9 Best Breast Augmentation Clinics for a Shapely Bust in SG

March 16, 2020
best breast augmentation

Breast augmentation is a procedure usually performed for women who desire an increase in boob size, would like to address the loss of breast volume post-pregnancy, are faced with droopy and asymmetrical breasts, or for those requiring breast reconstruction due to cancer and other related conditions. The common methods include breast implants which use silicone cohesive-gel implants or saline implants and fat grafting where your body fat is transferred to your chest area.

For a quick and safe way to achieve your desired dream bust, here are the best 8 breast augmentation clinics in Singapore you should check in with!

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Sweng Plastic Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery Clinic

Image Credit: Sweng Plastic Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery Clinic

Concerned about the safety of using breast implants? Sweng Plastic Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery Clinic would like to reassure you that this method has been practised in the market for several decades now. Having said that, like any other surgery, there are still potential risks and complications to consider such as implant rupture or implant displacement. To enable you to make the best decision on your ideal implant size as such, they will first let you try on multiple implant sizes during the consultation session. Do note it is necessary for the implant size to be aligned to your body size, height and chest circumference.

What about the appearance of scars post-surgery? There may a scar ranging from 3.5cm to 4.5cm. Nevertheless, you will be happy to know that the silicone implants can last indefinitely so you may not even need to have it replaced in the years to come. As Sweng Plastic Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery Clinic hopes to endow you with a natural-looking cleavage, they will ensure to keep a 3cm wide spacing of central chest tissue intact during the procedure.

Contact: +65 6600 6868
1 Farrer Park Station Road, Connexion, #16-08 to 10, Singapore 217562
6A Napier Road, #08-08, Singapore 258499
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-6pm | Sat 9am-1.30pm

2. Clifford Surgery

Image Credit: Clifford Surgery

Clifford Surgery can help you make the best impression with the best version of yourself. They have more than 18 years of experience in cosmetic surgery and use the latest technology, research, and industry standards to ensure the best results, whether you’re looking to get infrabrow lift, eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty, liposuction, hair transplant, or breast augmentation to look and feel your best. At Clifford Surgery, they are setting the bar high.

When it comes to the highest quality breast augmentation results that look and feel natural, you can always be sure to get the best results from Clifford Surgery. It is their priority to ensure that all clients will be completely satisfied with the outcome. This is why they conduct a thorough assessment of your desired outcome, state of health, and existing medical conditions to ensure your safety and the best results at all times. With Clifford Surgery, you’re just one appointment away from your dream body.

Contact: +65 6532 2400
Clifford Centre, 24 Raffles Place, #01-05, Singapore 048621
Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital, 38 Irrawaddy Road, #08-36/7/8/9, Singapore 329563
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 10AM-8PM | Sat 10AM-5PM

3. Allure Plastic Surgery

Image Credit: Allure Plastic Surgery

Breast augmentation is an all-time favourite procedure at Allure Plastic Surgery. Not only will the session be done safely under sedation but you would also be able to head home on the same day itself. For the route of breast implants insertion, they will let you take your pick at the choice of implant, incision and pocket. If you prefer fat-grafting, they can also use the method of harvesting fats from your buttocks, thighs or tummy before injecting it into your breasts. This would require staged procedures that are usually carried out 3 months apart.

Though bruising and swelling do occur for some patients, you would have peace of mind knowing that this procedure usually leaves no visible scars. With its low downtime, this also means you can easily return to work just 2 or 3 days after the surgery. Keen to find out more? Fill in their form to book a consultation session with Allure Plastic Surgery!

Contact: +65 6734 9988
Location: 435 Orchard Road, Wisma Atria, Penthouse Floor, #22-04, Singapore 238877
Opening Hours: Mon-Thur 10am-6pm | Fri 10am-8pm | Sat 10am-3pm

4. SW1 Clinic

Image Credit: SW1 Clinic

Giving focus to not only breast enlargement but also breast enhancement, SW1 Clinic strives to ensure that the final outcome of their breast augmentation surgery will be optimal for any individual body shape. This means paying close attention to removing any asymmetry or sagging in the breasts caused by ageing, childbirth or weight changes. The cutting-edge 3D imaging technology (VECTRA®) selects the most suitable implants for the best results. P.S. It also aids in monitoring your recovery with the utmost care.

Look forward to no less than a natural appearance and soft feel when it comes to your bust! Other benefits include a breast lift with increased tissue support and minimal scarring involved. If you are impressed by SW1 Clinic’s breast implants service, feel free to write them an email them for a no-obligation enquiry today.

290 Orchard Road, Paragon, #13-01/2/3/4/5/6, Singapore 238859
6A Shenton Way, OUE Downtown Gallery Tower 2, #02-19/20, Singapore 068815
Opening Hours: Differs for every outlet

5. Amaris B. Clinic

Image Credit: Amaris B. Clinic

Amaris B. Clinic’s popular ADR-C Breast Enhancement procedure helps women who want to remove persistent body fat and increase the size of their chest. As it makes use of your own body fat, this removes the risks of shifts or leaks usually associated with implants and also comes with lower infection and rejection risk. Downtime is minimal and the same goes for recovery time.

