7662
Location: Block 701A, Yishun Avenue 5, #02-01, Singapore 761701
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 10am-8.30pm


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