As patient safety is of their utmost priority, they will provide you with full details of potential complications during your consultation with Dr Ivan Puah, who has 20 years of clinical practice under his wing. Fun fact: He has previously received personal training by French plastic surgeon, Dr Pierre Francois Fournier, on syringe fat grafting. A clinic you can certainly trust, Amaris B. Clinic aims to gift you with nothing less than soft and natural-looking results from their breast augmentation surgery!

Contact: +65 6536 4211
Location: 140 Arab Street, Singapore 199827
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9:30am-7pm | Sat 9.30am-1.30pm

6. David Loh Surgery

Image Credit: David Loh Surgery

If you’re considering long-term breast enhancement, David Loh Surgery would recommend you the option of a silicone implant procedure. However, if what you want is to up your cup-size, fat transfer is believed to be the most useful alternative. Fat transfer entails harvesting fats from another area and transferring it to the breast, with its methods having been progressively improved over the years.

This procedure used to enlarge your breasts usually leaves you with very natural-looking results. If you happen to be thinking of undergoing liposuction, then this route could very well be your go-to choice. Only having your best interests at heart, David Loh Surgery is against any kind of dubious breast enlargement methods, only supporting proper methods of rewarding you with your desired bust.

Contact: +65 6733 5300 | +65 6733 9114
501 Orchard Road, Wheelock Place, #05-16, Singapore 238880
10 Sinaran Drive, Novena Medical Center, #08-35, Singapore 307506
Opening Hours: Mon 9am-7pm | Tue-Sat 11am-7pm

7. Evan Woo Breast & Plastic Surgery

Image Credit: Evan Woo Breast & Plastic Surgery

What can you expect when you walk into the doors of Evan Woo Breast & Plastic Surgery? A detailed breast screening will first and foremost be carried out during the consultation to rule out any underlying breast issues, as well as to discuss your aesthetic goals. Offering 2 of the world’s leading 3D simulation system – AxisThree and Crisalix, the surgery can be more accurately planned as such, also offering the patient with an improved visual representation.

For maximum patient comfort, adequate analgesia will be provided during the surgery itself. Medication may be given if patients face initial pain but other than that, most should be able to return to work 3-4 days post-surgery. Avoid strenuous physical activities for at least 6 weeks post-surgery, and Evan Woo Breast & Plastic Surgery will guide you on the suitable arm exercises to improve your function and mobility. To top it off, adjunct laser and IPL can be packaged together during subsequent follow-up sessions (if needed!) for optimal scar outcome.

Contact: +65 6734 1213
Location: 38 Irrawaddy Road, Mount Elizabeth Novena Specialist Centre, #07-21, Singapore 329563
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-6pm | Sat 9am-1pm

8. WC Ong Plastic Reconstructive Surgery

Image Credit: WC Ong Plastic Reconstructive Surgery

To grant you increased self-confidence and a more prominent cleavage, breast implants or fat grafting at WC Ong Plastic Reconstructive Surgery might be what you’re looking for. The latter is a more natural alternative and suited to those seeking minor breast enhancements. Breast implants, on the other hand, can be performed in tandem with a breast lift for women with very ptotic breast. Augmentation mammoplasty can too be carried out as a form of corrective surgery for women with asymmetrical breasts.

Performed as a day surgery under general anaesthesia, you can return home on the same day and head back to work within a week. Any discomfort or tightness should go away after the initial period. During consultation, the plastic surgeon at WC Ong Plastic Reconstructive Surgery will ensure that she understands your needs and expectations before guiding you on the surgical options available and post-surgery expectations!

Contact: +65 6265 8168 | +65 6694 9168
6 Napier Road, Gleneagles Medical Centre, #10-06, Singapore 258499
1 Farrer Park Station Road, Farrer Park Hospital, #15-12, Singapore 217562
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 8.30am-5.30pm | Sat 8.30am-12.30pm

9. AZATACA Plastic Surgery

Image Credit: AZATACA Plastic Surgery

AZATACA Plastic Surgery provides you with 2 surgery options to select from – breast implants or fat grafting – where your unwanted body fat is harvested, processed and injected into your breasts. Surgical incisions are strategically hidden and will not be visible as such unless someone takes a very close look. Fat grafting scars are similarly small and usually unnoticeable. If you do observe swelling and bruise post-surgery though, it should take 2 weeks to resolve but you can return to work as early as the day after surgery.

Breast implants may need to be removed in the future if you experience complications. Their lifespan is around 20 years and computer simulation of the surgery will be shown to you beforehand for those who would like to have an idea of the possible results. For a more natural look, AZATACA Plastic Surgery highly recommends fat grafting to you!

Contact: +65 6778 8648
Location: 38 Irrawaddy Road, Mount Elizabeth Novena Specialist Centre, #06-48, Singapore 329563
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-6.30pm | Sat 9am-1pm

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